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What is Atheism? Atheist definition Agnosticism, Nihilism, Existentialism, Secular Humanism

Updated on January 28, 2011

What is Atheism?

Definition:  An absence of belief that any one or more deities exist.
In lay-mans terms: There is no God/s

It stems from the Greek term atheos. Theos on its own means deity. Atheos means “without God” or “ungodly”.

Those with a skeptical personality are particularly drawn to Atheism. This is because they take the time to question the answers provided by religious cults. Many Atheists describe themselves as “free-thinking”. Their decisions are based upon primary evidence, rational thinking and logical thought.

Devil Worshipers

The biggest misconception of Atheism, (at least in western civilization) is that Atheists are “Devil worshipers”. Closed minded fundamental theists (those who believe in their biblical texts word for word; literally) make up the bulk of this miss informed group.

This is of course, very foolish. The aspects of any underworld, hell or afterlife are as much deities as the gods of their respective religions. As a result, Atheists refuse to believe they exist.

How can someone worship something they deny exists?

Atheists are Immoral

Theists believe their lives are guided by their religious texts. For example: the ten commandments of the Christian God.

These are what theists consider to be “morals and ethics”. As a result, they believe that anyone who does not specifically follow them is immoral. You will notice the first commandment states you must believe in that one god and no other. So if you don’t believe in that god, you are immoral.

In reality; morals and ethics are much more complicated. Atheists can be moral people. They just have different reasons for being moral and different views on what morals are in essence.

Atheistic beliefs

Atheism is a state of Non belief. As a result, non-religious beliefs fit within the label of Atheism. Each link will take you to a page furthering this Hub.



Secular Humanism



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    • WoW Guide Master profile image

      WoW Guide Master 7 years ago

      I have not studied far into the history of Agnosticism, but I sure am curious now.

    • sdy53 profile image

      sdy53 7 years ago

      Thanks for pointing out that Atheism and Devil Worshiping are not equivalent. Also I bet you know that Agnosticism which means "no knowledge" etymologically was coined humorously by Thomas Houxley, but then caught on to mean it is impossible to have any knowledge about a transcendent being.