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What Is and When Did this So-Called RAPTURE Doctrine Begin? How Will the Devil Fool You as he will the World?

Updated on October 7, 2011

So much to Learn So Little Time!

  • So much to Learn So Little Time!
  • What is and When is this so Called RAPTURE Doctrine?
  • Well some believe it is pre tribulation others believe it is post tribulation some disregard it totally.
  • Because the word is not within the Good Book or is there ever an event such as this, in the story before it's concoction in the the late 19th to the early 20th Century. Which some say was gotten from a dieing young woman, who happened to be having a premonition from God that was over heard by some of the past churches notoriety. Or so the story goes.
  • This is no different then all the Hub bub of the Hell Fire and Damnation Movement in and around the same time periods. People the Devil Lives and so do his children, their mission is to lie, steal, and kill the truth of the Gospels especially the Salvation Gospel of Our Lord and Saviour! It is and has always been their mission. For they fear the lost of the earth as they were also cast from Heaven by those there. That they once tried to deceive as well. And by the way this type of Hell the forever tormenting of the fallen sons and now daughters of God does not exist! No matter how they cut this cake, there is not an ever lasting torment awaiting sinners. Just a final Judgment that is ever lasting.
  • Those who believe in and on this Doctrine or so called Doctrine believe that they are The True and Faithful Church which has not yet, been completed. They believe Christ is making a special and secrete trip back to take them from the Great Tribulation, Which would make Him a Liar for He states that He has Told Us all Things and that It is Finished. And That we are to beware of those from Heaven or earth that bring any other Gospel, other then what He has already Given Us; by way of the Prophets and these Twelve that were with Him. Also and in fact this is where the church becomes assembled and tried in the fire, of that FIRE of the Anti-Christ who we know as Satan.
  • These events start with the the appearance of the two great witnesses and then Satan's being casted out from Heaven back unto earth. This action Immediately locks the gates of Heaven, no one in or out.
  • The Seals have begun to be opened and the Trumps sounded and the Vials poured. This is the start of the Greatest and the last Tribulation that will ever be.
  • This event was to last seven and some years, believed by some, others believe three and a half, but Our Father has shorten the time to a period of about five and a half months. Some believe five months, and still some a little longer. The Father states that He shortened this period of Time and that It was shortened or is shortened for the Elects sake. For if He did not that no flesh would remain alive until His second coming and not His Third believe upon by rapture-rs'. That tells us How much Power Satan still does retain. Remember! Satan never put on the flesh or has yet, to repent from the Fall neither has his fallen angels. Who are chain here and now and they will no doubt be release upon his returning to fool the world our earth.
  • These Fallen and Satan are all supernatural beings still within their God given spiritual bodies. We have two bodies our selves and a Soul. We were all once Spirit beings as well and then reborn of woman into innocent flesh bodies, into a corrupt world. Satan's World! And the fallen for this is were they were cast to after their fall. He is the Dark Prince that Jesus speaks of.
  • There is no raising of these flesh bodies ever! That is another lie of this world. For it is only given to us to walk here in these flesh bodies once. And Yes! I know that Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead and He raised Himself as well. But, these our bodies are corrupted and are Satan's reward for his misbehavior and failure to repent.
  • God is not the God of the Dead or the Dead in Christ those who will not see or hear the call to REPENTANCE! Lazarus was a friend of Jesus and Satan was not able to even with hold his flesh from our Lord. But I don't think Lazarus went to Paradise transfigured, but die later as we all shall.
  • For these to be raptured where shall they go? Heaven is locked and Christ doesn't return until the seventh Trump and all eyes are upon the Earth to watch the final correction of these fallen angels, the world, we in it, and Satan.
  • During the Anti-Christs Rule we will still be in the flesh and able to die, but shall remain until the Lords Day and be raised, but in spiritual bodies not flesh bodies. These are those that will sleep until Christ returns, now some believe that none shall die during this time and this is true. Satan is unable to kill the spirit body or the soul, but has rule over the flesh. AS he will these Two great witnesses and they to do die and lay three and a half days in the streets of Jerusalem.
  • On the third day the seventh trump sounds Christ, the true Christ returns an in the twinkling of an eye every living human will lose their flesh and instantly be placed in there incorruptible body the spirit body that was given to us by God at the beginning of our creation.
  • Now during Satan's Rule as the anti-Christ all the Seals, Trumps are being sounded and opened as well the Vials being poured. In this Five month or Five and a half month period as well, are these that are forming the Bride of Christ or the true Church which is being brought before the anti-Christ who is Satan and is also known as Death and at least twelve other names, if not more. This is the reason we put on the Gospel Armor to defend against the lies or the fiery darts of Satan, as the anti-Christ. And as he judges us before the world of unbelievers and mis-believers.
  • These that are judged are the ones that were set aside by God from the foundations of The World and the Rejuvenation of the Fallen Heaven that one third and this our Earth. His "Elected" to testify to the Truth of all that has occurred and to the correction that is taking place. Remembering that Heaven is Locked and that Christ returns at the last trump or the seventh trump the furtherest one out. Where than is the raptures' or the raptured ones worth and what deeds have they preform for there Lord and Saviour? How shall they gain their garments or robes and crowns?
  • They neither testified or aided any in the tribulation. They did not feed, clothe, or give water to those who thirst. When they most needed it. This is the time of the great famine as well, only it is for the truth of the True Christs words not food, the waters and bread of Christ Take this Body and eat of It! What Body? The one that will stand before the Anti-Christ and testifies by the Holy Spirit who is with them or within them. And we know not to do this to the least of the Lords is not to do it to Him as well. Rapture me Not away O’ Lord, but hold my hand along the way! Let me stand!
  • These I truly believe, the Stories and the Scriptures of the Hebrews and the Christians. There is No Rapture as it is portrayed in this Doctrine or so called Doctrine. It is just not in the Good Book or the Story. If your going to make a life time out of studding the scriptures with out asking of the Father to their meanings, remember even the Angels would not contend with Lucifer who is now Satan on the word. Not even when contending for Moses body! But Micheal said The Lord Rebuke Thee! Scripture Lawyers have no chance at besting the Devil. None!
  • After these events the Millennium, The Battle between Satan and God, The Judgment, and then the new Earth and the new Heaven, and at last the Marriage to the Bride or Great and true Church.
  • Thanks for the read and any of your comments.
  • Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man
  • The seen below will not change with bodies breaking forth a new. For those who have die. They are already in paradise with Father Abraham. Those that die at this time shall only sleep, until Christ returns or removes (or rents It! ) Once again this vale between Heaven and Earth!


