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What are we, after all in this vast infinite universe?

Updated on March 15, 2017

God resides in us!

Clouds may hide the Sun for a while!

Clouds will hide the Sun, but the Sun is really the cause of the clouds. In a similar way, the mind hides the Self, which has enabled the mind to function. The self is the base for the entire phenomenal world, our bodies, mind and intelligence. Our outlook depends upon the color of the glass we wear! If it is blue glass, everything looks blue, if it is red color, then we will view everything as red! Lord Hanuman saw everything as red since his eyes were red with anger! Wear the glasses of Love, the entire world will look as love filled. In fact, Love is the cause of all the phenomenal world and love sustains it. It is out of love, the Lord absorbs everything back in him! This is how the creation and cosmos goes on from time immemorial. But we are greatly deluded by the phenomenal world due to thick attachment to the body/mind complex.

We condition ourselves by thinking that the body is our identity. But the body is only a dwelling like the house, in which the Self resides. In fact, we are all moving temples in which the deity ‘God” is installed. This is the reality of all the individuals in the world. Without realizing this great truth, we strut around projecting our personality born out of body consciousness. Hence we identity ourselves with a name, which is a mere label given to us after our birth in the world. We have not come with a name. Here, I would like to ask, “Can we identify ourselves as the house in which we live? It is sheer foolishness! We live in a house and we are not the house. Similarly, the self is the indweller of the body and self is not the body!

I am not the house in which I live!

Our bodies are moving temples of god!

Some people may query, “what if we identify with the body? All the grief and pain we undergo now is because of our identity with the ephemeral body! When something happens to the body, we are worried, if something happens to our kith and kin, we are greatly depressed. If someone we deeply love pass away suddenly, we suffer anguish and grief! Why? We consider the body as the person we love, but in reality, it is the life principle which leaves the body. Even while the body is in our midst, we cry, “Where you have gone? Why you have left us abruptly? A saint was passing through the place where someone has died. Every one of his near and dear was crying uncontrollably! The saint asked for the reason and someone in the crowd said, “so and so had died just now and he departed suddenly! The saint then said, “What? The body you loved so long is lying in your midst and you are crying, “Why you have left us? They told him, that life has departed from the body! Then he asked the people who are crying “are you lamenting for the body or the life within? Everyone said, the body will be cremated and we are only concerned with the life! If we love someone so dearly, how we will cast the dead body in fire mercilessly? Since the life has departed, none would like to keep the body in the house for more than a day! People will be anxious to perform the last rites quickly! The dead body will become stiff and begin to smell. Hence no one, how so dear to the departed, would like to preserve the body!

Quit kissing my ashes!

Life is more valuable than the perishable body!

Hence each one here is aware, that life is more valuable than the body! The body is a temporary receptacle or vesture for the soul. Having known this truth, people cry over the departure! Why we grieve? When someone on the road or street dies, do we cry or weep? Never! When the death occurs in one own family, then we grieve because of the attachment we develop to the body! When we consider ourselves as bodies, we create barrier or separation from all other bodies. When the multiplicity is felt, we automatically undergo fear, anxiety and suffering. If we feel that “all are one, we won’t undergo any suffering. Yes, the indweller is one and he is common to all beings and entire creation!

In a garland of flowers, we notice only flowers of various hues and colors. But, we never notice the central thread which connect all the flowers and keep them intact. That central thread is the Self which keep the multitude of beings intact and connect them invisibly. We feel that we are all separate bodies or lives. No, we are not independent entities. In a huge rock, there are trillions of atoms which are invisible, but one whole rock is perceived by our eyes. Likewise, the entire globe or universe is like one single entity and god holds it on his palm. It is not the small earth, but the trillions of galaxies which is like a small ball which sits lightly on the palm of the creator!

I am - real meaning!

We are nothing compared to the vast infinite creation!

We consider the space itself as infinite. Even the most powerful electron microscopes fitted to the huge telescopes could gauge only little light year distance and find out the existence of many exoplanets, black holes and galaxies! This is like an atom for the creator! We consider human life as a span of one hundred years at the maximum. A mosquito lives for mere forty-eight hours. Within the life span, the larvae grows, becomes a mosquito, mate with the female mosquito, which lays number of eggs. Meanwhile the mosquito is busy biting us drinking drops of blood! At the end of forty eight hours, the mosquito dies. Our life span of one hundred years will be seen by a mosquito as huge. Once we know the life span of demigods and Brahma, we will be astonished much! One day for the demigod is one year for the human beings! Hence the life span of Brahma is a mind boggling figure for us. Our grasping power is very minute compared to the vastness of creation. Our knowledge is limited to few sand grains while the treasure house of knowledge Veda is like mountain ranges! Hence a human being on earth is very minute creature compared to the cosmos and this miniature being breeds in ego which is ridiculous so to say!

Man is tiniest creature compared to the creation!

Do you feel that human beings are powerful in the universe?

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