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What is your season?

Updated on October 13, 2011
Celebrate life in every season
Celebrate life in every season

Life has seasons

The world we live in has four seasons. There is spring, when things are growing and changing. There is summer, when it's hot and people are takling vacations, crops are coming in, and people want to be playfui. There is fall, when leaves are changing and being dropped from the trees and there is winter, when everything seems to be still. Just as a tree goes through many seasons, so do we. We have a spring, when life seems full of promise. We have a summer, when fun is on our minds. We have an autumn, when there are a lot of falling away experiences. We have a winter, when things can seem cold and dead.

However, something is always happening, no matter what season we are in. Our seasons do not move along in a straight line. Life seems more like a series of circles, with the different seasons cycling around and around. Our family life may be in spring. Our job could be in fall. Our spiritual life might be summer, or it might be winter. Sometimes the seasons change gradually and sometimes sudden change takes place.. Where are you in your seasons?

Each season has it's own action. Spring is a time of growth, and every growing plant needs pruning and training. This is the time to learn new things and apply them. Summer is a harvest time, when we enjoy the fruits of our labors and share what we know and have with others. Autumn is a time to remove whatever stunts our growth, and to discard what is no longer useful. Winter is a time to rest, to reflect, to figure out which way we want to go and like planting seed, we plan and prepare for the next spring. Whenever it seems like life is stuck, asking yourself, "What is my season?" can help to get you back on track. Even if your season is the deepest winter, remember that winter is always followed by spring.

What is your season spiritually?

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