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What to Expect From a Tarot or Psychic Reading on WhatsApp or Skype

Updated on August 7, 2014

How Accurate are Tarot or Psychic Readings on WhatsApp or Skype?

This is one of the most common questions potential clients ask when they're interested in a Tarot or psychic reading on Whatsapp or Skype. The truth is that psychic ability and tarot reading are not restricted by distance so someone could be on the other side of the planet and still get a great reading, provided that the reader is able to connect well.

These reading types are just as accurate as an email reading, or phone reading because the reader still connects in order to provide the client with the answers he or she needs. it is just the delivery method that is different, so let's dig a little deeper to find out exactly how readings can be done using these two popular chat applications.


Skype Readings: Voice, Video, or Text

Skype is a very popular reading delivery method because it gives people the world over the opportunity to converse with one another as if they are in the same room. With this particular application, the reader and client can choose to converse purely via text, but this can be time consuming, especially if the reader or client (or both) are slow typists.

Voice readings via Skype are good, because it's very much like being on the phone with your reader and he or she will be able to hear your voice in order to connect to your energy. It is also a much faster way to conduct a reading as it's easy to ask questions as you go along and for the reader to answer or address each individual question.

The other benefit of using Skype for psychic or tarot readings is that there are no per-minute charges involved when you use a direct connection. You'll most likely book a prepaid block of time with the reader and then exchange contact details in order to connect at the agreed time.

Video readings via Skype are superb and it's because it's the closest thing to being face-to-face with your reader. Video can be done just one way or both ways, but when there's two-way video feeds, the client can see the reader as well as any cards they wish to show them as the reading progresses. It's also beneficial for the reader to see the client, although it's not strictly necessary to conduct a reading.


Psychic or Tarot Readings using WhatsApp

WhatsApp is another very popular chat application and can be used for Tarot or psychic readings. Some readers treat a WhatsApp reading like an email reading, in other words, the client is asked to send or email in their questions after making payment and the reader then completes the reading remotely, just like he or she would with an email reading. This means that the client is only charged for time spent answering the questions asked and things like slow typing speed or availability for an appointment won't be an issue.

The second delivery method with this particular chat application is a real-time psychic or tarot reading. It works exactly the same as a reading via phone or skype would because the reader and client have to agree on a specific date and time and ensure they are both available for the session. Once connected via the application, they can then converse with each other one-on-one, which is handy if someone needs clarification as the reading progresses.

The only downside to real-time Whatsapp readings is slow typing speed and time restrictions. A 15-minute appointment won't go very far if either the client or the reader is a slow typist and a lot of time may be wasted waiting for responses on either end.


How to Decide on Your Delivery Method

Fortunately the client always has the final say about delivery methods and it's up to you to choose a reading type that will not only fit your budget but that will also offer you a delivery that is convenient. Before booking a reading consider the following points:

A Skype reading may be preferable if the following criteria are important to you:

* The opportunity to ask follow up or clarifying questions

* The opportunity to see or hear the reader while your reading is done

* No phone costs or per-minute charges

* If you'd prefer the reader to see you during the reading

* If reading accuracy is a concern due to distance etc

* If you don't want to waste time typing responses or waiting for a typed response

A WhatsApp reading may be best if the following points apply to you:

* You're on a tight budget and have only one or two basic questions

* You're not able to meet the reader online or via the application at a prescheduled time

* Privacy is a concern and you're not able to speak to the reader or get to a private area to chat via text

* You want a transcript or something you can refer back to if needed

* You're too shy or nervous to speak to the reader or show yourself via a video feed

Ease, Convenience, and Accuracy

The advances in modern technology make it easy to connect to a Tarot reader or psychic anywhere in the world, so in essence, it's easier than ever to get a reading with a wide choice of delivery methods. Remember that with availability also comes responsibility and when you're in need of assistance, always ensure that you're speaking to a reputable psychic or someone who is a true professional.

The easiest way to research the reader of your choice is to see whether he or she has a professional website, has at least 5 years' professional experience, and is certified or endorsed by a relevant association or regulating body. If you find a good psychic or tarot reader, you're giving yourself the chance to have the best possible experience, regardless of whether the reading takes place via Skype, Whatsapp, email or phone.

Skype, Whatsapp, or Email?

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