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What is a Celtic Wiccan?

Updated on March 15, 2015

Celtic Spirituality


Are you a celtic wiccan? Do you aspire to be spiritualy influenced in the celtic ways? Are there any burning question you would like to know before following this path. The Celtic path is problably the most followed and the most misunderstood of all the wiccan paths. I believe this is do to the lack of knowlegde gathering required for this great path.

Those of you who are fueled by research and love to read lore will find this path has a lot of rewards. One should note that being a Celtic Wiccan does have to solely have to be about finding out the lore, myth, culture. Once again I like to say that I don’t claim to know everything on this subject. My goal is to hopefully give you a small nugget of information that you haven't had before, and this will help you to want to learn more.

On this page you will learn:

  • What is Celtic Wiccan?
  • What deities are represented in Celtic Spirituality?
  • Is Celtic spirituality right for you?
  • How does celtic spirituality differ from wiccan spirituality?
  • How can I make a Celtic Celebration or ritual different from others?

What is Celtic Wiccan?

What is a Celtic Wicca? Many people find it hard to differentiate the diffrence between what is a wiccan and what is celticism. There are many aspects of the celtic influence that has made it into being a wicca. Although some things were taken from the spiritual celtic path its it worth noting that these two are not the same. Being a Celtic Wicca is someone who has chosen the path of everything related to the Celtic spirituality, its wisdom, and way of life.

These are people who have a strong fasication to the lore, the culture, and the celtic mythology of this religion. Many of these people are often very creatice, just like the bards or minstrels. Some have strong bonds to the land and are knowledgeable in the ways of law science or philosophy much like to druids. Some of you may possess psychic abilities or are able to discern the future much like seers . The celtic path strongly acknowlegdes the existence of singers,seers, sages, and others of extraordanairy talents.

You do not have to be Irish or of Celtic ancestry to consider yourself Celtic Wiccan.

Celtic Spirituality


What deities are represented in Celtic Spirituality?

The Celtic spirituality comes of course with it own set of deities. Some research will have to be made as there is unfortunately not a lot is known about some of these deities, unfortunately a lot the history regarding some of these gods did not survived the passage of time. Please do not let that diminish the important, or your reluctance to worship the mythology that the Celtic spirituality has to offer.

There are several deities in the celtic mythology, the three that are most commonly spoken and celebrated are of course the Morrigan, Brigid and Ceridwen .I would like to spend more time on this subject, but I feel it would rob you of the thrill of learning all about the vast lore that is related to the Celtic mythology for yourselves.

Is Celtic spirituality right for you?

Do u have a fondness of the celtic ancestry, the culture, the music, the dance, the land, and the gods. If you are passionante of any or all these things than I would say celtic spirituality is right for you. Whether you have the creativity of the bard, the psychic development of a seers, or the wisdow of the druid.

Whatever one or any combination of these you feel you are drawned to only you can know. Whatever your inclanation for you to be a celtic wiccan know that you will not be disappointed. The celtic way of life is a rich and fufiling one. Learning of its colorful mythology, the lore, the culture will truly enrich your life. There is a great deals to learn and to celebrate on this path . my hope is that while you are searching for answer you are fuel and inspired to keep learning more.

Learn more about Celtic Gods

How does Celtic spirituality differ from Wiccan spirituality?

Has you may know Celtic spirituality has had an influence on the Wicca spirituality. There various similarities and some difference between these two. One of these things taken is the four Celtic ceremonies from the wheel of the year (Samhain, Imbolc, Beltaine, and Lughnasa) where taken from Celtic influences, and also many of the runes and symbols.

The differences between the two however small, not taken into account the various deities, are most notably the way we set up alters, and also what its representation has on us. For us Samhain, Imbolc, Beltaine, Lughnasa, and the celebration of its gods have a more profound ,and deeply personal meaning for us that others may not have. Although these four ceremonies where once for the cycle crops it doesn't have mean it has to lose an impact in our way of lives anymore, it is still important to get that in mind during celebrations if not only for the purpose of keeping us grounded.

Celtic Rituals


How can I make a Celtic Celebration or ritual different from others?

There are many ways you may want to try to change the way Celtic rituals are done. One of these ways is to find creative representations of the four corners such as water from a well in Scotland to represent the element water. Sand taken from the shores of Ireland if you wan to represent the element earth you get the idea just use your imagination.

Once you are more familiar with your chosen deities you may also be able find similar aspects to their symbolism. One less known way to setup your altar is of the use of the four treasures of the Tuatha De Danann. These four treasure are the stone of destiny, the spear, the cauldron of plenty, and the sword. Meant to symbolize respectfully sovereignty and freedom, Knowledge and mental skill, prosperity and abundance, courage and fearlessness. There is also the use of the Bachall, the sickle, and the Egg. These object where once used by the druids of old.

Whatever path you chose be it bard, seer, or druid I hope you find it has rewarding as I do. Please always keep in mind that this is your journey and no one but you will know if that is the right one for you.

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Blessed be! Welcome everyone! I would like to encourage any one to leave a comment.

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    • DavidCombs profile image

      DavidCombs 2 years ago

      thank you for taking an interest. glad I could be some help. My advise is to get your info from more than 1 source. Wiccansage for example has great and informative hubs.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 2 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I don't know anything about Wicca. This is my introduction to this ritual.