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What constitute real wealth?

Updated on February 11, 2013

The five human values everyone should possess!

Character is real wealth!

Wealth is rather a broad subject. It is not only money and precious metals which constitute wealth! Many consider properties both movable and immovable as wealth! In the ancient Indian scriptures there are sixteen kinds of wealth mentioned. Besides the physical wealth, the following items too are categorized as wealth. They are, Character, health, education, longevity, surrounded by many relations, cattle, land, fruit bearing trees and wells which yield copious water, enjoying the longevity of the husband in respect of wives (this is termed as “Sowmangalyam), children, intelligence, status in society, fame, charitable disposition, loyalty etc., Hence whenever youngsters prostrate before elders, the elders will bless the youngsters, “May you possess sixteen blessings”.

Now let us know the ways to earn the above! Saibaba has clearly told the devotees that ‘wealth should be earned in righteous ways and one should desire only salvation. In Hindu philosophy, the above aims are classified as “Purusharthas” (aim of every one). They are “Dharma (Righteous ways), Artha (wealth), Kama (desires) and Moksha (liberation). Today, man has conveniently forgotten the two aims Dharma and Moksha and seeks only Artha and Kama (desires). Hence, humanity has fallen in deep pit. Hence Saibaba has clarified that righteous ways should be adopted for earning wealth! And the aim of human life is only one; ie. Desire for liberation. He grouped Dharma and Artha as one pair and Kama and Moksha as another pair.

Look at the world scene today. Even the so called ‘super powers’ adopt dubious means to earn wealth and hence there is unprovoked interference in the affairs of oil rich countries! The super powers invent new reasons for the interference in the affairs of other states. If we want peace in the world, first we must desist from interfering in others affairs. Now peace has become a very complicated progress. The so called super powers are unable to wriggle out of the situation, they have landed. Now they earned more wreaths from the affected countries. Swami Vivekananda has counseled his followers, “If possible, try to help others in bettering their present conditions! There is no unity of mind or understanding anywhere in the world. Everywhere there are only fractions and factions. In this situation, no Nation, however mighty can set right things. The United Nations Organization, which oversees the peace process around the world, is unable to solve any crisis which has happened earlier. Everywhere, there are majority vs minorities. God alone can set right the situation. First of all “Nuclear disasters have to be averted! Even in the peaceful use of nuclear energy, 100% safeguards should be built in. Many Nations spend billions of dollars in space programme. They have to concentrate on poverty alleviation first. The enormous amounts spent in space or in building nuclear capable warheads can be best utilized in the poverty alleviation and ensuring health and literacy of many third world countries.

Once considered the richest Nations have lost their economy. The economic fallout has affected many countries which are no way responsible for their folly! Hence it is never too late. Nations should strive to earn revenues through ethical ways. Then only they can survive! There is dearth of morals around the globe. If the rulers are dishonest, how they can ensure honesty in the citizens. Every society should guide their children in moral ways. Moral education should be inculcated at the early years of grooming. Children should be taught the value of Truth, Love and Peace. They should be taught to obey the elders and teachers. The importance of charity and sharing the wealth should be taught in the childhood. They should be taught the way to remain ‘selfless’ and sacrifice their interest for the betterment of society! Then only the world can become a better place to live!


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      saisarannaga 5 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you once again manatita44!

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      manatita44 5 years ago from london

      Badly needed Hub. Put this under religion and spirituality or under Christianity. It might help.