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What we sow is what we reap, hence do not compare your life with others!

Updated on February 20, 2016

Sinner can not escape!

We can not escape retribution for our past deeds!

Man suffers grief and sorrow due to comparison with people who are more fortunate than him. Comparison itself is a big disease in human mind. If alone, he understands that each one reaps, what he has sown earlier, he would not have come to grief. When one sows a mango seed, the resultant product will be a mango fruit after some years. He won’t reap a neem fruit for sure. If these reasons are applied to spiritual realm, what one reaps in this life is solely due to the effects of past deeds either in this life or in previous births. Of course, some people do not believe in rebirths. They feel that life ends with one birth. Then, how they will pay back their dues which remain unpaid? If one man suffers loss at our hand now, we are sure to suffer the same amount of loss at a later time. We may not be aware, when and where the dues are paid back.

Many people wrongly believe that Newton’s laws are applicable only in the physical domain. But those laws are equally good in spiritual realm also. The law of cause and effect does work out in the life of human beings also. You may cheat a person now, thinking that none is aware. His grief will bring forth, the same amount of grief in you when someone cheats you without your knowledge. Hence Jesus has said, “Do not covet others wealth or wife”. Fate will deal the same to you later. Even those who cheat the government of their taxes now will have to serve the government later without adequate compensation. In this way, nature keeps tag of every transaction, every feeling, and every injustice.

Nowadays we witness through the media, many innocents suffer at the hands of terrorist forces. They have no door to turn to. The governments have become so weak to deal with terrorism. Hence people flee their countries in large numbers and illegally enter other countries. This creates lot of stress on the livelihood of genuine residents. Resources have to be shared with lot of refugees. There is scarcity of food and water everywhere due to the refugee problems. No doubt that the innocent refugees are forced to vacate their habitat due to constant bombardments. They want to save their life and hence they seek asylum in other countries. Hence, wherever there is a civil war or occupation of terrorists, life of docile citizens become very risky. This is the greatest humanitarian problem which has to be dealt by UN. But the UN is in no position to seek the approval of any countries or fund the huge refugee population.

Crimes increase when lot of people is confined to refugee camps. To maintain law and order within a country, the government needs lot of policing. How the governments will spare extra security for the refugees. Due to instant connectivity and mobile technology, crimes against humanity are not confined within a territory. Sitting at a remote place, the leaders can trigger explosions at distant places by the gadgets of communication. How the terrorists demolished the trade center in US? It is due to mobile communications and internet. Otherwise, remote triggering of destructions can never take place. When there were no communication technology, the world has not witnessed this much destruction.

Hence, the leaders of major countries fear, that feasibility nuclear detonation must never fall in the hands of unscrupulous elements in the world like the terrorist outfits. Already, the ISIS is threatening the world with acquiring many sophisticated weapons to embark on wars with major countries. Once, the states themselves clandestinely supported terrorists, who were revolutionaries earlier. Now the revolutionaries, who turned into terrorist outfits, threaten the very government which supported them with training and weapons earlier. You can play with lion or tiger cubs when they are babies. Once they grow, they will devour you if you are not careful. We have read many such episodes in media that the keeper of wild animals being killed by the same animals. Even, the elephant which seems very docile kill their own mahout at several places in India. We do not know when the elephant will become mad?

In spite of so many hurdles, if man wants to lead a peaceful life, he should never compare himself with his neighbor or any other people who are more fortunate!

Bible quotes!


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