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What will you ask from God?

Updated on September 18, 2016

Do not seek material things from god, seek Him!

Our ridiculous bargains with god!

What benefit shall I get? This is the common question by most of the people, when they are asked to perform certain tasks. If someone wants a help, the natural reaction is ‘what I will get? Reciprocation seems to the expectation of one and all. Even when going to temple, the sole aim is to get some favor from god. People are ready to bribe even god, if they want something! Hence, they pray I will deposit some money in the temple cash box or offer fruits and coconuts. More so in the case of Indian devotees, they bargain with god! If you give me promotion, I will offer a gold chain in the hundi. This seems to be the mean mentality of people everywhere. This is mostly observed in the case of Indian people.

Let us contemplate, ‘whether god needs anything from us’? This is a silly idea! God is the provider for the entire creation and cosmos? How we can become so mean to attribute selfishness in god? Because we are mean minded, we imagine that god is also mean like us! Prayer is not wrong! We may seek anything from god! If we deserve, god too will grant us our prayers. But bargaining with god is very bad and again after bargaining, failed to fulfill our vows is atrocious and deserve punishment! God is in no need of anything since He is all. He pervades everything and every iota of space! What he can seek. The universe is a play for god. Hence he is creating, sustaining and absorbing the creation in specific way according to the aeon. The creation too is not different from him since everything is god and nothing is apart from him. He created all the five elements and everything that is contained in it! What he can desire, when everything is enveloped by him? Our minds are clouded with illusion and hence we seek everything from the Lord. Ultimately, whatever we seek from him may be granted provided we deserve them. But people seek temporary evanescent things from god and we never seen Him! If we gain the giver of boon, it is more profitable!

The journey of drops of water!

We seek ridiculous things from wish yielding things!

In the ancient days, people term the wish yielding tree as “Kalpaga vriksha”, the wish yielding cow as “Kamadhenu and the wish yielding gem as “Chinthamani”. But all the three will grant only whatever we seek from them. But god grants us mundane things in order to teach us the ‘evanescence associated with those things! How long one enjoys a sensual object? It is a fleeting experience. Just contemplate on the sense of vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch! How long one can enjoy a scene? After sometime, one gets discontentment. All the objects of pleasures are never ultimate giver of joys. It is like consuming an ice cream. So long as one tastes it spoon by spoon, it is really a pleasure. But, the tongue won’t keep the ice for ever on it. After tasting it, the liquid will be sent to the gullet. It is for a few second joys. Similarly all the pleasures enjoyed through the senses are fleeting! If you had the chance to come across a wish yielding tree, what will you ask? Money? Deliciious food? A beautiful wife? A luxurious home or comfortable living? I heard about someone asking for coffee powder from the wish yielding tree! Is it not ridiculous? Hence use your intellect in demanding boon.

Merge in God!

We must pray for Eternal Peace and Freedom from God!

In a similar way, when you go to a temple, pray for the welfare of entire humanity! If you are not capable of such high thoughts, pray to god to grant you ‘Peace of Mind! Yes, piece of mind is the most precious gift, god can grant you! Neither the riches, nor the mansions, nor the intimate relatives’ could grant you peace! In fact, the above are the main obstacles in getting peace! I will narrate a real episode! A devotee went to Saibaba and requested him, “I want Peace”. Saibaba told him to remove the “I” and then the “want”. What remains is “PEACE”. Here “I” connotes the Ego, and ‘want ‘refers to the desires we breed. If the ego is relinquished and desires are subdued, “You are at Peace! Buddha too emphasized this point! He also has said, “Desires are the root cause for grief”. He further said, “Everything is grief, everything is ephemeral”. If we are wise enough, we must seek the permanent bliss, which is available if one sacrifices his little ‘I’, to merge in the Cosmic “I”. Water cannot mingle with oil” Oil will float over the surface of water! Likewise, pure love can alone merge with pure love! God is pure love! We must purify our inner conscious and become pure so that we too can merge in god consciousness!

The aim of human life is to attain its source which is god! As rivers merge in the ocean, we need to merge in god! In fact, rivers had their origin from rain which is the evaporation from sea due to the rays of sun. Ultimately all rivers merge in sea!

Seek God!


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    • Kiss andTales profile image

      Kiss andTales 20 months ago

      Very true ! But how is the work done ? By Jesus example.

      Lu 18:9 He also told this illustration to some who trusted in their own righteousness and who considered others as nothing:

      Mr 4:34 Indeed, without an illustration he would not speak to them, but he would explain all things privately to his disciples.

      With this in mind we do well as our King Jesus commands to do!

      2Ti 4:2 Preach the word; be at it urgently in favorable times and difficult times; reprove, reprimand, exhort, with all patience and art of teaching.

      Yes his Kingdom is busy we help anyway we can!