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How to saturate ourselves in God's Word?

Updated on April 25, 2015
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What is the significant of learning

Knowing the Holy Bible is knowing the Word of God and knowing our God. For a Christian believer, the Word of God is very precious, as it is life itself. But not all of us are learning the bible with the right attitude and approach.

According to Dr. Frank Charles Thompson, there are principles that one could follow in order to have the best we could in learning the inspired of Word of God and not just an ordinary literary production.

These are the following principles

*The Spiritual attitude indispensable

It is of utmost importance that in reading the Holy Bible we adopt a reverent attitude of mind, regarding it as the inspired Word of God and not just an ordinary literary work. We might be reading it like we read other literature like the works of famous writers or some historical work that we found most interesting and profitable. But if our attitude or the spirit of reading and learning the Word of God is not out of a heart who wanted to have a communion with God even in His words... we will never discover its choicest treasures. As Paul said, "But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned."

To most people, the bible is just an ordinary thing, just a book written by different authors. But if we really know the treasures inside the Holy Bible, and really know who our God is... we will treat the bible with utmost respect and value it as a gold, for it is more than gold... it was about Jesus, our Lord God and Savior.

Therefore, our spiritual attitude is indispensable with our heartfelf desire to seek God and wanted to know more about God through His Word. There at the moment of our study and meditation, He will reveal the mystery of heaven to us through the Holy Spirit who searches the heart and who leads us into the deeper level of our relationship with God.

We will never understand what we are reading in the Holy Bible according to the will of God without the spirit of godliness and holiness, and that by having the presence of the Holy Spirit of God in us. It would just be a mere ordinary reading like reading a magazine or a daily newspaper.

*Conscious need essential

The bible should be studied as eagerly as a hungry person seeks for bread. The formal reading of a portion of the Word each day may have some value as a religious exercise; but to receive the full benefit from the Word, its truths must be appropriated. The delivery person on a bakery truck may handle a thousand leaves of bead a day, and yet go home hungry at night; so Bible readers may peruse large portions of the Word of God with little profit unless they make it their own and feed on it.

We cannot say we are a genuine Christian if we are not living on the principle of what we are professing to be believers and followers of Jesus Christ our Lord. We need to saturate the Word of God as if we need water and bread on our body. If you need to eat to nourish your physical body... you also need to nourish your soul... and that is by saturating the Word of God so that in all aspects of your life... the evidence of your being saved and being a real Christian will reflect if you live according to the Word, hence its essential to really know your bible and really know who God is.

*First-hand knowledge best

Many Christians are satisfied to receive all their truth filtered through the mind of some teacher, minister, or commentator. They seldom, or never, got to the Books of Books for independent study.

This is true to many Christians who are just satisfied to receive the Word of God through the pastor, or priest or other ministers of the gospel. First-hand knowledge is always best. For we just don't become mere echoes of the opinion of others, but grounded on the truth that we have discovered from the Word of God. Often times, God will reveal to us the wisdom and understanding of what we are reading if we have the desire to learn it by ourselves.

We could not just depend our learning about God and the bible from our pastors... we need to explore it by ourselves too.

It is just like children learning how to feed themselves. It is really great for us believers who daily find nourishments in the Word of God. We cannot depend our salvation to other people... we need to communicate with God... take all the treasures that we can get from His Word in the bible. All the wisdom so that we may know what are the things that pleases Him most that would made us be aware of holiness and godliness. Be a mature Christian and learn how to walk and feed ourselves with the wholeness of Jesus Christ in our life.

*Study the Bible as a traveler

Go over its vast fields of truth; descend into its valleys; climbs its mountains of vision; follow its streams of inspiration; enter its halls of instruction; visit its wondrous portrait galleries. If we can explore the mountains in skiing, if we can explore the wilds searching for adventures, and traveled all over the world searching the wonders of the earth... why not explore the wonders of God's Word.

If we love adventures in our worldly life, at least we can spend time for adventure learning the truth in the bible.

Remember that many doctrinal errors have grown out of a lack of spiritual perspective, or a narrow view of scriptural truth. The Lord Jesus our Savior said, "You are mistaken, not knowing the Scriptures, nor the power of God. (Matthew 22:29)

We are very good in taking adventures and even imitating all the things in the world... why not try to imitate Christ as your travel in His teachings and the things he said about the kingdom of God? We shall make it sure that we are really walking in the right path and the right spirit... as we travel in this life... we have the best teacher ... and that is Jesus and through His Word... we are able to enjoy His presence and the Father in heaven and the Holy Spirit as one God.