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    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 6 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      Apostle Jack, The story Christ Our Lord Jesus Tells about Lazarus and the Rich Man I do not believe this to be a parable but a teaching, We Know there are those reserved for Judgment.

      And we Know God Does not play favorites with His children and we Know that He separates the Good from the Bad as this Story or example so proves, Now some will say no Donnie we all, but sleep until our Judgement.

      Tis not so we all have our parts in Hell or Our separation from Our Lord GOD and Father. And this is what Paradise is the sheep on one side of the great Vale or valley or Guff. Paradise is Not different for either the sheep or the Goat, but it is different to the souls, who now know and Now sees the absolute truth of the matter and the condition that they are now in.

      It will be the same here for once Satan is once again cast from the 2/3 of Heaven where he is now being held by Michael behind the throne of GOD Almighty. It will be as it was during the Time of Noah they the fallen ones, Shall once again be in complete control of all the world. Doing as they please.

      This is in away a rapture or a great gathering of or to. One the word rapture is nothing more than a great gathering it is not a rescue mission for the Bride for one is not yet matured or fully come of age. There are several great gatherings and there shall be a few more yet to come. But GOD never needs to remove any one and he will Not allow any into His Kindom until they are Judged. Paradise is not Heaven, but rather a set aside place or a holding cell. Those who sleep sleep here at the Anti-Christ rule for all of Heaven is Locked No one in No one out until the seventh trump and seal and vial.

      This is where the Vail of Heaven is removed or is again rent or dropped and the rest of 2/3 of Heaven is reavled unto Us all while we are still in the Flesh this is why our Flesh then melts away in the twinkling of an eye we all that remain alive and in the flesh bodies shall lose our flesh.

