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What is all this life about?

Updated on August 7, 2013

Mere living has no meaning!

Each one of us view life as different. None views the life alike. To majority of the population of world, life is full of struggle to eke out a living. They toil long hours to earn a few chips to feed their family and themselves. For them, the life is full of struggles. No doubt, their main concern is to remain alive by eating frugal meals. In spite of all the struggles, they never stop marrying or socializing. Ethiopia is a scene of utter poverty like most of the African countries. Feeding the children is an utopian dream. Of course this present condition is due to political reasons. Like most of the third world countries, internal strife, factionalism, ethnicity plays havoc in the lives of the people. In spite of utter poverty, there is no decline in the birth rates.

Now take the case of the richest countries where the per capita income of each individual is more than the other countries of the world. People living in those countries live a comfortable and luxurious life. They have every thing at their command. There is no paucity of anything in their homes. They get the best medical facilities and hence they live a healthy and happy life. They get the best food to eat, wear gorgeous dresses, and live in style.

In between the extremes, there are middle class people living in most of the countries, who have just enough to feed, cloth and live. They are satisfied with the barest minimum life style. Though they too hanker for comforts and luxuries, they don't get it due to the cost of living.

In the first case, there is utter poverty and they lack even the frugal food items and hence they are satisfied with few pieces of bread supplied to them in ration by the authorities. The children get few glasses of milk in a week. They keep their bone and skin together with the little food they can collect.

In all these cases, living a life means getting enough food to feed , dresses to cloth and a shelter to save from sun and rain. Beyond this there seems to be no other quest for any more thing. But our life on earth is not limited to living and keeping ourselves alive. We have been specifically blessed with a thinking mind and discrimination. We can always compare human life with the life of other species on earth. Baring man, all other species of life, live through instincts. These instincts are embedded in their DNA which never changes even after millions of years. Fishes always live in water and swim around there. Some animals live both in water and on earth like the seals and walruses. The earth is habitat to many animal species. Each one is unique in shape, size and food habits. Cows, buffaloes eat only grass. leaves and haystacks. A tiger will relish only the flesh of other animals. Hence man alone has been given the intellect to ponder upon his life on earth. He possess intuitive wisdom. But he has to gain it only through introspection inside his Self. He can not gain this knowledge from the external world. The secular knowledge is useful for living in the outer world.

Man is the highest in evolution. But he can not simply keep quiet by seeking wealth and properties which wont accompany him. We are all mortals and our life span is limited in this world. Within this short time, he should explore the reasons for his sojourn on earth and seek to reach the ultimate aim of all human life. It is to blossoming into Divinity, from which he has parted. He has to join back to the original source of Divinity. Every one is entitled to the Divine heritage. One day or other he has to reach back to God. The one credible example we can offer is "Rivers merging in the Ocean". The surface water of the ocean, heated by the rays of the Sun evaporates and rise high to form clouds in the sky. On cooling, they reach back the earth as rain. The rivulets collects into streams and join a river which ultimately reaches the Ocean. Our life too is akin to the river merging in the sea from which it has parted!

Wisdom incarnate!


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