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What attracts you to life on earth?

Updated on January 10, 2016

Nice quote on life!

Positive thoughts!

The mysterious human life!

How the life interests us? This is a prodding question and the responses may vary between people. This can be asked in a different way. What is that attracts you to life? Of course, it takes lot of thinking to answer the question. Many people may say that ‘living on earth gives us varieties of experiences which make me to cling on to life. Let us broad base our ambitions or aims one by one.

  1. To live in comforts
  2. Happiness and peace
  3. Wealth and properties
  4. To remain hale and healthy

To get recognition from others seems the underlying ambition of all.

Why one should get recognition from others? It is a natural instinct of every individual in the world. Before that, all our basic needs must be fulfilled. One who is in needs may not worry about recognition. His primary concern will be to fulfill his basic needs.

How far the things of the world is capable of giving us joy and happiness is the next question. If we think deeply, the question itself is a flawed one. All worldly happiness or joy is momentary, transitory, fleeting and it will turn into grief soon. Yes, none in the world remains happy forever except those who have relinquished their ties with the world.

Second most important quest is ‘peace of mind’. Only for obtaining peace of mind, he is chasing tantalizing worldly things like properties both movable and immovable, power and pelf, social recognition etc. Hence some students try to excel others in studies, always get the coveted first rank in the classes. Many students excel in other areas like sports, elocution, general knowledge, music and other varied activities.

Hence each person is interested in one or more aspects of life. Again our aims seem to vary according to our age. Summing up all, we can say some sort of ambition or aim drive us through the life. Also one who has no clarity regarding his aims may end up in anxiety or depression, since he doesn’t find anything here which interests him.

We are not aware that changes keep us going. Imagine a life subjected to continuous pain or grief. How that man will survive? Hence god has decreed that pleasures and pains to alternate in human life. Also, it is said that change of work is rest. One cannot be doing the same work continuously forever. Hence many people in the computer industry try to end their life since it is a kind of drudgery, though it is a white collar job with decent emoluments!

Again, we need to engage our mind in some productive things all through our waking hours. Hence even in rigorous military training, the day is divided into many sessions like physical training, military training, classes and workshops. Though the cadets undergoing the training might have tight schedules, they won’t feel the pinch since different varieties of works are scheduled in each day.

Also, the planet earth is so designed to have different sessions every four months. Thus we have summer, winter, autumn and spring. We have varieties of flora and fauna to make our life a little charming in spite of the troubles we face in the outer world. If we are persistently affected by troubles of all sorts, remember the proverb, “This too will pass”


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you brother. I was discontent before posting this, and there is a purpose for this unrest. These ups and downs keeps us moving further.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Interesting question lovely rationale and explanations. Food fot the Soul


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