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What is Social Justice

Updated on June 16, 2015

What is Loving Justice?

What is Loving Justice?

What does justice have to do with love? When justice is punishment, absolutely nothing. Is there any other type of justice? Yes, social justice. By social justice I mean balancing out the effects of the transgression through some type of restitution, not necessarily monetary alone. Real social justice would involve a change of heart even if it is a work in progress. The transgressor faced with the prospects of - having to go through a noncompassionate legal system, or on the other hand throw himself on the mercy of the offended, not the court - would begin to soften his heart out of self-preservation, which may be his final awakening before judgement. By this I mean that the courts should honor a long term agreement between the transgressor and the offended to balance the scales of justice between themselves, thereby providing therapy for all parties along with an upbuilding effect on society and individual lives. If you take my husband’s, sister’s father’s life, then you have to stand in their place even beyond death and make provision for that. The effects of crime must be balanced or society will crumble back into dust and ashes. Loving justice is social justice, and when it is carried out the whole world benefits.


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