      Those who are dead and are in Christ or part of His Bride shall be raised first these are the ones Satan and these other Fallen angels or sons of GOD have Martered or killed.

      For they only sleep for a short period of time. Here On Earth Because Heaven is Locked they Do Not get to go to Paradise Once the 6th Trump the 6th seal and the 6th Vail is pourn Because GOD is Given Satan the Ball it is fully in his Hands.

      Until Christ Arrives we all stay right here to be tried by the one pretending to be God and we will die, in the flesh after ten days or before, but we will not be lost!

      Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

    • profile image

      Apostle Jack 6 years ago

      There will be no 7 year period whereas everyone that is saved will go to heaven and then return again before judgment day.The bible do not verify such predetermine event.The word Rapture is not found in the bible because it is made-up by misinterpretation of scripture.

    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 6 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      No Not Really. I am a post Judgment Marriage Guy! I have no Faith at all in a rapture.

      The Rapture is a soothing story much like some of those that will tell their followers that they shall not die in this tribulation.

      That is not what I read, they may not die at the hands of Satan as he portrays himself to be Christ, but there will be deaths during this time.

      As the Apostles and Christ have also died. It is because we are still able to die at this time. These who do die are the ones who will sleep because Heaven is Locked and we are still under Satan's rule and his followers. So will we most likely be killed? Yes I so believe that we will.

      Yes I am a post Judgment Believer of the Marriage or the Great Gathering. After both Heaven and Earth have past away and we are all once again in Heaven and Virgins than we will be married to Our Lord and Saviour. Never Before!

      The Fly away Doctrine is not new it has been preach through Out the Good Book and the Story ever so slightly you'll see it if you seek it.

      I don't give it any grounds for most screw it up who are not hearing and seeing just yet, the truth given. So even in these late hours somethings one must come to on their own. But not the truth of the Gospels and the ordering of events in the end times.

      Yes maybe I should not have Hinted at the McDonald Girl. But it is a justifiable concern that mills out in the end. Half truths are the best we can get now-a-days this is why God created the Millennium.

      Not for a second chance, but for a chance many have never been given the truth yesterday, today, or tomorrow they will have been misled and lied to, so they never got their chance or a chance. God states that His desire is that NONE Shall perish! And that they are destroyed for their lack of Knowledge.

      Yes we all must work Out Our Own Salvation with Fear and trembling. For None But Ourselves are responsible to are out come. We are not even allowed to blame the destroyer Satan himself for GOD has already convicted him. And has given us Authority over him as well.

      Good Bible studies are great! But Asking and seeking of the Lord is so much more the better.

      True we all must first find a place to learn to believe and todays churches are failing and doing so miserably and they no longer feeding the Lords Works and deeds along with His words and commandments, His Precepts and Statues.

      All of these reveal the Lord GOD Our Fathers true Nature. Which Many are very Lackadaisical about Reinforcing. People Fear a Loving GOD for no good reason. When they Are to be told That the Loss of God is the reason to Fear.

      Every where else fear is almost always revere or love to love the Lord Your God with all your Heart and Soul Body and Mind. It is a Commandment One of Two that Jesus states is higher then the other Eight or Nine.

      Feeding the Children. Jesus question a certain Apostle to his love for Jesus and this was the commandment then. It was given again several times, feed my children. Not half truths as you say and I agree that this is what all the world our Earth is feeding us all today.

      Actually I was Baptist Lutheran at my Birth. But didn't Know this until later after My Baptism into the Baptist Faith. I have study many faiths of Christianity and still some of the most popular others, but never very long for it did not take me long to see their flaws or failings.

      Some say this is because of my Baptist teachers. But believe me when I was asked to leave my church if I would not stop trying to Make Judas the one who betrayed Christ an innocent victim of Satan.

      Back then The church was under the impression that Judas was A devil that Christ had Picked from the fold and that it was not preordained that Judas would betray Him which we know is not the case or I do any how.

      So I was very turn off by this and even tried to throw My Bible away several times But it kept ending back up in my room either my mother or myself would go and fetch it and this happened on several different occasions.

