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What next what if

Updated on April 2, 2015

What Next

Recently I visited two funeral services seven days apart. One of the decease was 30 years old and one seventy nine years old. The energy in the church was at two different levels. One the young man emanated so much sorrow and loss and hopelessness. The other the elderly emanated loss and sorrow but there was a sense of hope and joy rippling through the congregation.

Both individuals had a unique personal character that will be missed now that they are gone.

The young man was said the be easy going, friendly, none confronting who tried to keep the peace at whatever, helpful, loving and very dependable. He gave his life to Christ and was baptized in the church as a young boy but had left the church for a numbers of years he was no longer a member. His death is said to be untimely as it was a ledge that someone fed him poison.

The other man was baptized in the church for over fifty, he never left the congregation. He got blind in his later years , when visited he was always giving thanks an praises to God. What was he like? He was seen as a no nonsense person who always call a spade a spade and would not dare call it a fork, not even to keep the peace. He was an ardent giver of praise to God and It was said that he had to sit in a front pew at all times .Why was that so? Well when he starts praising God and shouts Hallelujah his front dentures would fly out of his mouth and he was so a skill and agile catcher it would not reach the ground .

He had a unique hallelujah when he praise God his shout would be so loud accompanied by a kick similar to when the West Indies score a goal. He was a counselor of young men It was said one of his advice to many young men was "if you bite the mango you must eat it you must not leave it for someone else it must become your mango", an advice that has various connotations.

Both had an interesting funeral service for both sermons held the audiences.

The young man's eulogy writer tried to explain that he was a baptized church member and at the time of death though sudden and unexpected he would have had enough time to ask forgiveness of sins therefore his spirit should be now resting in heaven. The preacher stated specifically that his sermon was not for the dead but the living. Remember thy creator in the days of thy youth, a call to young people to repent and accept Christ. A warning that once dead no church , nor priest , no family and friend can pray anyone out of hell in to Heaven as the Catholic religions claim.

If one is a Christian and Believe the Bible there is no Biblical evidence to prove this. The only way to heaven is by acknowledging sin, repentance of sin, and forgiveness of sin through Jesus Christ. There is no other name under the sun by which men may be saved but through Jesus Christ.

The preacher for the elderly entitled his sermon What Next. He relate the story of the young man who was asked to map out his life journey by his father as the father asked the question what are your plans in life. It went like this, for every upward step the young man said he would take, the father asked what next.

The young man mapped out his entire life from teenager until his death and the father kept asking what next. In his dreams the young man rose to much prominence with much wealth living life to its fullest until he died with no inclusion of God ,no thought of the afterlife.

What next asked the father, and his now wealthy, educated, sensible young son could not answer what would happen after he died, the father kept on asking what next, then painfully the son said, I suppose will stay there and rot forever I guess, he said this with a sense of loss and sadness


Oh such a waste all this work and ambition. St. Paul said if this world is all that we have we would be like men most miserable. We would be like the man in Luke 12:18. Who work hard did everything possible successful and it finally happened. He had so much that he said "I have to tear down these barns and build bigger barns, and then I will eat drink and be merry". But he was called a fool by God, as God said "thou fool this night your soul is required of you."I now ask you the question if what next comes would you be called a fool?

Author:( Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray


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    • drpastorcarlotta profile image

      Pastor Dr. Carlotta Boles 8 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

      A wonderful Hub indeed!!! How have you been Juliet? Hope, Joy, Faith, YES! All of these is in my heart, soul, and spirit! I am not afraid to die! But before I became saved I was!! I want to be remembered for being a Child of God, a person who trusted the Lord to the end. People are watching us everyday, some needs our strength to carry on!!! I pray for all to come to our Lord and trust in Him NOW! God Bless you Juliet! When you have time, come visit me. Much love!

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      You have a beautiful name Juliet. I love this hub. It will

      touch many souls. I pray that those NOT in the light will

      ask Christ into their hearts. You are right no Buddha, no Mother Mary, no apostle Paul, no Mother Teresa will get us into heaven. The one and only way is through Jesus. The son of the Almighty God. I can not imagine living without The Father. Life has its difficult times(I speak of them as growing pains) and I do not live on primrose lane but Christ always turns 'situations' for the good. We serve an awesome God. I know how my life was befoure I was 'born again' and I am eternally grateful for the grace that I lived through it. I think this may be why the 'fear of God' is a message. I would not want the fear of God on me when I passed away from this life to the next. Your hub is fantastic. Thank You for sharing. Your hub kept me glued to the story. Great Job. Praise God. This new fan will return to read more of you very soon. Please Visit my hubs.(the spiritual ones) I would love your visit and look forward to a comment. Hugs, your friend