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Istighfar prayer for marriage, wealth, physical power and more

Updated on October 19, 2016

Allah SWT has commanded us to do istighfar. Actually Allah SWT has talked about el istighfar in the Quran in different occasions. Istighfar is literally asking Allah for forgiveness by say i.e Astaghfiru Allah. We all as children of Adam do sins. All children of Adam are sin doers but the best among them are those who do istighfar. When we do istighfar Allah erase our sins and purify us. It's just one of the amazing ways to please Allah SWT. It's narrated that the prophet Mohammed PBUH used to make istighfar seventy times a day and in another narration one hundred times. While we're making istighfar we should remember our past sins and ask Allah for forgiveness. Istighfar has to be done with a sincere heart towards Allah SWT. The heart should be meditating and present with Allah SWT to be accepted. Allah doesn't accept from hearts which are absent and busy with other things. Allah SWT has praised about people who is do istighfar before the dawn time. Istighfar is a form of dua and (zhikr) remembrance of Allah SWT. People who make istighfar are those who really gain the benefit from it. In the Qur'an Allah SWT has mentioned himself as al ghafar, al ghafor, ghafer el zanb which are all names of Allah to refer Himself as the forgiving of the sins of His servants. One of verses in the Qur'an about the importance of the istighfar is: “Seek the forgiveness of your Lord, and turn to Him in repentance, that He may grant you good enjoyment, for a term appointed, and bestow His abounding Grace to every owner of grace (i.e. the one who helps and serves needy and deserving, physically and with his wealth, and even with good words). But if you turn away, then I fear for you the torment of a Great Day (i.e. the Day of Resurrection). [Hud 11:3]

The benefits of the istighfar are numerous and huge. Through it Allah forgives our sins as Allah is (ghafoor) which means Allah forgives a lot. Istighfar opens door to the mercy from the most merciful Allah SWT. Through it Allah answers our dua, as sometimes sins prevent the dua to be answered, but when we do istighfar Allah purify us and clear us and our duas become more powerful to be answered. It brings us easy life, so no torture as long we make istighfar. It take away from us hardships. It is sure that with istighfar Allah brings all the happiness and it is a way of showing gratitude (shukr) towards Allah SWT. Umar radya Allah anhu said if a disaster is coming from the sky, it wouldn't hit someone who makes istighfar. Istighfar is one of granted ways to prevent poverty and brings wealth. If anyone suffer from lack of financial money (rizq) he/she can do istighfar and Allah SWT will send rizq to the person. There are a lot of stories of people who had financial difficulties and others who were extremely poor but after they kept making istighfar they said that Allah has sent them sufficient money. And after they have witnessed the benefits of making istighfar they always kept making istighfar and they have never experienced poverty anymore. Istighfar is the guaranteed way for wealth. It also boosts the physical strength in the body. Istighfar also refrain us from sins as we do zhikr and remembrance of Allah SWT.

This story is from the live of the renowed scholar of Islam Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal which is often referred to the Imam of ahl al-sunna and founder of Hanbali school of fiqh. This story happened while he was old and travelling but had to stop at a town to sleep as it was night. He entered a masjid in that town to sleep but the caretaker of the masjid refused to allow him to sleep. He didn't know at that time that the old man is the famous Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal, so he told the imam to get out and draged the imam Ahmed from his feet to the street at night. Coincidentally a baker saw the old man been dragged from his feet at night and felt pity for him. He offered to host him in his bakery. Imam Ahmed accepted his offer. While the imam Ahmed was staying with the baker he noticed that the baker was continously reciting istighfaru Allah. So imam Ahmed asked the baker "what effect have you seen from reciting istighfar? " and the baker replied "Allah has answered all my duas (supplications ), except one". Imam Ahmed asked him "what's that one is still not answered? " and the baker ma said to "to see the Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal! ). Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal replied to him "Allah has dragged Ahmed ibn Hanbal to you ". Our prophet Mohammed PBUH has said:

“If anyone constantly seeks pardon (from Allah), Allah will appoint for him a way out of every distress and a relief from every anxiety, and will provide sustenance for him from where he expects not.” [Abu Dawud].

A man complained to Al-Hasan about a drought, and he said to him: “Pray to Allah for forgiveness.”

Another man complained to him of poverty and he said to him: “Pray to Allah to forgive you.”

Another man said to him: “Pray to Allah to bless me with a child.” He said: “Pray to Allah for forgiveness.”

Another complained to him that his garden was dry. He said to him: “Pray to Allah for forgiveness.” A lot of couples were having difficulties in having offsprings for years but since they made Istighfar, Allah SWT has granted them children.

He was asked about it and he said: “This is not my personal opinion, for Allah says in Surah Nooh (interpretation of the meaning): ‘Ask forgiveness from your Lord, verily, He is Oft Forgiving; He will send rain to you in abundance. And give you increase in wealth and children, and bestow on you gardens and bestow on you rivers.” Tafseer Al-Qurtubi (18/301-302)

There are many duas for forgiveness in the Qur'an and in sunnah by the prophet Mohammed PBUH. One dua for forgiveness is
1. رَبَّنَا ظَلَمۡنَآ أَنفُسَنَا وَإِن لَّمۡ تَغۡفِرۡ لَنَا وَتَرۡحَمۡنَا لَنَكُونَنَّ مِنَ ٱلۡخَـٰسِرِينَ

Rabbanā Žalamnā Anfusanā Wa ‘In Lam Taghfir Lanā Wa Tarĥamnā Lanakūnanna Mina l-Khāsirīn

Our Lord! We have wronged ourselves. If thou forgive us not and have not mercy on us, surely we are of the lost! (Qur’an 7:23)

2. استغفر الله الذي لا اله الا هو الحي القيوم وأتوب اليه

Astaghferu Allah alazi la illaha illa howa al hay al qayoum wa atobo ilayh. I would really recommend you to keep saying this dua for forgiveness from Allah and I grantee that you would start noticing your life will became more easier and successful. I have kept saying this dua and Allah has made me get married and many other things I was wishing for.

َ3. ربَّنَآ ءَامَنَّا فَٱغۡفِرۡ لَنَا وَٱرۡحَمۡنَا وَأَنتَ خَيۡرُ ٱلرَّٲحِمِين

Rabbanā ‘Āmannā Fāghfir Lanā Wa-rĥamnā Wa Anta Khayru-r-Rāĥimīn

Our Lord! We believe, therefor forgive us and have mercy on us for Thou art Best of all who show mercy (Qur’an 23:109)

So istighfar really solves a lot of problems. Allah SWT loves us and wants for us happy easy lives in this dunya and hereafter. I personally find istighfar as a gift from Allah to us. We only have to be busy with Him and do our parts and He would take care of the rest. We should have trust Allah SWT, the most merciful.

How often do you do istighfar?

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