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What is Project Blue Beam

Updated on October 8, 2013

Project Blue Beam Video

What is Project Blue Beam?

Okay guys, up until recently I didn't believe that Project Blue Beam was real at all. I thought it was conspiracy theory nonsense. In a way I still believe that much of the hype surrounding Project Blue Beam is still hearsay but I now am convinced that this project was taken up by the U.S. Military Industrial Complex. Departmentalized projects classified under different names and projects are sold to private companies and research groups to develop these secret technologies and its not as far fetched as one would believe.


So what is Project Blue Beam? P.B.B. is a top secret non-lethal weapons project undertaken by the D.O.D. (Department of Defense) to project and display a laser created holographic image of a deity, prophet, messiah, enlightened teacher, alien spacecraft, or even a devil over a population or enemy soldiers on the battle field and dazzle or strike fear in them and psychologically force them into submission. Also a V.L.F. (very low frequency) radio signal would be broadcast simultaneously projecting a 3D (three dimensional) audible wave to the air surrounding the people in the signal broadcast area. This signal would vibrate the air molecules around a person allowing them to hear the voice all around them outside and inside. It is so powerful you could be in a building or a vehicle moving and still hear the broadcast because the air will be vibrating with the signal wave.

If this submission technique does not stop the threat from advancing then they will project a EMF (electromagnetic frequency) wave to cause psychological and physical effects on the troops or population creating disorientation, fatigue, loss of bowel control, nausea, hallucinations, insomnia, and deep depression. Then they will project an overwhelming force to finally quell the people into submission using holograms of massive field movements of overwhelming force, alien attack fleets, or legions of devils and angels. And microwave emitters on drone aircraft will inflict non-lethal physically painful blows to the troops and people. There is even rumors that HAARP (High Auroral Atmospheric Research Project) in Alaska could be implemented using powerful highly directed radio signals to upset the geological fault lines and create earthquakes in the zone of the troops or population.

So how is this achieved? This type of technology is a meshing of what mesmerism specialist use to seem like they are psychic by implementing linguistic programing and shared beliefs in a major population. High altitude chem-trails can form ice crystals above a country where the weapon will be used. Then pulse wave patterns using VLF signals are projected by satellites, high altitude recon aircraft (predator drones) and radar and visual stealth blimps that will send the signal to a population high above the target. Laser projections will use high altitude ice crystals to display 3D light images that seem very real to the population below especially when mixed with sound and other physical even painful sensations. How does a population fight such weapons? How is this fair to an uninformed population and why would the D.O.D. be interested in such a flamboyant project like P.B.B.? Well this area of warfare using technology and psyops is relatively new but is showing itself to be effective in battlefield testing. By defeating an enemies will to fight without firing off a single shot this type of warfare would allow our forces to enter a country unchallenged. Now it has been meshed with technology to create the ultimate weapon, a weapon used on the minds of a population and its defenders.

These types of weapons may be used in tandem with other technologies to stop civil unrest and other types of domestic rebellion. The point is that this is a very powerful weapon that if used could cause massive psychological damage to a major population. Why would the governments want to develop this type of technology? Well it could unite a world divided by geo-political and religious beliefs and help bring our world into a unification or a new world order. But at what cost? Our tax dollars are paying for this psychological high tech weapon! Do you believe it is okay for the military to use such weapons on a population or even over a battle field? The question is a moral one but if it does end wars without loosing the lives of our soldiers or our population then perhaps it is a good weapon that limits the amount of collateral damage and limits the damage to social psychological damage without causing maiming or death. The argument is there and I pose it to you the reader to be the judge.

Read the Phoenix Journal Documents by Hatton at:

Technological hypnotic mind control
Technological hypnotic mind control


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    • profile image

      Chatsworth nj 4 years ago

      I saw this fired in test once. It came from the woods

    • ArtzGirl profile image

      ArtzGirl 6 years ago from San Diego

      I've been covering the issue of Chemtrails and this apparently ties in with Project Blue Beam. One of my electrician friends said that the Barium that they are using in the Chemtrail skies basically mimics what Plasma TV's are capable of... turning our skies into a virtual Plasma TV Screen. This is totally possible. I wouldn't doubt it. You should read my article "Chemtrails: The "Shocking" Truth. I have posted a number of videos on the technologies that they are capable of using.

    • Cow Flipper profile image

      Sean Jankowski 7 years ago from Southern Oregon

      Hi Seakay, it is isn't it?

    • Seakay profile image

      Seakay 7 years ago from Florida

      Interesting theory. However, psychological damage could ultimately turn to violence, which could then lead to death. If this is true, it's a no win situation. Scary.