      They Say ever thing happens for a reason I am beginning to have great faith in that which they say whomever they are. Although I still remember the growing pains I am no longer effected by them or bound to them in a hurtful way.

      I am very Much Like John The Baptist I am a voice that cries out in the wilderness I tell the story of Repentance for the forgiveness of Sins and then I try to tell the story or as much as one would here.

      Of the rest of the story. That is no longer told or heard of This belief that the earth is only 8-10 years of age I have never read this I see How they come to This but it is not so Tis no wonder today people wish to rub out the religions of the world. They can't concur on anything most of us are spoiled Brats playing in our own Housing each claim our own truths.

      And People then wonder why I say the Church is Not yet Here! Truly I am baffled by their thoughts at times. I also Believe that the Seven year was 3 1/2 and this is even shorter then these I believe it is roughly 5 1/2 months where as others strongly believe it to be either 3 1/2 years or 5 months. Well I don't think even the elect could with stand Satan incarnate Here on Earth for 3 1/2 years and I question even 5 1/2 months. But I know in my Heart 7 is way too long.

      And God states that He Did so shorten this time period. For the elects sake. For if He did not. No Flesh should remain till His second Coming. So I try to keep stores for six months whenever possible I know God will Care for Me during this time If I am wise enough to discern correctly or not He will see me through till my number of days. Which all are days are numbered.

      The 24 four elders As I have just received are the 12 that remain in the 2/3 that did not fall and then the 12 that did fall and then the 12 that are now which are the 12 Apostles This is one of my favorite books it still reveals more and more with every reading of it. As I have said up top there After all is said and done then the Bride is to be married After the Judgment, after the release of Satan from the pit to once again call those to him that would go, if any. and After the Millennium

      These that Christ calls out of the great Whore church. He calls during the Millennium First the Jews That believe this is the first time He has come. Then to the the Gentiles who are grafted in or adopted into the Jewish Faith and then to those who were Deceived by Satan.

      Those with child and those giving suck These are the one that wail and are gnashing their teeth these that thought they were following The true Christ. The story Is every day unfolding right before our eyes How long will it take in years no one can say until the two witness arrive and start their preaching and not until Satan falls from Heaven and then not until the two witnesses Lies 3 1/2 dead in the streets of Jerusalem.

      Then we can pretty much tell it to be about One more day with Christ our Lord which was to us in the flesh as a Thousand years. But we are no longer in the flesh so it will be One Day. Do you think all those that were fooled will still remain fooled? I do not I hope and Pray they are not. Fun Talking to You Brother we must never stop our seeking until we are safe at Home.

      You have a great Life MrMaranatha, and live it well within our Lord Jesus Arms.

      Peace be unto You I give you my peace. Always and forever with the Knowledge and Love of Our Father in Heaven and His Son which was on Earth and to the Holy Spirit who is Now here.MrMaranatha Travel along in Safety as you continually seek the truth.

      Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

    • MrMaranatha profile image

      MrMaranatha 6 years ago from Somewhere in the third world.

      To Put a Title on your view... it would be a "Post-Tribulation but Pre-Millennial" View.

      I have pondered this before... actually I have pondered all of them to one extent or another.

      My main concern regarding Rapture discussions is that Truth be examined and not "Contrived Misleading Disinformation".

      That thing about Margaret MacDonald Is a bunch of half truths at best.. and is really just a pushing of one group of peoples personal beliefs at the expense of truth. They know better but try to confuse believers to gain a dissident following... Devilish at best.

      I really do not care if you draw a different conclusion from your study than I do... That is normal... Just so long as you have had a desire for truth in the process of your learning... and attempted to rightly divide the Truth...

      I see so many people today being fed lies and half truths instead of doing good solid Bible study.

      I have to smile at something you said... That you started out a Baptist.. that you are Non-Denominational now...

      Really Brother, we Baptists are the ORIGINAL - NON DENOMINATION.

      Well sort of anyway:-)

      In the way of studies on the bible anyone can become what we are... Baptist Doctrine is Bible Doctrine. And we not only have the freedom to search our way for ourselves... We actually have the Orders to do so.

