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What is that inner voice you hear?

Updated on July 19, 2013

Our thoughts come to us


Hearing without sound.

The room is still. Not even a ticking of the clock for distraction, yet you hear a voice talking. No one else hears it, just you. What is that inner voice you hear? It can be loud and condemning or joyful and praising; reminding you of something you forgot or giving you inspiration on a problem you've had. You are hearing thought. Not in the traditional sense of the word hearing, but there is no other way to explain the information you are receiving other then hearing it.

But what is it really. Where does it come from?


It's not what you may think

Most people don't care where a thought came from, only why it's there. And usually even the "why" doesn't matter as long as the thought is a good or pleasant one. But, bad or disturbing thoughts cause concern. How many times have you said to yourself, 'Wow, where did that (thought) come from?' and then try to shake off the ill effects it left you with?

We are constantly receiving thoughts, the inner voices, (tens of thousands per day). They are designed by the Universal Mind or God as an unlimited source of which to draw upon for help, strength, inspiration and most importantly imagination. This source is the same for everyone. Humans are the only species on Earth that can focus a thought and control it. We are the only ones with imagination and because of these superior endowments we are said to be the "likeness of God"

The mind is as complex as the universe


We all strive to be better

Let me state, this article is not intended to replace therapy for anyone with mental challenges such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, sever depression or any diagnosis for which a doctor's care is needed. Although understanding about thought and how to adjust it is helpful, it should never be used instead of a prescribed medication but may be used as a tool for better understanding.

What should be choose to think about?


Which thought do you chose?

Look at thoughts as books in a huge warehouse. As far as you can see there are books on any subject imaginable. The books, as in your thoughts are just there, non-active until you pick one up. You look at the title of one and it doesn't interest you so you put it back down. Just as thoughts come into your head. They run across your mind, you observe it and then let it go. Most are just like that, but then you may pick up a book and the title is incredibly inspiring. You take the book home and read it over and over devouring every syllable and with your attentive focus you have learned something new and grand. The book has taken up much of your attention, a kind of tunnel vision or controlled thought. This of course is good. Positive thinking is what we strive for. No one comes to this planet to live in misery. When we hear positive thoughts or inner voices it causes pleasure, happiness, inspiration and self-empowerment. It is Gods bringing you all the goodness you deserve.

See your world with new sight


Moving from negative to positive

But where do the negative thoughts come from? They are not from God, they originate as fear from our ego. The ego is who we perceive our self to be and it takes on the role of protector. However, we allow our ego to rule far too much for it sees danger everywhere, even when there is no cause for concern, so instead of allowing all the good that comes our way, we instead focus on the negative instead. By giving it so much control, whether it is anxiety, stress, jealously, sadness, or even hatred. It stifles our happiness, hurts our health and affects the people who care about us.

So, when you keeping hearing the inner voice harping on a something you don't want to hear, how do you quiet it?

Think of that thought as a lousy book you just picked up. It has an ugly cover, and a useless title. Just put it back on the shelf. Imagine yourself, putting that unwanted thought back on the shelf, and as you do it, it now becomes in-active again. Next, pick up a book that makes you smile. It's a great book, funny and colorful. Replace this book with your best thought. Is it your pets funny habits or a friend that makes you laugh? Go to your best thought and dwell on it like you would a great book. Close your eyes and see yourself embracing the great, new book and moving yourself away from the book you aren't interested in focusing on. When the thought comes back, repeat the sequence again. The more you train your mind to move away from the negative thought(s), the less they will be in your focus.

You do have control of your thoughts, but we tend to let our focus wander and then before we know it, we've allowed that unwanted book into our sight again. When you see this happen, don't fight against it, don't throw the book in anger. The more you push against that which you don't want, the stronger it comes back. The trick is to replace the thought with a positive one. In that way you aren't pushing against anything, just re-focusing on something better. The more you can do this, the better you will feel and the less you will find yourself dwelling on constant negative thoughts. It takes time, it takes practice, but you'll hear that inner voice whispering "You are loved", after all, only the good thoughts come from God, and you are his child, which he only wants the best for.


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      Anonymous 3 years ago

      --- Jesus loves you all --- Everything is possible to Lord and to all of you who believe --- Jesus saved and healed me from drugs --- Among other wonders,you are wonderful miracle of Lord,if you did not see beautiful precious miracles of Jesus,go to the mirror --- May the Lord bless you and keep you;May the Lord smile down on you and show you his kindness;May the Lord answer your prayers and give you peace --- Glory to Lord Jesus ---