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What is Good Christian's Etiquette

Updated on March 4, 2015

Christians Should live by Certain Principles

When it comes to Christianity, you could say I am from the old school, probably way back then, when Jesus Christ was walking on earth among men! I believe all Christians should conduct themselves in a certain manner that allows the average person to easily identify them from other non-christian.

Let's begin with dressing; Christian women should only wear dresses or skirts below the knees when attending church ceremonies or when walking around casually on the street, on the job and when attending other functions. A hat or scarf should be worn in the place of worship. No pants should be worn! Men only should wear pants. If any man choose to wear a hat, he should remove it as soon as he steps in that building of worship

No christian, whether man or woman should be seen in any offshore gambling houses, bars, nightclubs, strip joints etc. They should neither discretely participate in any online gambling, such as online casino gambling, or poker games. As a child of god, you should never be seen drinking any form of alcohol or smoking privately or publicly. Christian women should not be seen indulging in any form of gossiping designed to slander or put down anyone behind their back(back-stabbing). They should not be seen behaving vulgarly or cussing out anyone in the street or in private. They should not be involved in shop lifting or any form of embezzlement, abetting or aiding any criminal or criminal activities.

When you become a child of God, and should you be blessed by God with a husband, before you get married, you should not be having Bridal's shower/party and hiring male escorts etc. When you become a wife stick to your husband. There should be no other men but your husband. You should be submissive to him, honor him and respect him until death.

Men, you should also pay respect to your women, and no other women should come between you both. For those young christian singles who are not yet blessed with a husband, please continue praying; wait on the Lord. Please don't go sneaking around with your fellow church brothers or your church sisters' husbands. Same goes for the young christian single men! This is not right! There is a lot more that I could say. However, I think I have said enough!


As a Christian man or woman, you already know that you cannot serve the World and God at the same time --- you have to makeup your mind to do one or the other. Also, you have to lead by example. In other words, you cannot profess with your mouth to be a child of God, yet your action demonstrates something totally different.

If you say one thing, but fail to show it in your action people will begin to doubt you. As the saying goes "Practice what you preach". There are also lifestyles or things of the world that you just have to be willing to let go in order to grow spiritually. Nobody said the transition was going to be an easy one; Nevertheless you can do it!


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