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What is real surrender to God?

Updated on March 25, 2016

Once we surrender....

Relying absolutely on God is real surrender!

We depend much on the world; we depend on certain persons, certain circumstances and certain things to lead a happy life. This dependency is nothing but ‘slavery’ in plain terms. When someone depend on certain conditions, persons or events, he is a slave thereof, said Sathya Sai Baba once. Why we depend is the next question. We lack confidence in ourselves is the primary reason. Hence we seek other sources of support to boost our morale.

The second condition is when things go beyond our expectations, when things turn ‘topsy turvy’, we become utterly helpless and become anxious about the future turn of events. If we are religious to certain extent, we turn to God to alleviate our sufferings. We automatically send silent prayers to God, at the same time fearing about the consequences. What God wants from us? When once we made over our problems to god, we should remain free from them. But our mind prays that such and such problem need to be resolved in such and such way! When we put such conditions, it is natural that we won’t get the requisite remedy from god. Surrender must become total. Let Him deal it as he thinks.

Here, I am reminded of a nice example given by Saibaba! If one wants to make a jewel out of the piece of gold, we search for a reliable ‘gold smith’, hand over the piece of gold and detail him the exact design of chain or bangle that is to be made. Once you handover the gold, do you spend sleepless nights, thinking about the melting, beating and drawing in the crucible of the gold piece, we have handed over to the gold smith?

This is what god expects from his devotees. He asks us to hand over all our problems which are like the coins and receive from him one single currency note of ‘grace’. The burden of bag full of coins has been reduced completely. In turn, god hands over a single currency worth the coins you handed over. Now your burden has become light, you can go peacefully. Sadly, we don’t do it. Even after handing over our problems to him, we start ruminating about them in our mind! Is this ‘surrender’? Never be concerned about the process, the goldsmith subject to your gold piece, ultimately, you will be receiving a beautiful jewel desired by you! Why we don’t trust god? This is human weakness!

Jesus guided and consoled many people when they approached him with their various woes. He has not given the remedy instantaneously. He looks at the faith of people in him. Once he observes that they rely on him fully, he intercedes in such cases and gives the necessary relief. Like that Lazarus have woken up from death. Many people got back their vision. Many handicapped persons who relied on him were cured miraculously. Even without his knowledge, some one has touched his robe and got cured instantly. He had the requisite faith. Even lowly women anointed his feet with perfumes, fully relying upon his powers to save her from sins. Sometimes, he will ask the person ‘whether he has got the faith in him? When they affirm their faith, he will touch them and cure them. These are the cases of faith and surrender. Even on the cross, one of the criminal who pleaded for his mercy and grace, got the assurance from Jesus that he will be saved. That criminal had pure faith in Jesus. Several such instances are narrated in Bible. If one relies on those narrations, he can be sure of release from this mortal life on earth! Many may question why Jesus remained silent, when false charges are made about him. He knew well that he will be crucified and he submitted himself to the will of Father in Heaven.

Prior to Jesus, many people were crucified. Have any of them raised from the tomb? No, it is not possible. In the case of Jesus, this particular drama was enacted by God to show the greatness of His only begotten son to the world! We have to note that Jesus was utterly selfless. He never identified himself with the body and hence he bore all tortures with stoic silence. Because of the supreme sacrifice of Jesus, people started revering him, practicing his teachings!

Surrender in real sense..


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