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What the Scientists and Spiritualists say about creator and creation?

Updated on June 1, 2016

Galaxies as per scientific view

The mystery about creation/creator

The greatest mystery in the world seems to me, is that the creation is seen without a creator! Yes, our scientists and other innovators have not seen any god or extra ordinary being anywhere on earth, ocean or in space! The space explorers vouch that they have never seen any such creator! Most scientists are rationalists relying on logical or actual proof! Neither the spiritualists nor those who profess religious beliefs could convince the atheists with verifiable proofs. Then, who can prove the existence of a creator or god?

With this introduction, I put down here certain irrefutable beliefs of our ancients in the existence of a superior intelligence which might be the prime cause behind this perceived creation. How our scientists proceed with their experiments? First, they assume certain things and try to prove that through experiments and deductions. The ancient philosophers like Aristotle, Plato and Socrates have intuitively understood certain truths about the world. Though they had no solid proofs about their intuitions, they fully believed on them. Prior to Newton or Einstein, gravitational force existed, but these great minds have proved the existence of gravity through their innovative experiments, theories and equations. Now, the entire scientific community believes in gravity and many modern experiments are conducted all over the globe relying on gravity!

Creation from Genesis!

How the scientists view the creation

One way, the scientists prove their theory is “inference”. By looking at the results of certain experiments, they infer certain theories. For instance, the presence of certain furniture item in a showroom enable us to think about a carpenter, who assembled the furniture after cutting, sawing and screwing. They made some grooves into which they fixed some other pieces and ultimately we see a chair or table. We won’t say that the furniture existed on its own. There must always be a cause behind the effects. The cause may not be discernable but the effect cannot be there without a primal cause. Similarly, a potter is a cause and the pot is the effect. Of course, the fundamental cause is the clay and water for the material base. The instrumental cause is the potter. In the case of furniture, wood is the material cause, carpenter is the instrumental cause.

But in respect of this universe, nothing is visible as a primal cause. None is seen to create the universe. Then we need to ponder upon some more questions. Before creation, what existed? By which material, the world has been caused? Here, we cannot rely upon logic or intelligence. The ancient sages proclaimed that there was nothing before creation. They also announce that the ‘nothing’ is not emptiness in the real sense. There was none to perceive the emptiness that existed prior to creation. Sometimes, mathematicians term zero to indicate ‘nothingness’. But this zero when placed after the integer one gains more and more value according to the number of zeros. Otherwise, without the association of an integer, the zero has no value at all. It must follow the numeral. Spiritualists and philosophers affirm that the “I” is behind all creation. It is formless and attributes less. The creation is obviously zero, since it has no intrinsic value. The creator is all that exists forever. In a way, cotton is the basic substance for cloths. From cotton, yarn and from yarn the cloths. In a similar manner, all that exists is only ‘god substance’. The scientists are now trying to identify the ‘god particle, through the Hadron Collider experiments and they have not found that yet.

The Proof

How anyone can escape the effects?

Of course, the efforts put up by the scientists around the world are appreciable. But, how can we explore the ‘fundamental cause’ behind the seeming universe? Is there any tail, catching which we can precede? NO. Hence we have to rely upon the intuitions received by the sages and saints and also through the mysterious sounds heard from the sky!

Why it is impossible to grasp information about the creator? We are less intelligent than the creator! For instance, the creator is holding the creation within his grasp. Just imagine that you are holding a pet dog in your hand. Is it possible for the dog to hold you? It is impossible. Hence, in all the scriptures of the world, in various languages in different religions, one truth is found common that God (Father in Heaven) has created the world and various species of lives including the human beings. He had made other beings with conditioned existence while he has granted mankind, the thinking mind and discerning intellect. Man can apply his will to choose the various alternatives while doing some tasks. At the same time, he had to undergo the positive and negative results of his actions without fail.

At the same time, there is a way out to escape from the effects, provided man chose to surrender the results to the Almighty God. This is what the sages have learned after prolonged meditation and other spiritual practices in deep jungles and mountain caves. Isolated from society, they sacrificed everything to learn the Truths behind the creation and cosmos. They learned that it is only a part of the supreme power manifested as creation, cosmos and multitudes of species. The scriptures of Hinduism proclaim that there are 84 lakhs of species in creation. Each life is blessed with some sort of instincts to lead their life. Except the human beings, all other lives follow the same habits, patterns for millions of years since they have no thinking capacity! Man is superior in creation since he alone can work out for his salvation and freedom from the miserable existence on earthly life by surrendering his actions and results to God!

Cause and Effects is karma theory


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