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What the Devil Doesn't Want You to Know!

Updated on September 17, 2014
Death is also one of the devil's names; one of his many names. For there was no death before him, and his disobedience. Or his unwillingness to repent of his desire of Being or replacing, GOD the Father.
Death is also one of the devil's names; one of his many names. For there was no death before him, and his disobedience. Or his unwillingness to repent of his desire of Being or replacing, GOD the Father.

What the Devil Doesn't Want You to Know!

Well most people today to whom I am writing this for; would admit that they neither believe in the devil or even in GOD. And who truly can blame them! For all the nonsense that is and has been taught to them today; and by whomever. Super Preachers, Fly by Night Evangelist, So Called Prophets, Gentle Mystics, Aliens from Space, Entities from another Dimension. And even the likes of myself; the nut bag, who claims that the Spirit of GOD (the Comforter) has enlightened him.

Not to mention the Great Lights of our world. And their So Called Religions. Jesus referred to Seven of Them and He did so as Churches or further still ladies in waiting. He found favor with two of these Lights or Candle Sticks. These religions of the world; of our world, which were devised by power hungry men; and with Designs and Desires of pagan traditions.

The devil has made sure that “they” The Prophets, Messengers of GOD, and the Gospels of Elected Men and Women. Have been corrupted; from Adam and Eve, from Noah and the Flood, the Tower of Babel, and forward until Today even. As he has every other truth; that was from the beginning of “Time”. Which he himself caused to come about; this dimension of TIME.

So let me give you my thoughts and knowledge on what I have been enlightened too. About the Devil and his desires. And all those who have been and are now following him all over again.

First lets talk a little about this devil. Who is he? Where did he come from? Why is he here? Where is he now? And Why is he coming back?

Well let me say before we get into this topic. That I use to be one of those guys who would fight scripture with scripture. I am no longer one of those People who do. Why? Well I feel I am getting Knowledge from a much better Source then I have very gotten It before. Remember I am the “Nut Bag” and this is the cleaner version of some of the things that I have been called. The guy who believes in an invisible man, in an invisible place.

I was not always a “Believer” in this “Stuff”, but I have been on the “Journey” since about the age of 12 1/2. So I am now 49 years of age as I write this for you and whom ever will read and think upon It. And now I no longer Fight others with direct quotes of Scripture. Well not that often. I now lean towards telling “The Story” which I heard when I first came to GOD and then unto His Son Jesus. I was a Believer in God long before I was Jesus and then GOD our Father and Creator.

When I Cap the word GOD as I do. It is to show that GOD is not God or a god, but THE GOD. Just so you understand; and I sometimes confuse the two still, myself. None of us are perfect here, not a single one. But there was once ONE who was. And He too is back in Heaven with the Devil, Satan, the Dragon, the Fallen Lucifer. And GOD the Father and Creator of US all; and everything seen and unseen.

So Who is This Devil? Well men today try to say it is the Human man's Ego, Some Churches try to lead us to the same conclusion. Some would take a stones throw at anything else. But in fact what the truth is. Or the truth I believe is. I believe “The Story” for it has come to make perfect sense to me. That The Devil, Satan, the Old Dragon, and many other Titles such as the Destroyer, the Snake, the Father of All Lies, The First Murder, The Thief, the Contender, Etc,Etc. Is None Other then Lucifer, “the Fallen Angel"/ Cherubim/ Light Giver/ the Morning Star/ the One who Covereth the “Mercy Seat” or the Throne of GOD.

The Story claims that GOD spoke everything into existence; in what some would call one day or the eternity that was for us all here now. But we must remember, that before the devil was. There was no “TIME” as we now know it in GOD’s Heaven or World. And /or as we now know time 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, with four different seasons.

So, However and Whenever "he Lucifer now Satan" did so (cause Time to take effect). It would have been in this one Day or in one Dimension or Slice of TIME. Before the Fall or before HIS renaming of Lucifer. Which was after the Fall or the War which was and still is; in Heaven as well; now here upon Earth. Which is still taking place all around us today. Both in Heaven and upon Earth.

The Devil is big on playing GOD, JESUS, or an Angel of Light. Whenever he can or is in need of deceiving some one who has power or understands the principalities of our world. Why? It is what he has desired to do, from the beginning of TIME. This war “The War” Is a war of Powers and Principalities or Principals/ Entitlements. So now lets get into what the devil doesn't want you to know.