      Have you ever heard of the Baptist Distinctive's? The first one is "Bible alone" for all matters of faith and Doctrine. Next comes "Autonomy" of the Local Church. (Non-Denominational-ish) Then comes Priesthood of the Believers and later (after Two Ordinances) is Individual Soul Liberty..

      My friend you are still very much a Baptist... maybe more true to your color than many who claim to be such.

      I was rather sorry to read of your problem in the Church that day as a child... it was not handled well at all.

      I also have a similar situation in my past... not myself though, it was my dad that had the falling out with a preacher... Later of course I have had plenty of my own experiences with pastors that could have shipwrecked my faith if I was not already more firm in my convictions. But as a youth who is still new in the faith that sort of thing can spell disaster... it is literally "Quenching the Spirit" that we are warned NOT to Do.

      Back to subject of when our Lord will return...

      I personally tend to think we will see allot of stuff we do not want to see before he gets back... Personally my view is similar to yours..

      According to various passages we know that Jesus taught that the Anti-Christ would be revealed Before Jesus returns... and the method of it being revealed seems to be the midpoint of the 7 years of tribulation when the Anti-Christ sits in the Holy of Holies declaring himself to be God.

      So... if that has to happen before the Lord returns to take his Bride, then that timing seems to be at the mid-point.. or actually at least a short time after the midpoint. Maybe just a few hours... maybe days... we do not know when... we just know that he is coming and we will need our lamps full and our lights shining brightly still...

      As for the reason I reject part of what you are saying above, try to follow me on this..

      The Post Trib/Pre Millennial position causes a Heavenly U turn or a Bubble of confusion at a point when I am studying it..

      This has to do with Jesus coming in the clouds to get his bride... (One Exact Purpose) Then Coming to the Ground for War (another Purpose) and does not allow time for the Wedding feast and celebrations.

      To coincide with this we also see that in Revelations, Jesus is admonishing the Churches in Ch 2-3 Then Rev 4:1 we see an immediate switch... "John is called Up to Heaven" where we see 24 elders (12 patriarchs + 12 Apostles - In heaven) and the Church is not mentioned again until we see them in Chapter 19 at the Marriage of the Lamb.

      Of course we do see Babylon and Christ "calling people Out of her" But that also seems to be an act of "Last chance" Salvation... Possibly in the last few years or months before the end... It Might also coincide with the Lords response to the voices of Rev 6:10... where he refers to others who will killed and join them (up in heaven) And this may be (may be) the final call to the wedding supper... notice that in the parables there were three calls to the feast... First call to the Jews. Second call to the Gentiles, and Last call to fill up the last remaining places..

      It all fits.

      Have a great day Brother...

      Maranatha!!!! :-)

    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 6 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      I don't or Nor have I ever read After another's man's works. I am not a seeker of Mans truth Or Satan's lies. I have since the age of 12 1/2 been at odds with My Own Bibles, of which I only have the one Now. It is an old King James Version. I earn it through study at a local Baptist Church in the seventies.

      That Bible or rather this Bible is My go to Good Book when I need reminding of the scriptures or the exact verses that others are stating from. The scriptures or the text in their Bibles when they say this means this.

      When I am sure it is not so, I will recheck myself and make sure it is not so, I am not that often wrong on my beliefs to the meaning of the Word any more, But once I did have to recheck and reread not only a verse or two, but the whole Chapter and then the complete book that that chapter and verse is contained in.

      But not so much any more. I am still after thirty plus years reading and studying the word, but I no longer quote Chapter and verses as I am more a witness to the story and stories of the Good Book. I unlike many Don't Hold the Bible as it is written portrayed or taught today to be the absolute truth or Holy! Yes today I am a NON denominational Christ Man or Man of Christ.

      I have no need to prove anything to anyone any longer. I just give the truth as I know it to be. And then the receiver either eats it and makes it his own or he doesn't or further still he does and then later vomits it up for it was not to His bellies Liking.

      I did a lot of Vomiting Up of what has been taught or suggested to me from 12 1/2 unto 46 years of age. Today I prepare my own meals, now I still do read And research what it is I read when I am unable to discern the truth of the matter at hand or in Question.

