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What are really "Debts"?

Updated on January 5, 2012

Children are born due to debts in the previous lives!

The real meaning of debts.

We plan many things in our day to day life. We worry if we do not succeed in our plans. Sometimes mysteriously, some of our plans come to fruition without much effort. When we hanker for something, we do not get it. But sometimes without our aspirations, things fall in line. What is the reason behind this?

Our life takes a particular turn even without our volition. Yes, all this happenings are mystery to us but they are happening in the way it has to happen. Our life on this earth is already determined to an extent when we are born. The scope for ours is only to move in the direction, life takes us. This is the riddle of life and none can escape from the turns whether it is favorable or unfavorable.

Many might have pondered why we are born in a particular family and particular environment? We have come in this world for clearing our dues to many and also to receive our dues from some. In Hindu scriptures, this point has been termed as “Runam” or debt. That is the reason why a particular son or daughter is born to a particular parent. It is the invisible connection of previous births. Debts need not necessarily be money or properties. Even the physical services come under this category. We have seen many people serve their relatives physically by tending them, by taking care of them.

Some examples may clarify the points well. For instance “A” is indebted to “B” a sum of Rupees one lakh or so but he dies abruptly. In the next or subsequent births, “B” will be born as a son or daughter to “A”. Until and unless the debt of Rupees one lakh is cleared, they won’t part. This is inevitable but this may not be known to both the parties. “A” will think that he is doing his duty to his son or daughter by spending lakh on them. But this is really the debt of previous births. But in some cases, the debtors will take birth as cow and yield milk to that value to get rid of the debt. Hence it need not necessarily in human form. We have seen in the Circus, many lions, tigers, camels, monkeys and elephants serve their masters. They are only fed and taken care. But due to their efforts, the circus owner earns money. By this way also debts are cleared!

Many may not buy this theory since these do not fall under rational thoughts. But if we deeply ponder, for every action, there awaits an equivalent reaction somewhere sometime. Some people reap some jackpot in the form of lotteries or gambling or horse races. We may take it to be pure luck. But it is not so. They are entitled to that money due to the aforesaid reasons. Hence nothing in this world is really accident but they are all incidents that have to happen!


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    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      A very interesting perspective in terms of debt ... I don't necessarily agree with it but it is worth thinking about it anyway.

      I just try to pay attention to Karma.

      (I can certainly take from those who have and give to those who have not ... when I take from those who have, I owe them nothing - I take what is owed or what is there for all ...)

      Thank You for writing this - food for thought. Cheers! : )