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What to Expect When Talking with a Psychic

Updated on March 10, 2016
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Andrea loves to write on the zodiac, Myers Briggs, and texting. She is an expert on romance and relationships. She also has two cats.

What are Psychics?

A psychic is a person who claims to find information through extra sensory information. A psychic can use a number of techniques to find answers to the world such as through dream interpretation, card readings, astrology, remote viewing, chakras, energy reading, and the all elusive third eye. A lot of people will tell you that psychics are frauds, but could there be some real ones out there that could help you with your problems or future? Psychics fall under the branch of pseudoscience. The word psychic is derived from the word psyche, meaning mind. Some believe that psychic ability is hereditary, with a psychic parent passing their abilities on to their children. Others believe that anyone can have psychic abilities which can be triggered or developed through practice. There are various disciplines and techniques such as meditation and divination that many use to develop said skills. The belief in prophetic dreams is common in many cultures both present and ancient.

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I've been doing some soul searching these past few months and have done some research on psychics. Today, psychics have a lot more ways of communicating with you in inviting one on one conferences due to the internet. There's many websites out there that can help direct you to someone who should be able to answer your confusion. I do suggest before meeting with a psychic, look for reviews whether from a website itself or on Google. Also, make sure to check what the cost will be. Some psychics will charge you a bundle, while others will do it for a much lower rate. There are some brilliant psychics out there that can do it for a low cost that doesn't hurt your pocket. Be careful when it says how many dollars per minute -- for your first time visit you may be fascinated and end up in a forty minute to an hour conversation.

I know there's a lot of stigma against psychics and you may feel that it isn't for you. There a psychics online of various religious beliefs, so whether you a Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or something else, you can probably find someone who goes along with your belief system. Ask yourself and pray about it if it makes you uncomfortable. Most psychics are kind and compassionate people who are eager to help you. Study your religious texts if you feel this isn't the right path for you and ultimately -- use your discernment. Psychics can only offer you so much and are only going to tell you so much, and mostly what they feel is good for you. If they are only after your wallet, they won't care as much about their advice. They want to give you great advice, and they love regular clients. But remember, they're only giving you predictions, perhaps better than the ones you can make, but not everything will necessarily add up.

I do suggest trying to get over stigmas and stereotypes you may have. It would probably be better to talk with these people to understand their thought processes, and also many of them have felt that they were pushed aside when they may just be good at understanding life.

I have a few tips below to help make your experience the best possible.

1. Drink plenty of water beforehand. A good psychic is going to do energy work on you, and if you've never done this before, it can end up in making you sleepy and with a headache. If you don't feel comfortable with anything, whether the tools they use from Tarot Cards to energy work, tell them beforehand or even ask questions.

2. Know what you want before you go. I suggest if you've been really confused about something whether love, your career, anything and you can't make any headway yourself and you have no friends to turn to -- this is when finding a psychic may be able to help you connect the dots.

3. Be careful not to become addicted to psychics. You need to live your live, and in the end they are interpreting what they see -- you ultimately get to decide what you want to do with that information.

4. Some websites, like, have free demos every half hour. I suggest going into demos to see how they are done, read the reviews, testimonials, and so forth. I have had both stunningly accurate people interact with me -- and poor psychic encounters. Let me put it to you this way: this is a talent much like playing music. Some people may be able to play a few notes on a recorder and make a squawk of nonsense, while others pick up instruments and play gorgeous music. This is the way the psychic world works -- some are way better at their gift than others.

5. Look into what the psychic is an expert on. Most psychics will give love advice and can do a reading for you. Some are better at dream interpretation, finding lost items, etc.

6. Be encouraging to your psychic. They may ask you questions to help them; these going to be spots where they notice something about you but they don't know what it is so help them. They will talk more than you, and if not then you are offering too much information. Always thank them for their advice.

7. If you can, take an audio recorder with you. This way you can listen and take notes. You may want to reply what they said later, especially if it was a long session.

8. If they brought up something new to you, whether on a meditation style or just a particular word make sure to do your research. That will help you to better understand what they meant.

9. Expect that online psychics have lots and lots of visitors so they might not remember a previous session with you.

10. Do not mock them, insult them, or ridicule them. This isn't going to help your cause.

11. Avoid people who are doing negative energy work or spells. Use your discretion.

12. Expect that in private sessions it will be more unusual than in group sessions. Online sessions can be fun because they can't see your face so they have to completely go off their gut reactions. Sometimes they will ask you to have a webcam to increase their connection. You are more than likely going to share your birthday and name -- these are normal requests, an abnormal request would be for your mother's maiden name.