      Or if I have a concern or a doubt about the matter. Hence My Pen Name is Sinbad the Sailor Man. I sail My own Ship and I am the Captain of That ship that I sail.

      But I know I do Not own the Vessel. It Belongs to My King. Who Happens to Be my Father also and Further still My God or ruler.

      I am not seeing your claims within these verses that you have quoted of the King James.

      //1 Thes 4:17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.//

      What you are seeing here is not what I am seeing here. If you are seeing Jesus's return While Satan is here or After he is Here and while we are and where we are Now in the flesh.

      For I know that the Next time Jesus returns He Returns in His full glory and In his spiritual Body, The Truth I have gleam Tells Me Jesus Is GOD. And when we see God OUR flesh shall fall away or be consumed away for the truth is No longer questionable to anyone for it will be before us all.

      Then we which are alive and remain/ remain till what? The Lords Day!

      Shall be caught up together with them in the clouds? Who are these that are within in these clouds? They are those that Have gone onto Paradise and are awaiting to be Judged or who are Held for Judgment reserved for it. As we will also be Judged.

      To meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord

      We have Just Lost our flesh bodies here at this event the Lord's Day which is After Ant-Christ and Before the Millennium. We Have had the Lies of Satan removed we aren't getting a new Body we are being restored to Our First Body.

      Our Spiritual Body. That was given to Us in the first place at The creation of the World. GOD's Heaven before the Fall.

      GOD is not removing anyone from Here and All that are With father Abraham shall be returning as well the Other 2/3 of Heaven after the Millennium. For the Judgment. The Bride or the church Is Not Fully assembled or of Age. There is a Daughter before the Lords Bride She is the Great Whore, the false church She is Marring Satan

      The True Church or the Bride of Christ is Not yet, not until after the Millennium for Satan will pull from the field one more time before the Judgment. Again the rapture is only a great Gathering. Who will you gather to?

      Which Wedding are you partaking in? You are invited to both and One will get you Killed or death eternal completely removed gone forever never to be remembered.

      Your timing and ordering seem to me to be off Mr Maranatha. There are today many taught of God and Not Man. Seek your own Salvation with Fear and trembling. Seek it From your Maker and not his Children. For all of them have fallen short of the Glory of God.

      Peace be with you, Keep on trucking you'll get it Soon enough If you Don't stop seeking for It the truth is Out There!

      Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

    • MrMaranatha profile image

      MrMaranatha 6 years ago from Somewhere in the third world.

      Hate to say that you been reading behind the wrong people but that seems to be the case.

      Over the years I have seen quite a few articles online that promote the Anti-Rapture /Margaret MacDonald - Hoax theology...

      There are several churches that do much to promote it and keep it perpetuating.

      They seem to be splinter groups of some legalistic 7th day Adventist stock... Not sure more than that as they are somewhat “Ambiguous or non-denominational” and it is common for the source pages to be missing when you search for their origins.

      Saying “The Rapture is not a word found in your King James English Bible” is sort of like saying:

      “Webster’s English Dictionary dies not have the word "Conceiçao" in it...”

      Well of course not... "Conceiçao" is a Portuguese word.

      Likewise Rapture is an English rendition of an old Latin word with the same base or root as Raptur (the name of a Bird)

      It is in the Vulgate Bible, found in:

      1 Thes 4:17 deinde nos qui vivimus qui relinquimur simul rapiemur cum illis in nubibus obviam Domino in aera et sic semper cum Domino erimus

      In English that is:

      1 Thes 4:17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

      The Word "Rapiemur" (or rather its Greek Equivalent “Harpazo”) was rendered "Caught Up" when the English Bible was translated.

      Latin was the dominate language in religion for many years.. the Latin Word "Rapiemur" then could be used from its root and said in different ways... Rapture is one of those renderings that have come down to use in English over time.

      This story about the Scottish girl (Margaret MacDonald) and her Visions, is pretty much like an internet hoax that keeps getting retold and growing as it goes.

      First they say that it is the Origin of the Rapture… and downplay the Bible passages that teach it, and the Bible verses that show the early church was already waiting for it in their time (as early as the first century).

