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What is Magick? Is There Such a Thing? Is Religion Magick?

Updated on February 5, 2014

Magick is where the macrocosm and microcosm intersect

Magick:  As Above So Below
Magick: As Above So Below

Magick: Do You Believe???

Defining Magick

"Magick...will be defined as the art of causing observable changes in the physical universe in conformity with the human will. Specifically, magick is the application of the astral or emotional force of an incarnate human being to the material world, in order to bring about the change in the material world which is desired, as directed by the will power of the incarnate human being. All magick that results in perceptible change in the physical universe is the result of the controlled application of parts of the incarnate human being we refer to as 'will power' and as 'emotions'. The emotional power of an incarnate human being may also be referred to as the astral force, or as astral power. The will power might be referred to as 'mental power,' but if so, it must be differentiated from rational ability, or the conscious thinking mind." Page 1-4

Practice of Magic: An Introductory Guide to the Art, Draja Mickaharic

Magick is a combination of medium, process and product. As an artist, I find magick exciting! In fact, I created a course where magick is used liberally to change one's life definitively. The course is known as Vision Books. Mickaharic expresses that, "If there is no physical change in the material world, there is no magick. It is the physical change---observable to the point where an impartial observer would agree that a change has occurred---which identifies the magick as real. The ability to consistently obtain such physical changes is what identifies an individual as a magician." [Page 5, Mickaharic]

My Vision Books have produced physical change. One participant in my course created her book right before going on a holiday to Las Vegas. On her holiday---just days later---she ran into five physical manifestations of the material in her Vision Book throughout the city of Las Vegas.

Magick is about consistency and creativity and will power. My ex-boyfriend trained me in magick without my knowledge. I only learned of his many efforts after my relationship with him was over. I am still stumbling over his touch on my life. It can be revelational or disconcerting. It depends on the day and what I am attempting to accomplish.

Chris was a brilliant man. I loved him with all my heart. Nevertheless his Way was something so seemingly contrary to my Way (which was rich with 34 years of Christianity). I emphasize the word seemingly. Eight years post the relationship shows that his Way was entirely complementary to my Way the whole time. As an artist, a life filled with transformative ways of being is delightful.

The process to get me to my purest Way, however, was far from easy. I experienced a lot of pain, suffering and episodes of illness. Liken it to training for the Olympics only with Magick you are incorporating your whole being---including the energy bodies and the chakras.

I had to divorce myself from my family's influence, especially my parents influence. I had to completely leave my dogmatic filled history. I had to become flexible emotionally. (This was agony!) I had to learn all sorts of psychic techniques---including dream work, psi tracking via synchronicity, and many more.

But basically, I had to learn that magick is just a highly defined form of energy work. It is an ancient art that has been practiced all over the globe. In terms of history, magick was once one with science, medicine and religion. That is why magick is a distinct part of religious ritual.

"The emotional change is the desired end of most religious ceremonies. Emotional change in the worshiper is the desired goal of every Protestant Christian revival service...Ritual is the repetitive performance of a set form of ceremony...Religious ritual unchanging over a long period of time, develops another quality. The emotional force (astral force) generated in the worshipers through the constant repetition of religious rites, attains a life of its own in what are referred to as thought forms. These thought forms are containers of the emotional (or the astral) energy generated by the worshipers. They are fed and reinforced by the emotional (astral) energy of worship. The emotional energy of the worshipers naturally builds the astral thought form.

Thought forms are blind forces; they have no reasoning ability and no selectivity...In a number of respects, the emotional nature may be compared to water. If you place your hand in water, your hand will get wet. If you enter into a thought form, you will respond to the emotional energy stored within it. The degree of response you will have to any particular thought form will be in direct proportion to the amount of the same kind of emotional (astral) energy within you. If you are 'religious' in a particular religion, and you enter a place where there is a large thought form of the religion present, it will cause a stronger response on your part than it would be for a 'non-religious' person." [Page 16-17, Mickaharic]

Therefore, neutrality is a great skill to learn as a magician. According to the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. If one subscribes to a particular belief system, the magick produced will be influenced by the thought form created within the particular belief system. But truly, any practitioner of magick will have some sort of belief to deal with. I became a Syncretic so that I would not be pulled toward any one religion.

An example of a religious rite (and magickal act) that Christianity uses with great regularity is baptism. The act actually physically inducts a person into the thought form of Christianity. I was Christened as an infant. Catholic Christianity and some forms of Charismatic Christianity invoke transubstantiation during communion. Furthermore, all religions carryout magickal acts with every component of their ceremonies. Magick is an inherent aspect of religion. This is emphasized with certain practices.

So yes, magick does indeed exist and it lives among us. We just need to become aware of it.

Forms of Magick



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