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With Jesus Christ In The Situation You Will Have A Happy And Joyous Life

Updated on July 21, 2011

We have everything, what happened?

The Happy Life

I was hub reading today when I noticed a question. What makes a life happy? I thought, Oh I will quickly put my 'wisdom' in and move on. Typical, silly me tends to be a bit long winded, if you have not noticed. (-; Start me up and I am an energizer Bunni that keeps going and going. Well, as I was into writing the answer before long a red sentence pops up. 'You have too many words for the question.' I decide to go and read a few of the answers. I was dismayed not one of the answers was close to what I was thinking. I think it sort of blew me away. Not that I am all puffed up and have your answer. I can relate to where you come from I was there at one time in my life.

I understand a shinny new vehicle makes one feel happy. Wow what a feeling. I looked to the external the 'worldly' treasures or to people, places or things to fill me with happiness. For me it was a long road to fill the empty hole inside of me. All my fixes were temporary. I put a band-aid on the wound and eventually it fell off and the wound was still there. I would try another band-aid. The same results, the band-aid would fall of sooner or later. I still had the wound. So FYI I am sharing what I know about happiness. I decided to write and see what would come out of the question. I had no idea this would turn into a hub. 

It Goes to show me what do I know? I chuckle at myself. I can make plans but I do not plan the outcome because it never turns out the way I see in my minds eye or my end result. I Thank God. His outcome is far superior to my finite thinking. God works out the outcome. I do not have too any longer. I have a freedom and joy today that completes me. Maybe you are all happy and everything you 'need' including God is working fine thank you.

It is my hearts desire that this answer may help you in finding your 'happy life' The Spirit in me leads me along the way.To help God makes me feel happy. It is not always easy, serving Christ is action. In my journey I know 'HE' is the only road that does not change. Happy changes. Things come and go. They cost money. They are temporary. It is hard to stay happy. It costs allot of money. Money can buy temporary happy. I like money I could use a bit of that 'green'. But the happy I know today that is lasting it is Jesus Christ.

Life hands out a few hard knocks. People Change. Plans Change. The boyfriend leaves. Nothing you planned is happening. You have the home with the picket fence. You are happy. Your husband has a great job. Your kids are healthy. The bills are paid. You get your vacation two times per year to the Islands. You help at cheer leading. You help at charity;s. You give when you can. You go to Church. You know about God. You are all OK. You have money stashed for your kids college. 'THE WORLD' is in dire straights but it will come back around, this is part of how the 'world' turns.

Your are sad because your best friends husband lost his job and they have to move. This is a sad part of life. She said she would never move again. They had their dream home. They are going to an apartment 15 miles away. You will always be her best friend. You understand. You hold her when she cries. You are a good friend, she tells you. You are there for her. You help her pack. You are having a luncheon for her. You are a sweetheart, everyone tells you. She has no money for movers, you have some stashed you will give $200 to help her. You are a best friend. Maybe you could talk your husband into lending them $500 until they get settled. That would really help her. Life is good to you. They have had some tough luck.You sent a check to 'WORLD HUNGER'' most do not. It makes you feel so happy inside to give. You know you are helping a child in need.

You feel a bit uneasy inside because your teenage son is slipping in school. It must be his father needs to have 'that talk' and spend a bit more time with him. He seems a bit thinner to you. You will fix it, with the cake he loves. You will do better, you will cook things he likes more often. You and your husband can fix this. You must talk to hubby tonight. Tomorrow is a big day with the luncheon and helping your friend. You need to feel better inside. Your husband always helps you. You have such a happy life and such a good man. Your son is in soccer, star player. It is all good. Besides if his best friend would go with him to 'teen church' he would be happier about going. You will talk to Adrian. You can help fix this. A little more of Dad and best friend to church camp will fix it up. You think you are working a bit to hard. You know to slow down, go to yoga, breathe. You seem to be loosing money here and there. You need to learn to focus a bit more. You tell your children all the time. Focus on what you do. It will help so you can keep things in order easier. You will not loose your cell phones or pod's, so focus. What you do not know yet is your son has found a friend called meth. The happy life may get a bit rough here.