First off he doesn't want you to believe that he exists; as a Being or an Entity, or even a Spirit or a real Ideal. So he has down played and even tried to wipe his role; out from “The Story”.

Second He wants you to not believe that he is the reason we are all here in these flesh bodies.

Third he wants you to not believe; that he is why, there is no innocents or worthy Souls upon the Earth.

Since Adam and Eves fall from Grace. For they too were once Spirits made of the Dust. The Dust of What? The former Heaven or World that was.

This Happened when he the devil as the Serpent; Beguiled Eve and then Adam. Into seeking Godhood, from Satan “the Devil”/ the Fallen Lucifer our Light Giver, as God of this world; our Earth. Or Lucifer the Tree of Both Good and Evil Knowledge. The all knowing God. They there by unknowingly consented/ conceded to Satan's will or his Godhood over themselves.

The Devil/ Satan/ the fallen Lucifer. Doesn't want you to know he was given a commandment by GOD to complete what he was first so rewarded to do. Which was to give “Light” Knowledge and Instruction of GOD and the world we were created for; in the first place.

The Devil doesn't want you to know. That Father is the Creator of All Things Seen and Unseen and that HE was away from the Current Creation, creating a new place for HIS next Creation or HIS new Children. Satan doesn't want you to Know. That he himself is a Child or creation of GOD the Father.

Lucifer our Guardian and the Guardian of the Throne of GOD. Was to ready us to be received by GOD for to go to this New Place. So we would Know what we were created for. And how to act; in the presence of our Creator, our Father, and our GOD. The Devil doesn't want you to know that he basically; Kidnapped us, and then Lied to us, and has imprisoned us here, until our Flesh Bodies die.

The Devil doesn't want us to know that we were made incorruptible or eternal. In this way he could have deceive us; by wiping our memories and recycling us, for eternity. But this caused the war and the division of the other 2/3s of GOD’s Angels; and they did not go along, with Lucifer's plan. And he and those that followed him; Fell or were cast out of, the Heaven that was. And that was set up by The GOD. As; HE GOD, was off Creating our New Place or a new place.

This is where the first “Original Sin” begins and It is why we are here in these flesh bodies. GOD was alerted and called Home to HIS THRONE and all Hell broke lose; sort of speak, no pun intended.

GOD our Father, renamed Lucifer. And now calls him Satan. For there is no longer any truth found within him. In other words Satan, is refusing to repent from his trespassing; against GOD, and HIS Heaven. This Is in Fact the First Original Sin! Disobedience is a creation of Satan's and this is what Adam and Eve Chose also to do; to disobey the commandment or warning of GOD the Father and seek their own Godhood as Satan did and still does.

Not what the devil and todays religions try to and make us believe. That it was Adam's fault and Eve's doing. Although Mankind is now as Guilty as Satan; because Satan; Beguiled them both into desiring that what he (Lucifer) now Satan desired “GODHOOD” or rather to be GOD. Not Just a God or god, but as GOD or even higher or greater than GOD as not to have to follow GOD’s rule or Order.

Until Jesus was born; Satan, has been playing both God of this our world and GOD of the WORLD. This is not to say that GOD was not here with us. For we can never fully be separated from GOD. Not of or own Actions or of Satan's actions. Only GOD can do this separation Which would cause one to die; to be forgotten.

For we are all His. HE also was for a period of Time 120 yrs physically or fully here with us. GOD was not finished preparing Our Place or this new place "there are many mansions in my Father's House". And so HE returned to Do so. And still till this Day GOD is doing so.

And He will return upon the Day of Judgment or the White Throne of Judgment. JESUS will return in the spirit of GOD. Or I should say GOD’s SPIRIT will reach us first before GOD in Incarnate will reach us. This will happen on the LORDS Day; Jesus with a Host of Angels or a Cloud of Angels. For if you have seen the SON; you will see the FATHER.

The Devil doesn't want you to know. That he still must answer to GOD. And for everything he does and that his Soul belongs to GOD. As does every Soul and everything. Seen and Unseen; It all belongs to GOD the Creator of All.

There is Much more that the Devil and his follows do not want you to know. And yet there is much, much, more they wish to make you believe. Do you know how to discern the truth out of them?

Can you judge the fruits of their labors? Only a true Seeker and believer will humble themselves enough, to Ask of the FATHER or the SON or even of the Comforter; the truth, of a matter. Let alone of the Story. The Story of our existence here. For it would mean. That they would have to accept that they have fallen themselves; once, already. And have been choosing to believe the lies of Satan.

