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What right we have got to sell god's gifts to humanity?

Updated on September 28, 2016

There is unity underlying diverse faiths

The fundamental unity!

We must understand fundamental human psychology before we interact with others in family and society! There are certain things which won’t change between people to people!

Everyone loves themselves the most. Only after that, other relationships come to the fore. The ego arises in every individual as ‘I’. This is the first and fundamental feeling in everyone. Shri Ramana used to say that the first thought is the “I” thought! Other thoughts follow the “I” thought! In grammar also, everything starts from ‘first person’. With reference to the first, others are classified like ‘you’ and ‘he’. In this world, each one is differentiated in appearance by a visible body, which is considered separate from other bodies! In fact, this separate identity is the cause for all the troubles and travails in the world! Many sages and saints advocate “Unity” as the fundamental quality. What we observe in this world is ‘diversities’ everywhere! How can we perceive unity in this diverse world? This depends upon our outlook.

“Cows are many but milk is One’

“Flowers are many but the garland is one”

“Beings are many, but breath is one!

United world community!

The miracles of earth and heaven!

Like this, we can categorize many things under one common term! Now, what connects different people? It is the one earth, one sky, one sun and one moon” As the sky and earth is common for the entire living beings; the Sun provides light and heat to all species including the plant kingdom! But for the Sun, the world would be barren without any activity since Sun is the life giver for all. Movement of air takes place because of the Sun. The moon gets light from the sun in the night! The one sun lights the entire world in various degrees according to the position or face of earth which is turned towards the sun. The other part does not get light and it is night time for that part. All the above was enabled by supreme intelligence, which enabled rotation of the earth around its axis as well as its orbit around the sun. In worldly language we say, the sun has arisen or the sun has set! In reality, the sun never rises or set but it is glowing all the twenty four hours every day without any rest or respite! If the sun stops its function even for a moment, there will be utter disaster and distress everywhere!

We have to imbibe duty consciousness from the Sun! For all the services provided by the government or local bodies, each one has to pay tax according to the rules of the place. Has the sun ever charged us even a penny for the continuous granting of heat and light and the moon its cool rays! Everything is free in god’s domain. It is man, who charges for even little service or tasks. None will serve the patients or treat them, if the hospital administration fails to pay them! In this world, people demarcate areas of land and claim it as their own! Have they brought the piece of land while taking birth? It is the most foolish transaction in the world. God literally laughs at those who claim pieces of land as their own! The man may hardly live for thirty or forty years after purchase of the land! After his death, it may pass on to his legal heirs. If the land is mortgaged with the bank, the bank authorities will seize the land, if the loans are not paid fully. These are all the laws governing such transactions! I may live in a big mansion comprising of many rooms and halls. But I can sleep only on a cot measuring six feet. Though I am the owner of the entire mansion, I don’t use the entire area for my rest!

Cows are many but milk is One!

How can we sell god's gifts?

This is the limitation of material possessions. We need food three times a day. But most of the rich people amaze wealth and properties that will last for many generations! In a way, we are spoiling the character of younger generation. Those from affluent families need not exert for earning. I heard many such children talk in a casual manner. If you ask them, ‘who don’t you go for a job? Their reply is ‘what for? My parents have earned a lot and bequeathed them on my name! Why should I toil further? They have forgotten one fundamental truth! The body is granted to us to perform duty! Until we become adults, we can stay under the care of parents. Once we become youth, we must work for our own sake and exert our bodies and mind in the process. If not for ourselves, we can earn to help the poor brethren in society. Anyway, the body will remain healthy, so long as we strain our body in physical activities. If anyone starts taking rest without any physical activity, he will be bed ridden soon. What we eat must be properly digested only with physical activities!

Look at the small ant! Has anybody conducted courses for the ants? It follows the inborn instincts and work continuously moving in rows, gather food for the colony and carry a load which is beyond its capacity over rocks and other places. Everyone look at the ant, the honey bee and other small creatures, how silently they carry out their tasks? Man alone questions the authorities about his rights and demand wages! Whatever has been created by god, the elements and energies are distributed freely to one and all. We have become so selfish and greedy that we sell everything on earth as though it is our father’s property. In many cases, people dig deep bore wells, collect the water and sell it to the people wherever there is demand and scarcity. Many have become millionaires by selling water, obtained deep from the ground! Is it his property? It is the gift of god! By constantly pumping the underground water, he deprives many in the vicinity for even a pot of water! Is it right to sell god’s gift?

Gifts of god, not for sale!


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