This adventure is one of the amazing discovery that you might not want to stop doing for the rest of your life for you have the best company, the best pilot, the best driver... the best preacher, the best friend... and that is Jesus Christ our Lord God.

*Seek to understand the deep things of God

Study the Word as a miner digs for gold or as a diver plunges into the depths of the seas for pearls. Most great truths do not lie on the surface. They must be brought up into the light by patient toil.

What is the best way to understand the deep things of God than reading His Word with a spirit of hunger and thirst for God's presence? God usually give different revelations to each and everyone of the Christian believers. Seek to understand... for wisdom could be found if we are persistent in finding it.

There are things that God wanted to tell us personally that our pastors, or the ministers in a church can't tell. Things that relate to our personal salvation. If we saturate the Word of God... we will know the things of God deeply that through the revelation of Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible, God's people will know and understand. We will know the essence of having the spirit of true Christianity in our life as we dig deeper into the things of God and not the things of the world.

Here is also another fact, we might be able to read the whole bible but without understanding the real message in it. That's sad. But if you can study the bible every day, even just understanding one or two verses... then meditating on it... how it applies in your life... that would be a good step in knowing more the Jesus Christ you wanted to know.

Best Methods of Study

Topical study

This is a study where you select a subject and trace it through the Scriptures. Most study bibles have their concordance or dictionary.

Biographical study

We can study various characters. This is one of my favorite because it is just like knowing the characters personally. Thompson bibles have this kind of references. There are also character references in other bibles like the New Living Translation. If you spend money buying good thrillers and historical books... you might at least take a look on study bibles that would give you the key to eternal life and salvation.

Book Study

Select a book and endeavor to master it; ascertain its authorship, to whom it was addressed, the circumstances under which it was written, its purpose, and its main teachings.

Chapter and passage study. The Holy Bible is one of a kind. There are golden chapters in it. You will discover as you learn in your adventure that there are things hidden that will be uncovered for you only. Each of us has a portion of revelation intended only for us.

Verse study

This is also very exciting kind of study. I love to memorize verses in the bible. It is just like memorizing a poem. But most of all memorizing the verses is very useful. It is both a defensive and offensive weapon for the Christian especially in spiritual emergencies of life. For we do not fight with the flesh but with the principalities of darkness that could not be seen. Only in the presence of God and His Word can we fight our enemy for Jesus Christ has given us that power and authority but we have to live according to His will and likeness.

These principles and methods that Dr. Frank Charles Thompson had introduced are really a great guide to all Christians who wanted to know more about God, to know more about Jesus. Try it! We are not trying to be pastors... but considering the great commission, we are all learning to be ministers of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, hence we should be knowledgeable of the truth that we are talking about... and that is, by studying and learning the Holy Bible, with all our heart and soul... as if we are talking to our Heavenly Father through Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. Amen!

To God be all the glory! Amen!


Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible with New King James Version

New International Version Bible

New Living Translation Bible


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  • ajbless48 profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Clearwater

    Thank you A M Werner. You are right, the Holy Bible is the book of life which is always fresh for us Christians who want to explore the Word of God knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We have different revelations according to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. I learned from other people too, even if we read the same verse... we have different interpretation according to God's revelation to us. So, it is really right to see the Word of God from different angles. I enjoy your wisdom too... Peace and blessings to you today.

  • A M Werner profile image

    Allen Werner 

    8 years ago from West Allis

    Great hub ajbless48. The Lord has higher heights and deeper depths. We can never fully understand in this lifetime all there is to be known. We always refer to the Bible as the Living Word because it has the ability to grow. You can read a certain Scripture today and receive a certain meaning, but two months from now, after learning other things written in other places, that same verse will take on a whole new, and deeper meaning. You will no longer be looking into the glass so darkly - but more eye to eye. This is the only thing that ever concerns when me when I write hubs. I know my understanding right now, is incomplete. I, like everyone, can only see it from our experience and perspective in life. Eventually however, as we learn more, we start to see the word from different perspectives, different angles - all serving to give it new dimensions and power. Sorry to go on like this. I enjoyed reading this. Peace.


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