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What the new year brings

Updated on December 31, 2011

Another year has gone and a new one has arrived. It is amazing how fast the year has gone. It seems the more one does during the year, the faster it goes.
I think that every new year everyone is making resolutions that they will strive to do. Some do complete those resolutions and some don't, but I find something else to be more important as this new year starts. I used to do resolutions every new year and I know that I didn't complete most of them. But I was able to complete the most important resolution that I automatically set for myself and that is to be able to spend time with my family. Everyday I am greatful for the family I have and for me to be able to go see them is what makes me happy.
I don't know what others may think as they read this, but I live life on a day by day basis and I am just greatful to be alive everyday that I open my eyes. I know that I have just one important goal for this new year and that is to just live my life at the fullest, make the best of it for myself and my family.
I believe that if a person lives their life at the fullest that all the many other resolutions will happen sometimes without knowing. Yes, we have resolutions and we want to do them, the most important thing to do is to put them in our list of goals. I don't know about others but I can picture a drawer in which I am opening a folder that says "Living Life Daily" and within that folder is another folder with the many goals that have been set because that is how I plan to complete my goals, who knows they may take more than a year or so but they are within the folder of just living my life on a daily basis.


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