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What is the Proverbs 31 Woman?

Updated on March 14, 2013

In the original Hebrew, this passage appears as an acrostic, beginning with the first Hebrew letter aleph. Each of the letters of the alphabet stands for another characteristic of a godly woman. As we translate it into English, we lose this acrostic form, so I thought it would be neat to capture the principles and ideas of Proverbs 31 in an English acrostic with modern application.

Active in her community

Busy, busy, busy. Never idle and suffers nothing from laziness

Capable in several arenas

Does what needs to be done; no task too lowly

Efficient in her work, tasks, doings, and finances

Fears the Lord and is dedicated to His ways

Generous to the poor and needy


Invests financially

Joyful and hopeful of the future

Kindness is on her lips and in her instructions

Laughs at the future and does not fear it because she is prepared

Makes a second income by selling things she makes

Not lazy or idle

Overseer and watchman of her household, tending to all aspects

Plans her day for herself and her household

Queen of her home and blessed by her husband and children

Resourceful in meeting the needs of her home

Speaks words of wisdom

Trusted to do good by her husband and not harm him

Understands true beauty is from the Lord

Valuable, more precious than rubies and enriches her husband's life

Well dressed and takes care of herself

Xenodochial, welcoming of others

Young at heart, full of energy, and strong

Zealous about being the best she can be in every area of her life


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