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What the Church is not Telling You.

Updated on May 16, 2014

Sumerians Showing Extra Planets

Here the Sumerians show both the alien Gods as well as the planets as they truly are.
Here the Sumerians show both the alien Gods as well as the planets as they truly are. | Source

Who is God and what does he expect?

Long ago there were an ancient people called the Sumerians. The people were masters over the land that covered Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jerusalem, Judah, Israel and more. From my readings on the matter this culture must have been in affect for quite some time: Due to the fact that there was one religion, but that religion had been divided into smaller groups with slight variations within them. It is believe that the Sumerians have the oldest written records found in history, known as cuneiform.

The Sumerians Worshiped a pantheon or multiple Gods.

An: God of Heaven

Enlil: God of Air

Enki: God of Fresh Water

Ereshkigal: Goddess of the Under World

Inanna: Goddess of Warfare, Female Fertility, and Sexual Love

Nammu: Was the Primeval Sea, which gave birth to the God An

Nihursag: Goddess of Earth

Nanna: God of the Moon

Ningal: wife to Nanna

Ninelil: Goddess of Air and wife to Enlil

Ninurtra: God of war, farming, and wind

Utu: God of the sun

The Sumerians basically believed that there were being from outer space, let's call them aliens. These Aliens while digging for gold and other menials on earth, decided to create laborers to lighten their work load. They attempted to use their DNA with beings or caveman type creatures. The first successful attempt of man was Adam. This is funny because the term Garden of Eden came from the Sumerian culture as well. This also would give good explanation to the missing link we have been looking for. The aliens felt that man, like them should have a mate, so they created him a female counter part named Lilith. There was a problem with Lilith because she was created the same way Adam was, making her half human and half alien. Lilith would not stay in the garden and while running off fell in love with one of the aliens and refused to come back. The Aliens went back to work and created her with Adams DNA making her less alien so Adam could manage her.

After some time the aliens chose to go on to a different place and left one alien behind to over see the humans in all there activities. This alien was at some point called EL, then later Ellohiem, and eventually called Jah or Jah-Weh. El had many problems controlling the people, because for each area of the land the people had been accustomed the way the alien who ruled over them did things. El at some point commanded the people that he was the only God and they could have no other Gods before him.

In my research, one thing that I found that remained consistent between the Sumerian religion and the beginnings of Christianity "Mosaic Following" was a set of laws written in stone. The Sumerians had a long list of laws written in stone as did Moses in the Old Testament. These laws had a lot in common and dealt basically with being kind and helping one another. There are many laws that reflect one another such as animal sacrifice, man controlling woman, and multiple wives. These laws were given to divide the people from those who believe and obey and those who do not.

There is a lingering belief that "God" will return to earth to offer a great reward. This comes directly from the first time the aliens moved on leaving behind one alien to oversee the people. This belief even lingers within the belief that Jesus will return as well. The hope is that when the Great Return happens that the aliens or God which ever will be pleased in what we do and give is some huge reward.

There is huge amounts of evidence to the possibilities that aliens exist both in history as well as in present. One interesting fact is that the Sumerians depicted two extra planets than what was known about prior the nineteen twenties. Scientist said that the Sumerians did not know what they we talking about and dismissed everything they thought, because of their mistake within the planets. Later on sometime I believe around the 30"s scientist discovered a new planet, then again around the 70"s again they found another planet making the Sumerians correct. Still no one really connects this fact to the possibilities that the Sumerians could have been right about many things.

I know it seems far fetched that aliens could exist and that they could have had great influence on the human race. However take a look around at history and you can see there are artifacts that would resemble aliens along with creatures that could have only been a result from DNA tampering. You can even see videos today of UFO's all over the web. Of course Science and religion have to dismiss all this evidence or everything they believe they know would be proven wrong.

Christianity and it's Roots

If the God of Israel was once known as El or Elohem and that name can be traced back to one of the Gods or aliens from the Sumerian beliefs, and many of the stories in the Old Testament came from the mythology of the Sumerians, What do we really know now?