Oh darn your husband calls and says he has to work late till one or two AM. They must finish a project. He tells you to go on to bed and he will speak with Adrian tomorrow, not to worry. He suggests that maybe you should take another yoga session that might help with the stress. He is right you need to take care of you, so you can help your family. It is odd your husband has to work late, they finished that project. Maybe another one came up fast.

God created each one of us in our mothers womb for a reason, we were born for a purpose and a plan. We come to an age of accountability where we can choose to invite Jesus into our heart as our Lord and Savior or not and do life another way. So being 'Born Again' requires action. We are given free will. If we choose to ask Jesus Christ into our heart, confess and repent of our sin and believe in our hearts he died on the cross for us we are made righteous in HIM, If we believe he took on all the sin of the world and in believing. asking and confessing our sin we are forgiven and become a 'Child of God' and 'Born Again' and Saved from eternal separation from God. We now have a FREE ticket to Paradise, Heaven and Eternal life with God We now have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is his desire for us. It is how we get to Heaven. The road is narrow. John 3:16 Jesus does not change or move. He stays the same. He is your constant, honest helper. He is the light. He is the answer to our cares and concerns. He knows how we feel. We are his kids..He promises us HE will help us and strengthn us. He will never leave nor forsake us.

Jesus came so that we could have an abundant life. Abundant is overflowing, full cup, running over, joy complete. NO one can take it from us. We do not have to earn it by good works. It does not cost money or talent. We have to ask Jesus. He came for us so we could be free from sin and be righteous in his eyes. He has promises for us that he will get us through. He wants us to have joy and peace and happiness and nice things. Without Jesus life will mean little. The things stop filling the hole. The drugs stop working. Depending on the world for 'things' is no guarantee. Jesus is the way, truth and life.

I want to spare any religious dogma. You do not need to belong to a church or go and run and join a church when you become a 'Child of God' It is not a requirement but Jesus tells us Faith comes by hearing the 'word'.' The living Bible of Jesus Christ. We do not go to a church for entertainment but to hear the truth about Jesus who died for us. He tells us how to live so we might have the abundant life he came for us to have.We learn who Jesus is and hear his promises and grow in 'HIM' The one thing about God is he will meet us where we are at. He knows our pain and tears. He knows what makes us 'happy' and he knows the desires of our heart. Even if we are not certain, the creator God knows "I AM' is always certain. He designed you, only one of you. You are his creation. I am his creation. He wants none of his creation to perish.

I believe in my Spirit just maybe you are to be reading this if you came this far. Really it is not my 'puffed up head; that wants you to read it is because I love Jesus because he loved me first. I have a responsibility to him. It gives me joy in my heart to tell of Jesus the Savior. God created each and every person that has been born on this planet to be born on a certain day and for a for a purpose and plan for his or her life even .before he laid the foundation of the earth. That is really awesome to me. It is like huge if you think about it. (Ephesians 1: 3-4)

SO for me this is my 'happy life' I am happy, thrilled, honored, Blessed and grateful to know Jesus as my personal Savior. I was empty nothing filled my hole except Jesus Christ. If you struggle this may help you one day or today to make the decision for Jesus.He is my ticket to happiness.People can take happiness from me but joy no one can steal. You have to hand it over. If you take the leap I promise you with each fiber in my heart it will be the best decision you have ever made in your lifetime. Just to think GOD never changes. He loves you and me all the same. The deal is you have to call on Jesus no one can do it for you, but many will help you. The Body of Christ, Children of God all had to make the choice to know Jesus.

May God Bless you with an abundant, happy life. In His Name, Jesus Christ.

In Love and Peace,


copyright Skye Tudae

Holding Your Hand Is So Easy


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