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What you believe in, determines how you are

Updated on February 8, 2016

What you believe in determines how you are

Your attitude, reactions or proactive actions toward life are influenced by your beliefs whether conscious or unconscious.

What are your beliefs based on? Reality or illusion. Are they supporting you, adding to your personal power or do they hinder you? Following the belief that there is a greater power outside of you (religions, organizations, etc.), may leave you with a feeling of being out of control of what is happening, so you probably won’t take responsibility for what is going on in your environment. It is usually expressed in interesting sentences such as:

“If God wants… If that is a God’s will… If is meant to be… If it’s my destiny… If it’s written in the stars…”

However even if you believe in a stronger, bigger force outside of you, you may still stay empowered by the way you believe in it.

Another way you can think about it is that not all of it depends on you, but you can be at least in a control of how you want to react to events. For some of you this may not be an encouraging idea. It seems you don’t have much of a free will: things will happen anyway, you can decide how you will go about it.

Some people believe otherwise. If you are one of those that is convinced there is a force within you, power, creator that draws certain events, circumstances in your life, then you have a great sense of responsibility. However it can put you in a great guilt when you see disaster, diseases all around and you may think:

“The world is my mirror so it reflects my own sickness. I am doing this to myself.” That is a typical sentence of those believing in such systems as: Course in miracles, law of attraction.

Again if the circumstances are good for you, that belief can make you feel powerful and blessed and can add to your confidence. You are creator of your reality! Isn’t that wonderful?

You may go even further achieving kind of mastery in it, so even if circumstances are not so perfect, you may experience war, death, poverty, broken heart, etc. you are able to still accept this idea of creating your own reality and you may still feel encouraged and say:

“Ok, I did that, so now I know what to do, I only need to focus on positive thoughts. All is well, eventually it will be well, the more I concentrate on my wellness.” Basically you can talk yourself into anything you want as it has already been proven our brain doesn’t really differentiate between reality or fantasy as long as you feel what you want to create. So that is the condition, you have to feel it and there is no lie about it. As some philosophers of India already said:

“The voice in your head that is louder and stronger will win, so make sure it is the one you want.”

Perhaps in the end it is not what you believe in, but how you believe in it?

What are your thoughts?


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    • howtobeasuccess profile image

      How to be a Success 5 years ago from The Land of Hope

      interesting hub.. thanks for sharing. actions speaks louder than works,, so it really doesn't matter what you believe in, what matters most would be your actions..