Lets Start with the laws of the bible. The church today makes the mistake of believing that the laws were given to Moses first, as if no one ever got these laws before him. Think about this: Adam and Eve had now laws other than "Do not eat of the fruit of the tree of Knowledge". When Adam and Eve ate from the tree, they knew from that point the difference from wrong and right according to Gods mind. You can also compare the fact that their children were giving they same offerings to the same offerings that are commanded in the laws of Moses. This shows that Adam had the same laws as Moses.

Now in reading the laws that were given to Moses it stands out that God said his laws are now and forever. It is apparent that Christians believe that forever only means until Jesus comes. If you take the whole bible as one story there is no way anyone could say it makes since or fits together. You have a God who say there is only one way and if you go against his ways he will send you to the darkest parts of the pit, but if you will do things his way he will bless you. The you have stories of how he blessed those who obeyed, and cursed those who did not. If you just read the books on Jesus in the bible without input from the other books of the New Testament it actually reads as a book that tells of a people who stopped obeying Gods laws, who had chose to obey mans laws and change Gods laws to suite themselves. Jesus came to teach the people to correctly live by Gods laws to save them from eternal damnation. Then the rest of the books in the New Testament is kind of a battle between what Jesus really said and what the government wants you to believe. Why is this?

To really understand and see what happened here you must know some real history. There was many periods when the laws of God were lost. There was a man seeking to rebuild Jerusalem even if by his own hands. He asked King Judah for permission and began to rebuild one stone at a time. The man found the laws of God in the rubble and took them to the king. Judah was ashamed he had not been living by these clothes and rent his clothes. Judah made every one in his land live by the laws of God that had been found throughout the end of his days, and according to the story was blessed for obeying theses laws. When Judah died he has twelve sons who were over the lands. Ten of his sons ran out into the world and learned the ways of other cultures and wanted to live by their ways instead of those of God. The two sons who wanted to keep and obey the laws of God were the tribe of Judah and the tribe of Jerusalem. Living strictly by the laws of God the out side people such as the Greeks and Romans, these people began to be called the Jews. With the entire lands of their father having been divided, it was easy for Alexander the Great to conquer the lands and force Hellenism or the Greek way on the people. The Jews resisted for a long time, but slowly their resistance began to collapse. I would assume fist was trading then acceptance of other Greek ways by the people.

I connected on my own the church and the government when I discovered they roots of the word Synagogue. A Synagogue was first used as a State building for government meetings. The government used this huge building once a month then they would sit empty the rest of the time. I assume the church asked to use the buildings to have bigger churches and at first were refused. The fact that some of Gods laws were in direct opposition of government policies would lead me to believe that he government chose to work out agreements over time or the church to use the buildings and in return the church would guide the people to believe that certain things the government wanted were acceptable in the eyes of God. This became common practice withing the church and even became very profitable for both the church and the government.

Being that the Greek government was divided into sectors or cities and opinions varied of right and wrong, the church became divided as well. This when the Pharisees and Sadducee's along with four other sectors of the church came about. One thing that remained the same was selling salvation for a profit, and bending or changing Gods laws to make money was okay. The church became so corrupt and against God law they made a business of taking animals in from those in need of salvation and selling them right there at the door of the church.

Jesus came to correct this problem. The angle came to Joseph just before he was to divorce Mary, and told him she was carrying the son of the holy ghost. That this son would save his people from their sin. This lead me to seek out the definition of sin. To Christians, sin is doing something God does not like. According John who was taught by Jesus (1st John chapter 3) "sin is the transgression of the law". I assume he is speaking of Gods laws. This is important because the church says drinking is a sin, where the laws of God say to give strong drink to the poor and to the dying. The church says animal sacrifice is an abomination but the laws of God say it is commanded. There are many churches who say that Jesus did not do way with the law, but in the same breath they tell you Jesus paid the price for you and you do not have to do these things anymore. it is funny how blind these people can be. (Isaiah chapter 24) says that "men will break the covenant and change the laws of God and bring the curse upon them that makes the world desolate." still they believe there is some exception to the rules because Jesus came. No where does Jesus ever say not to obey these laws, nor does he say these laws will ever change. And still thumping their bible as if they have truly studied it they claim Jesus changed it all.

