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What is it about God that scares the world so much?

Updated on September 2, 2016

The Good

All the Time
All the Time | Source

Do you believe in Good?

What is it really about God (Or should I use the word religion here?) That scares the world so much? Say you are religious and that you believe in God and you can be sure that people will look at you differently. Those against religion and God will call you all sorts of things; self righteous, fanatic, crazy or brainwashed among many many others. Those who have abandoned their faith, much like the atheists cannot tolerate to hear about God and his Goodness. They simply don't like the idea of a God- The creator.

Oh how I’ve heard of people talk about how religion is dragging progress, how it has caused wars and conflicts, how it poisons the mind of children- Really, the list is endless. So what is it exactly about God that human beings are afraid of? And no, I am not just talking about the modern world. Look back at history; God, through Moses, went on to rescue and deliver the people of Israel from the Egyptians, and boy were they thankful- Well, for a while that is. I can bet all my money that it was Moses, among all the prophets who experienced the most severe of migraines during his time as a prophet. Time and again he would find them having gone astray and forgetting their God- How he got through it is beyond me. I have always wondered why they could forget about God so easily. It was like that He was only most relevant when they found themselves in trouble- The same with most religious people today if I may say so. God is full of love and mercy, and this he demonstrated time and again towards his people from the time they left Egypt. So again, why would they forget about him as soon as they were a little comfortable? Why do we? And why has the idea of a God (supreme creator) and religion resulted in such uneasiness among a majority of unbelievers and atheists? I found it very interesting when some atheist guy once said that it is high time religion was completely destroyed and done away with... That it had caused such discomfort within him to the extent that he wanted it completely destroyed puzzled me. But let me use the word God in the place of religion for a minute here. He wanted God out of the picture completely- That every believer forsakes their beliefs about God and be just like him. I am sure this was his point. So, again, what is it about God that most people are afraid of? Well, I have a theory:

Man wants to do whatever he wishes without any consequences;

Think of a mirror that shows you who you really are. You look at the mirror and you see your real self. Now think of a mirror that not only shows you who you are and this time you have the ability to modify or change some things about the person you are looking at- That you can direct this person's path (this person being you) so that he/she avoids silly mistakes that may be considered evil. Now tell me, would you change some stuff? The reality is that there is so much about our past we would have liked to change, but this is not possible. I guess we simply learn from the past and move on.

Remember that inner voice I talked about my other article? That voice from God telling you what to avoid and what you should do? I like to think of it as that mirror- It allows us to avoid certain wrong things; it wants to lead us through the right path. Now, does any human being really wish to walk in the right path? The right path has been described by many people, especially the young as being boring and boring and boring :)

Most people want to be free to do what they want; so do drugs sleep around, to use any means necessary to get ahead, to steal, and just do "wild things" - All without any consequences. God expects certain things about us, and most people don't like this. It is like a teenager having a parent that expects him or her to get good grades, to stay away from drugs, avoid teen pregnancy or stay away from bad company- See, most teenagers with they had more freedom to experiment, which in most cases makes the parent the bad guy. They will often be heard saying; "My parents are so controlling, I wish they would just leave me along, I wish they would just chill" and the list goes on. But does the parent really want what's bad for the child? Not at all- Most of what the parents do and how they act is for the best of the child. The child just doesn't understand this.

I heard of this atheist repeatedly saying that he did not want a "dictator God" in his life. This, for a moment, made me question his stand as an atheist. Was it that he did not believe in God, or just didn't want God in his life? You know? A God who had certain expectations of him?

If we could all do what we wanted in life without any consequences then that would be appealing to almost everyone. So how do you do what you wish without any consequences? I would assume that the easiest way to go about this would involve taking God out of the picture. No one wants to hear that there will come a time when this God guy will judge the world- That everyone will be held responsible for their own actions. Nope, that does not sound appealing to anyone.

God represents good, and what is good- He is the opposite of what is evil- Could this be the reason most people today dislike the idea of a God? Think about it for a minute- it is the things that the Bible and other religious scripts consider evil that many people are attracted to. God is the opposite of these things so naturally most people would be against the idea of God- There is no God in their books. This is most convenient.

The Good Path

 Right vs Wrong Way
Right vs Wrong Way | Source

Why Don't You Like God?

I once heard of this argument where a guy explained that God is not necessary for us to be morally upright- That people without God we could still develop moral standards- Do you agree with this argument? This guy went on to argue that he is a very morally upright individual despite the fact that he does not have God in his life. How do I know he is morally upright? Because he said so? I should take his word for it? There have been so many religious leaders who have ended up being the exposed for who they really were after having been thought to represent what is good- So I cannot really take anyone's word regarding their moral standards. This is only known to them personally. Most of my friends may think of me to be this very good person when in reality I am the complete opposite. So what's my point here you may ask? It is simple really, that God is important with regards to morality. This therefore means that we are all expected to adhere to certain moral standards. That we will be judged on the basis of these standards. No one wants to accept this- especially not atheists.

God (or should I say the idea of God) is a threat to the freedom that most people want. Most people, especially those who do not believe in God, like most teenagers want to live their lives without rules, without consequences and without anyone telling them what to do. It is for this reason that many people are turning to atheism- where they cannot be judged by anyone. It all comes down to your personal relationship with God. What do you think of this Supreme Being?

Do you love God? Hate Him? Don't Believe in Him? Why?

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    • Patrick Patrick profile image

      Patrick 16 months ago from Nairobi

      We are in the same boat :)

      Thank you Shyron

    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 16 months ago from Texas

      Yes, I do believe in God and anyone who says they do not believe in God is verifying His existence.

      Very interesting hub Patrick.