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What is this life about?

Updated on June 18, 2013

Discovering who you are

If you took away all of your possessions and titles who would you be? What would this life be about for you? Most people I know define themselves by what they do and what they have because they don't know who they are without their things and title. When they separate from their husband or wife they go into a deep depression because their identity is about being a husband or wife of ...... But what if I said real happiness doesn't have anything to do with any of those things I mentioned above. What if I said real happiness was simply a choice. A choice of how you perceive what is happening to you.

Let's follow the life of a drop of pure love that decides to take a human form so that it can experience life to live, love and to make a difference in the world. This drop of pure love didn't want to know that it was pure love because in knowing that it wouldn't have the adventure of discovery. It wouldn't be able to try to figure out life's mysteries because life's mysteries are what this pure love wanted to experience as if it didn't know anything else.

Pure love wasn't just dropped into a human form, but it was given gifts. These gifts included:

  • The gift of creation. Pure love is a creator and creates what it experiences as it grows and learns
  • The gift of connection. This connection includes everything in creation such as a connection with the earth, people, things and everything that is and was ever created through all time and space.
  • The gift of intuition. Of being able to connect with all of creation to know what is coming in its future and what choices should be made next.
  • The gift of knowledge. The all knowing knowledge that if it exists and/or if it can think of anything then it is true. And this knowledge rather it be from pure love or from someone who had already passed is available to pure love through its connection to it.
  • The gift of a story. Pure love was born into a set of circumstances and these circumstances give pure love a base of discovery and learning.
  • The gift of guides and angels that can answer anything that is asked of them, but that will only give pure love messages if it is ready to hear and when it is ready to hear.

These are just a few of the gifts that pure love was given to live and experience the world in its completion. But pure love was born with amnesia so it could discover these things and so much more for itself. Pure love was also given the choice of free will which means that it has a choice to choose how it sees the world.

Because pure love was born with a story it has the ability to attach itself to that story or to discover more about itself. The story is attached to the human form that it came to live in and is what influences how pure love interacts with the world and how pure love ultimately interprets what happens to it. Pure love is given trials and tribulation to discover who it is. Each hardship has the gift of bringing pure love closer to its gifts. Sometimes pure love reaches a full discovery before the human form is finished, but most of the time pure love only reaches a brief understanding of who and what it is before it has to return to its source.

The pure love that discovers who it is discovers that all of life itself and everything in it is only pure love.

You are pure love and you are here to discover what this life is about as you go through your own unique life story.


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    • msperfecthealth profile image

      Edie 5 years ago

      Thank you howtobesuccess for your comment :)

    • howtobeasuccess profile image

      How to be a Success 5 years ago from The Land of Hope

      nice thoughts.. It is true that everyone has his own story to tell simply because we are free to decided what we want with our life. thank for sharing..

    • msperfecthealth profile image

      Edie 5 years ago

      Many thanks Eric.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I am still lost in contemplation of your words. Thanks. One drop can infect a whole world.