      Then they call it "The Secret Rapture theory". And try to turn it into a Hidden event which Jesus himself condemned… (Mark 13)

      The Rapture will not be a "Secret" when it happens. It will be a major Worldwide event that cannot be swept under a rug.

      Jesus said that his coming would be like Lightning from the east is seen in the west.. Everyone will know that something great has happened... but they may not understand exactly what it was that happened...

      The Bible also says they will be sent a strong delusion to believe the Anti-Christ’s lies.

      The Rapture may be a new thing to some Christians and especially to Protestant branches.. but it is by no means a new thing to Bible believers (Baptists).

      Baptists did not get our theological ideas from the Church of Scotland, or from the Anglicans or Catholics.

      We are Sola Scriptura Separatists.

      The Concept of Christ returning for his Bride is as old as the Church that He Himself founded. It is His Promise to us, and it is also our “Blessed Hope”. (Titus 2:13)

      My Advice to you on this is that you put away the same old reading material that you have been inundated with… and Read the Bible passages I have quoted in their proper context. If you want more to study on it, then just do some reading behind some different writers on the “Rapture of the Church”

      Study the “Pre tribulation rapture”, Mid tribulation, and maybe “Rapture theories”

      I have my opinions like everyone does… But I do not necessarily propose to you any one specific view… Pre, Mid or Post Tribulation Event.. I think that that should be for you to decide for yourself after you do more study on it…

      It is a fun study.. called Eschatology.

      And will entail you dividing of scripture to discern when Jesus will return for his Church.

      Some think early and some think later… But most will agree that it should be Sometime before or during the first 3 ½ years of the Anti Christ’s 7 year Reign.

      Have fun.. But be careful who you read behind as in every century there are those who do allot of damage to peoples faith through confusion. Usually teaching Half Truths when they know more than they are telling…

      Like for example: Those people who keep posting the Margaret MacDonald stuff; do you think that they did not know that the Latin root Rapiemur is the base of Rapture??? They know it… but it suits their game to play ignorant and deceive their readers.

      Hope this helps… and I hope you have many hours or days of fun looking deeper into this subject…

      The Lord Bless your studies

      Mr Maranatha

    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 6 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      Thank you stars439, one tries to do his best on these types of Hubs and yet, I still fall short of the Glory, that the Good Lord intentions be aditquitly told or so I believe.

      For I know my Father, our Father wishes that None should perish and as of yet, None have! Not even the Son of Perdition, "who is Satan and Not Judas!" "the one who betrayed Christ"

      This was the message I thought I was given to tell on the night I was Baptized at my new found church at the age of about twevle and a half.

      Now that went over like a lead balloon! At a good old Baptist church of the 70's. And I was kindly ask to stop trying to spread this message or leave! It broke my heart to leave and it stund my spiritual growth something alwful. But I think this old weed has begun to grow a little more each day once again.

      Thanks for the read and comment.

      Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Wonderful hub, and intriguing experience. God Bless You.

    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 6 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      Tommorow I'll bet is just another day. But to be spirited away by the false or the Anti-christ would be a very bad thing for those still in their flesh bodies I would think so I have no plans but to turn and run the other way if such a entiy does show up anytime soon I most asuradly will not run into a liar's arms Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

    • profile image

      AntonOfTheNorth 6 years ago

      Perhaps we should talk on Sunday when its all over?

      It doesn't really matter who's right now, does it? If true, its too late to care. If false, its a waste of your time.


    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 6 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      A rapture by vigtue of its meaning is just a great gathering and there are sevral such events One is on the seventh trump when Jesus returns and the flesh is cast away and the truth of who is the true God is revealed. Which is the Spirit body that God first gave at our creation, the second would be the last day or our judgement another the marriage to the Bride or the great and true church we will have no choice we will all witness these events so that we know the truth but there is no escape plan for the bride from our earth. She is given a place in the wilderness to be safe when anti-chirsts reins how great a gathering this may be is yet undeterimined I agree there is no escape for any but when you walk with God and Jesus or the comfortor is in you you need not fear the Great Tribulation

    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 6 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      It will never happen..Heb 9 v 27 it is appointed unto men once to die after this,the judgment.There is no rapture in scripture is made up.