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What we need now is the transformation of the Mind!

Updated on May 4, 2015


What is the way out of these tragedies?

What makes the people to function? It is a difficult question though looks simple. The desire for existence is the prime cause. We are all nurtured by food and water. Man needs a roof over his head, clothing to cover his nakedness and medicines to keep him healthy. All people want to enjoy life with various endowed faculties like the senses and sense organs. We watch beautiful scenes of nature, we hear melodious songs. We like to taste nice food which caters both to the smell and tongue. We want perfumes. Hence we enjoy the aroma of flowers like rose and jasmine. In short, man wants satisfaction, comforts and joy.

The animals too search for food and water and a resting place during the night. It brings up the young one like the human species. Hence hunger, thirst, sleep and mating are common to all the species but man is endowed with the mind which has enormous potentials. Bereft of the mind, his existence on earth is futile. The other potential of human beings are discriminating power and choice making ability. Since animals do not possess the mind, they act as per the instincts.

In spite of man being the vortex in creation, he never utilizes the powers bestowed upon him for his higher evolution. He stagnate mostly in the animal level, enjoying the pleasures of the senses, eating and drinking at his will apart from sleeping at odd hours and getting up very late in the morning. Man alone is aware of Time, space and causation. Here I remember a fine story from the scriptures.

A father had two sons. The elder one is very responsible and he was assisting his father in the fields cultivating essential grains like wheat and rice. The second one is a vagabond who never cared to perform any work. He was eating his full, loitering with hooligans. He never bothered about earning. Naturally, the father is more concerned with the behavior of the second son. He was much perturbed about him. One day, the second son left the home and he was not traceable. The father tried all means to know about his whereabouts from others in the region but in vain. Fortunately one day, the second son returns and the father welcome him with pomp and feast. All along, he never bothered about his eldest son since he knew well that he will look after himself besides helping him.

This is how God treats his children. Some of his children are behaving in righteous manner adopting moral path. Most of the other children behave in a reckless manner, causing anxiety to the Divine father. He may not openly appreciate the good behavior of other children but he is concerned with the wellbeing of the stranded one. He waits day and night for the return of the prodigal son. Outwardly, it may look that he had no love for his good children. But it is not so. God never expresses openly about the good behavior of many devotees. He is more concerned with the grotesque behavior of the stranded one. He longs that those children who have erred against morals should be transformed and come back into his fold.

Hence, he is called the good shepherd, who is always concerned with the stranded sheep rather than the docile one. All beings are expected to follow righteous ways of living, helping one another and maintaining harmony in society. But, what is the condition of the world now? Who will correct the behavior of the most heinous characters we find in society. They have become slaves to the dictates of the mind. They never follow the dictums laid down in scriptures. Rather they search the scriptures for vetting their obnoxious behavior. Even the animals won’t harm other animals unless they are hungry. But, having born as human beings in the land of Buddha and Gandhi, in the land of Prophet Mohammad and Jesus, how they can justify their nauseating behavior?

We witness natural calamities around the world so frequently. It is just nature’s retaliating for the absurd human behavior based on banal thought patterns. Atrocious murders of innocents in the name of religion are the most heinous crime. None will approve such criminal behavior. They are experts in silencing the warnings of their own inner conscious! Hence we may have to witness more such natural calamities around the globe unless man reforms his behavior. Only the mighty power of God can quell such atrocities and the time is not far away for the emergence of such power!

Nature's fury!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you once again for the interest in the philosophy of life. Only a handfull of people are interested in the topics of spiritual interest.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      One of my favourite biblical stories, Bro. A real struggle, life, and the powers of darkness are very strong. I commend your good work and persistence. Hari Om!