When Jesus was here I don't understand why people can not understand or see they the church was his enemy. The church was the ones who were responsible for his death. After his death the church went on a killing spree taking the lives of anyone who believed what he taught. The numbers were very high because many people could see that obeying God was more important that doing what the church said or what the government said. This was horrible for a money driven church. They were loosing all the control over the people and their money, meaning the church would no longer have favor with the government either.

The church had to do something to regain control over the people. The ruler of Greece took charge of the situation and ordered that the Old way be combine with the New-Old way to end the dispute with the Jewish Church and the followers of Christ. The Church chose to comb through all of the books collected by those who killed those who were following Jesus and teaching hes ways. Lo and behold Paul the apostle come to the rescue. He was a very good writer with a way words. Even though he had been a killer of Christ followers he was able to combine the old belief of the corrupted church with the story of Jesus and still allow the church to have authority in the matters of God. Paul's writing's are very middle of the road,. where a believer in obeying and keeping Gods God's laws would think he supported them, while a believer in the corrupted church would think he was supporting them as well. The church was able to combine these two beliefs with ease and no one was the wiser. Well maybe not. There was still a division and it was to get worse as time went on.

The people who actually followed the teachings of Christ were still separate from the church, but the church dismissed them as being wrong and not having authority, or explained them into submission with Paul's ingenious concept that there are two ways of God. One for the Jews and one for the Gentiles or outsiders. This does not make since to me because God said in the scriptures and in the law, "if the be a stranger who sojoins you and the stranger is willing to live by my laws then that stranger be stranger no more but one of you". So why would we need two ways if anyone can become one of the chosen, simply by obeying the laws given? The answer is simple, if the church could create a way to please the people even those who chose to believe what Jesus taught, then they could regain control of the people and the money. This was hard to do because Jesus taught that Gods laws do not command men to obey or answer to other men, nor does his laws command that we give money to the church.

Out comes the new religion a perfect mix that combines both ideas, the corrupted changed laws of the Pharisees, and the belief of Jesus. Make Jesus a savior, tell the people he died to pay the price for you, and all your sins are forgiven just come to church donate and believe Jesus saved you. Now now one can be wrong, no more fighting over which laws were correct: those of Moses or those of the church which were changed from the laws given to Moses.

There was still a problem, those who knew Gods laws only knew what the Church had taught them. The Jews believed they were holding on to the true laws of God, were actually holding on to the corrupted laws that had been developed by greed between the government and the church. This is why today the Jews still do not obey the laws of God as they are written in the books of Moses. The Christians stick to the ideal that Jesus did it all for them and they have to do nothing for it. Who can blame them? This is the easy way out, but does it make since? God wants us to live by a certain code that is never to change, he promises to curse those who do not follow the laws and bless those who do. Then one day he decides to let the people kill his son and forgive them for everything they do wrong without punishment.

What about the teachings of Jesus? Does this coincide with the teachings of church? No! Jesus said "If you would of listened to Moses I would not have had to come". Jesus says "In vain do you worship me, teaching the doctrines of men and forsaking the doctrines of God". Jesus commands not to do as the Pharisees do, and tells us to heal the sick and raise the dead. Wait, if sin is breaking the laws of God, and sin brings sickness and death: would it not mean that teaching someone not to break Gods laws would cure their sickness and could even raise the dead? Jesus tells us that not all who call on the name of the lord will be saved, while Paul and the church teach that whosoever calls on the name of the lord will be saved.

It seems to me that God whether it be the an alien left behind from the Sumerian Gods, or the great creator of all: gives mankind a set of rules to obey. A set of rules that would make all men work together to live in peace and harmony, where all men have what they need and are treated with love. A set of rules that wold make women and children both property to the man as well as submissive to the man. A set of rules that can heal the sick and raise the dead, and still today these rules are ignored and made illegal in most societies. It is my point that o matter if God the creator or some alien from beyond commanded these rules: if we can live by them and people could be healed, and if we live by them, the dead can rise, even if we s a people could get along better and not have to struggle to survive, why not give them a chance. Maybe the world is not about who can have the most or who can have the best, instead what if the world is about which people can take care of and love one another.


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