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What we have achieved so far?

Updated on November 10, 2015

Tackling terrorism!

No leader has a clue how to tackle the menace!

I am talking in terms of human achievement. Of course there are scientific achievements, economical achievement and industrial achievement. But what we have achieved in the realm of human welfare, climate control etc? The last two are really an eyesore to any governments so far. Be it a capitalistic regime or communist, nothing tangible has been achieved in the realm of welfare of people. Let politicians unleash any number of statistics in public platform, but those things are dismal.

A country may boast that it has sent manned flights to moon or mars. But it is insignificant. Many governments boast that they have achieved much in economical front or in education. The government may show that GDP figures or per capita income of their citizen has increased. The US or China may show such figures.. But they have not understood what welfare really means to the people. It is not money which is a reference point here. It is the overall satisfaction of each citizen that really counts. I am talking about quality and not quantity. Statistical figures give quantities but they can never represent quality! What a common citizen in country need? Besides fulfilling the basic needs, there should be joy or happiness in leading a life. Many things count for the overall happiness of any citizen.

Of course, the basic essential element for life is money with which we can purchase goods and services. Health is the next important priority besides a decent shelter. A peaceful environment is the most needed in today's world. When war jets are cruising through the sky, the money one saved can not fetch him any peace. Everyone desire for peace and harmony above wealth and properties. We see that shelling habitats during wars destroy the entire peace of a community. Everyday, one wake up to the cry of wounded persons which include women and children. The loss of life is really one of the cruel hit in anybody's psyche. People try to escape leaving the hard earned properties, taking with them only the most essential documents and minimum cloths. They are practically driven out of every war hit country.

Those who ferry them across different countries make a hefty profit. In this process, due to overload, many boats and big vessels topple endangering the lives of the refugees. They have no where to go, no future in their hands. They were drifting in the rough waters of sea, holding hope and praying god! This is the only achievement of people after leading a miserable life. Whom we can blame for this piteous situation? It is the 'power mongers' in the form of terrorists who drive the citizens out of each country! What they are going to gain by destroying habitations? How long they will claim any place as theirs? When things go out of hand, many nations enter into war zone. The frequent bombings of hide outs of terrorists kill the innocents in more numbers! Hence there is absolutely no rule of law anywhere.

It is clear that the resources at UNO is far stretched in each such war zones! They in turn depend on the funding of big nations. Hence each Nation devise their own policy in war ridden places. They believe that they can drive out the terrorists by airstrikes etc. But the might of the terrorists have come to the fore. They are capable of shooting any plane. They have the resources and money to buy any weapon even to tackle the super powers. The economy of any nation prevent them from involving themselves in theaters of war in alien lands. We have seen that big nations involved in various theaters of war are trying to pull out their forces due to mounting cost of maintaining them and provide logistics support..

Hence, it is very clear that terrorists can not be eliminated in total.. If they flee one place, they will regroup in another place. Many countries are shying away from involving with terrorist groups. At the same time they are forced to engage them keeping the security aspects of their nations. Initially greedy leaders in each country started most corrupt practices denying their citizens even the basic things of life. In one way, this has become a seed for terrorism. Disgruntled as well as misguided youth started as rebels and they were confronting the administration. In course of time, this has 'snowballed' into terrorists organizations.

All the countries are blinking 'how to tackle this terrorists, besides safeguarding their citizens, securing people from cyber threats etc. Morality is sadly absent everywhere which is the main reason for the downfall of human society.

Hence we have really achieved nothing in spite of everything else!

Nato's efforts!


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