13. It is a business and requesting for it to be free is insulting.

14. If they give you incredibly vague information, they're not doing a good enough job for you. You need someone who is going to look at you specifically. They should be able to look directly at your problem and offer insight.

15. If you are doing a love reading, have the potential interest or whatever's birthday in hand.

16. Sometimes in doing a love energy they may confuse your energy with who you like. This happened to me, but everything they said was accurate.

17. Tarot cards are simply tools. Most of them come from normal occurring parts of life, or the Hero's journey.

18. Most psychics do not deal with the afterlife. They cannot force someone to love you either. They are not genies.

19. A lot of psychics are into the chakras -- it might not hurt to know what they are beforehand.

20. Know and read somewhat about your horoscope. At least know your sign! Having a knowledge base yourself will come in handy. It doesn't not mean that has to be your belief system, but the knowledge can help you when communicating with someone who focuses on these ideas daily.

21. Be honest. Most of these sessions are in private. No one but you and that person and God have to know what you are discussing. These is somewhat like a counseling and therapy session -- in fact it could be cheaper than a therapy session.

22. Most of the people I have met are incredibly nice. Some of them work as cops, are mothers and fathers, live in distant foreign places -- they are putting themselves out on a limb so don't dismiss them. Be comfortable with hearing ideas that might be different from yours.

23. The nice part about the internet is that if you are feeling uncomfortable you can exit at anytime.

24. Setup at least an hour of free time. You don't want to do this before you have an obligation because it's difficult to know how much time you need.

25. It's okay to go back for sessions, but give some time. See if what happened came true or was accurate / sensible. Going everyday or weekly is probably too much. Four or five times a year may be more sensible.

26. Psychics generally have empathy. If they do not have empathy, I would not recommend them. What's nice is they can take a fresh look at your life, and objective view to turn you to the right path.

27. Many of them are God fearing, in fact more God fearing than you would expect. Not all of them have the same belief systems; I suggest that if you believe in heaven and they don't, you may want to seek someone else.

28. If their predictions were true -- you need to tell them so.

29. Make sure you are in a place that's well setup if you do it at home. You don't want anyone to bother you in your privacy. You want to have a strong internet connection and working audio. In some cases, a microphone.

30. Many websites will tell you how many years of experience a psychic has.

31. If they gave you specific advice, follow through with it, pray, and seek understanding. Your heart and mind will guide you, you are asking for someone's help not for them to literally be your heart and mind.

32. Don't just pick any psychic. Some of them are not as talented. Good ones will have great reviews, empathy, efficiency. They will have great demos.

33. If you go to a demo, don't expect that you'll necessary win. Try going to a few and winning a few to test it out. An actual one is going to be heavier. The first time I tried one my heart was twisting and turning because I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but it was perfectly fine and helpful. I was amazed and grateful... it actually increased my faith in God.

34. Psychics do want to build clientele; however, sometimes they may stop going to a certain website, etc. Don't be too upset by this.

35. You can work wonders for yourself by meditating, praying, having candles, and using aromatherapy.

36. Don't try to contact the dead on your own -- it's dangerous. If life is calling for you to do this, you should seek expert advice. Results can vary; psychic energy is complex.

37. Be clear minded as you can be. Don't be on drugs. You need to be in a sober state.

38. If they say something that is wrong, tell them so! Politely, but you should tell them they got off track.

39. More than likely they will say kind things to you that will encourage you. If you are having a bad day, they can cheer you up.

40. If you are broke, only do free demos. A private session should be something you should budget toward. Many people offer a rate of 1.99$ to 3.99$ per minute.

Remember, psychics are not doctors. They should not be giving you advise about a disease or if you are pregnant. Don't take stock in them overboard, but they can be of service at times. They may even at times be surprised when something comes up accurately. There are some frauds out there, but every once in a while -- someone true comes along. It's easier with the internet to find them.

Be careful, but have fun! Don't be afraid, and definitely be considerate. You may be surprised by what can happen. And I really hope you do find someone that exceeds your expectations. If they're not meeting your expectations, they're probably not one of the best ones.

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