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What is a Doppelganger?

Updated on January 3, 2011

What is a Doppelganger?

Have you have heard the word "Doppelganger" and wondered what it meant? The time that I found out what this word meant, it sent shivers down my spine! I am a fully grown man, so not an easy thing to do.

Typically a Doppelganger is described as a complete double of a living person. However, the Doppelganger usually represents something a little more evil and sinister.

Books and Films about the Doppelganger

Doppelganger can also be used to describe the sensation of seeing yourself in your own peripheral vision. Therefore, there being no chance it was a reflection. Some people believe that to see your own Doppelganger is a sign of your own death. However, if you catch a glimpse of a friends Doppelganger, this usually indicates for-coming bad luck or danger.

Emilie Sagee

Emilie Sagee's experience is perhaps the most enchanting, and disturbing case of the Doppelganger. Documented by the author Dale Owen, it tells the story of the first hand witness Julie Von Guldenstubbe. The story was set in a school in 1845, Julie was 13 years old.

Emilie Sagee was the headmistress at Julie's school, and generally known for being extremely kind and charming. Additionally, she was regarded to be very honest and trustworthy person.

The first encounter documented was one of the Doppelganger appearing right next to Emilie as she was writing an assignment on the blackboard. Apparently the aspiration appeared and quickly disappeared in seconds as the children looked on in amazement.

The same year, following the first incident another aspiration was witnessed. However, this time in front of a class of 42 students!

As the class of 42 girls were getting ready for sewing lessons, they could clearly see that Emilie was outside attending to a small garden that the students had planted. Apparently, the teacher who was supervising was called away to the school hall for a small amount of time. During that small amount of time, Emilie's Doppelganger slowly appeared at the front of the class where Emilie normally sat. All 42 students reported seeing the aspiration, some even ran to the window to witness Emilie still attending to the garden. One brave student was also reported to approach the phantom to touch it. Only to be held away by a strange resistance.

Even though so many people claimed to have seen the Doppelganger, Emilie claimed never to have seen it herself.  

Do you Believe?

Do you believe in the Doppelganger?

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Please let me know if you found this as interesting as I did, and whether or not you believe the story.

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    • CCahill profile image


      6 years ago from England

      The Hollywood film directors are missing a trick with this plotline ;)

    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 

      7 years ago from trailer in the country

      Very interesting...I didn't know that was the meaning of the word. rating this up.


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