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What do you want really?

Updated on October 20, 2015

Precious Peace!

Choose wisely!

What do you want really? Just introspect and find out! The mind won’t be able to answer. Yes, if it is just one single desire, it may say but the numbers in wish list are legion. Just imagine a situation when God really appears before you and ask you this question, “what you want? Can you answer this question from God? No, it is quiet impossible. The mind itself is incapable of telling god what it wants!

OK, God give me some time to ponder over my priorities and I will let you know. How long will you take to assess your immediate requirements? Yes, everyone will get confused when such a question is raised by god himself. Of course, he is ready to grant you what you want but you must be vigilant to ask the most essential thing in life.

Here I remember a beautiful story. A king thought that whatever he touches must turn into gold. He was utterly foolish and never realized the aftermath of a situation. He prayed to God, “Oh God! Whatever I touch must become gold? “So be it” granted the benevolent god. The king started experimenting and touched many materials. Everything has turned into gold instantaneously. After satisfying himself the power of blessings, he sate for lunch. He touched the silver plate, it turned into gold plate. Then food was served by the maid. He touched the food, it turned into gold! Now he is perplexed. “Oh! how foolish I am? He instantaneously sent a mental prayer to God. “Oh God! Take back the boon. I don’t want this ability. Let everything become normal…

This is the condition of most of the people on earth. We always pray god every day, every moment, to grant this or that. Remember the plight of the king and keep quiet. He knows what, when and how to grant you. We are all terribly foolish and seek comforts, money, good health, properties, loving relations, children, car, and promotions in companies…..the list is long and none can limit those desires or wish list. Above all, if one has to enjoy all this, he should be healthy and live a long life. A palmist examined the hand of a wayfarer who was weighed with many problems. The face of the palmist brightened when he noticed many points in the palm which auger a bright future, wealth and properties, a beautiful wife and children, servants and maids. The wayfarer was extremely happy and giggled. Suddenly, the face of the palmist turned dark. The wayfarer grew anxious and asked him, “Sir, do not hide anything. Please tell me! The palmist told him, ‘sorry my dear! Your life line is short!

What is the value of all the above if one lives for a very short time? Our lives are similar. We won’t live forever. Our lives may be cut short before 60 or 70. Why should we hanker for the temporary wealth and prosperity? If you are really wealthy, the last moments will be very torturous. Remember that the life is momentary, transient and it could be compared to water bubbles. Hence choose wisely.

If at all you get a chance to come face to face, ask him for “PEACE”, which is the most precious possession on earth.

Be Happy!


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    • Shuchi12 profile image

      Shuchi12 2 years ago

      Nice thoughts :)