They then would have to awaken and see that they are Guilty all over again; and are in need of repentance and forgiveness. Satan has made us to believe we are Not Guilty and that we are not Sinners in need of Correction and Salvation. But that we are Liken to him; able to choose our own GODHood, be our own Creators, and our own Fathers.

And he (Satan) desires to make you choose him; by any means possible, for him to do so. Satan is not confused; as we are, he still holds this truth of GOD but we have been made to be confused of this truth. GOD is not the author of Confusions. Nor has He ever tried to confound us. This has always been the little God or the Dark Prince of our world; this Earth.

Do you, Know your Father? And can you tell Him apart for what to us would appear to be an exact replica? Get to Know GOD through the Image of His Son. Learn the FATHER’s true Nature. Remember HE is not or was HE ever a Man; as the Son’s of GOD are and have been.

The truth lies within the story. But still one will need to call upon the LORD and HIS Angels and SPIRIT to receive the truth of a matter, let alone the Story.

The Devil is the Son of Perdition and is sentenced to Die. Or be forever separated from GOD the FATHER; of All things seen and Unseen. And even he has not yet, Died or been separated from FATHER GOD.

Never trust any Man of this Earth or any Angel said to be of Heaven; without Testing their words, their Message, and their Deeds. You will Know GOD’s Children by their Fruits. Prove all men and all things.

Learn to discern a matter. Ask of the Son, ask of The Father, ask of the Comforter. Ask and it shall be given unto to you. Knock and the Door shall be opened. Don't let the devil; keep you, or keep you in the dark any longer. Seek Ye out the Light. The Time is near Nye; it, is at the Door!

And this is the Number One Thing! Satan or the Devil, does not want you to Know or to believe.


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    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 5 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana


      I wish these words were my words; they are not! They are only described by what I know of our world and what Has been reveal to me. And after many years finally deciding to want the truth bad enough to humble myself to GOD.

      I was a Blinded Christian for a life time. Until one day I became so broken that I began to ask of the Son to Know the Truth of Our Father.

      I never fully Believed the Holy Bible as a HOLY artifact. But today I know that it is One. And that has been tamper with and tailor to sway one to choose a side or a God/ god.

      When in Fact It was to Teach of The GOD. I have fought with trying to understand It. For I could feel and see the truth held within It. As well as the bold face lies of and about our Father GOD.

      I am no Saint I am very Human and I fail very day Knowing what I know or what I believe I know of It.

      The Story is Now my vehicle to try and show others the Truth of Our Father GOD. And to disprove the One whom would try to replace HIM.

      The Head Angel in Charge the H.A.I.C. was truly never in charge, but thought himself to be. This one still is very able to beguile the likes of me and does so often. It is a continual Battle. And I thank Father Daily for restoring the Mercy Seat unto me and this world. Thanks for your read and comments benisan85745. Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

    • benisan85745 profile image

      Ka'imi'loa 5 years ago from Tucson, AZ.

      As much as I am a believer and a follower of the teachings of my sweet Jesus, the once H.A.I.C. (head angel in charge), Lucifer is truly a master of his art. There was a time when we use to chill together, and the gifts that he would entice me with would have challenged the strongest of Christians at the time. When the movie 300 came out, man I laughed with the scene where the handicap was selling out King Leonitis, because that was a visual of how Satan had me. When I was trying to find my way back to my Lord, I was extremely cautious of whom I seeked help from, because after all, even Lucifer can quote the bible as if he were a modern day Billy Graham.

      Like lawyers that battle in court for the win, and at break have lunch with one another, I forget how this universe is to big for us to comprehend. When I first read the story of Job, the set up was classic. It seemed like GOD was bored and wanted to "play". I remember reading, Job 1:6-8. I'm going to put in laymans term....the angels in Heaven came to report as always, and God saw Satan reporting with the angels, and He asked him where you coming from? Walking around said Satan....and then God and Satan, have a little bet with the life of Job, just to prove a point.

      I tell you man, Satan is everywhere, literally. You wrote an awesome Hub, Sinbad, and I hope people benefit from your words.

    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 5 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      Prove all Things. Test All Things. Receive the good and reject the ill. Study to show thy self Approved. Remember No scripture is of any privet interpretation. That all scripture is good for edifying of the Saints. Ask for the Meaning from the Author. Seek and you shall Find. Knock and the Door will be open unto you.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      How are we to know when we recieve mixed beliefs. What are we to believe. I believe in God and the rest i'm not too sure of..Cheers