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What is Life? Are We Just DNA Propagating Itself?

Updated on May 23, 2014

The theory goes that DNA hasn't changed for the billions of years that it has existed on Earth. How anyone could arrive at that conclusion is anyone's guess. But if true, then why hasn't DNA changed? Everything alive has DNA, with the same four base pairs, and the same configurations.

What if DNA itself is the true life, and we are all just carriers for the DNA. Like vehicles for the propagation of DNA molecules? Evolution might just be a way for DNA to become aware of itself. A way for the Universe to become aware of itself through Life.

The simplest forms of life are basically just DNA molecules that have wrapped themselves into a cell wall. Where do their instincts to divide and create more of themselves come from? Their instincts to eat? They don't have brains. We are told our basic instincts come from our nervous system, or chemical reactions in our brains.

But what about the lower forms of life who don't have brains? Their instincts have to come from somewhere. It must be from their DNA itself. The DNA is life itself, and must have the urges to grow and eat and reproduce. It has to come from somewhere.

What if DNA is the Universe's way of growing and becoming aware? Through the evolution of DNA into higher and higher forms. The patterns must already exist, and the DNA is just following the pattern. The laws of nature.

Maybe we aren't ourselves, but carriers of life and DNA. It is living through us, with it's own agenda we are unaware of . The agenda of the Universe, no tour agenda. We are happily unaware that we are pulled through this existence only to carry DNA into a higher form, with more and maybe different awareness.


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