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What is HOPE?

Updated on July 30, 2011

During the darkest hour of my life I did not even know what to hope for anymore. I prayed daily for direction from God having lost everything that was important in my life, I can remember how everything I got from that point of darkness was a blessing.

What is Hope?

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

So we can reasonably derive from this scripture that faith and hope go hand in hand ..but what are they??

The table…

When I moved here six months ago I had a round kitchen table that badly needed to be refinished. Since I am filled with crazy ambitions and an inaccurate sense of time I decided that I would not move that kitchen table into my new house until I refinished it. This Table was very important to me. I spent several weekends while the boys were gone trying to strip the table. It had a good five coats of paint and stain on it. Soon the table became a point of frustration. I had gone through many sheets of sand paper, and three cans of paint and varnish stripper. I was almost to the point of breaking down and buying a new table when I bought a sander. It took me a half an hour with the sander to strip the table. I had the right idea but the wrong tools.

God has given us the right tools to not only survive in this life but excel and triumph, one of those tools is Hope. As long as you have hope you can go on. It does not have to be a lot of hope , just enough to survive.

Hope is not dodging reality.. it is being optimistic about the future.

The truth is we are all optimists at heart and on a subconscious level. If you do not believe me lets test it:

Who has left their house with exactly the amount of time it takes to get to a destination? I would say that it is optimistic to believe you will make it there on time.

Who has believed a child who said they did their chores before they left the house?

Who has sent a birthday card in the mail just two days before someone’s birthday believing it will make it there on time?

Who ever dropped something on the ground and observed the three second rule believing that the item did not pick up germs?

We are all optimistic in our nature just about the wrong things…

We have all wondered why we had a particular hardship placed before us. Sometimes the only thing we gain from a hardship is experience. If you have ever asked why there is an answer…

If you never know pain you can not be thankful for health,

If you never know heartache you can not be thankful for love,

If you never know poverty you can not be thankful for prosperity,

If you never know death you can not be thankful for life,

If you never feel the weight of your own sins, you may never feel compassion,

If you are already thankful for what you have then you are truly blessed, for a heart must be thankful to be happy.

Blessed is the man that atrusteth in the Lord, and whose bhope the Lord is.

But Why Then Is There Despair?

Despair is used by the adversary to wear us down. If you do not care about things anymore then you will not care about your own actions either.

Now I am not going to get too deep into psychology mode but I am going to explain depression because, It seems like we falter often times because, we expect so much of ourselves as Christians.

There are two types of depression, the first is brought on by chemical changes, the form of depression is brought on by a feeling that we can not change a particular situation. When we feel trapped or feel we have no choices it stifles our spirits. The truth is we always have choices. The choice we have is in our attitude.

To move forward people need constant positive resistance. A person who does not have constant positive resistance will create it for themselves.

I want to leave you with the words of a song my mother use to sing to me when I was a little girl, I think many of you will remember..

Just what makes that little old ant think he can move a rubber tree plant, anyone knows an ant cant move a rubber tree plant but he’s got high hopes he’s got high hopes…

Truly if we have high hopes and act on them then we are blessed. We must even in the darkest of times TRUST IN GOD trust him with our lives and our souls. Everyday brings a new start and new opportunities…new hope.


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    • michelleonly3 profile image

      MD Jackson MSIOP 6 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you for the comment!

    • Ebower profile image

      Erin Bower 6 years ago from Georgia

      "Hope is not dodging reality.. it is being optimistic about the future." That's my favorite part! God definitely gives us hope; He has a plan for us when things seem bleak. Thanks for reminding me of this; I voted this up and awesome!

    • michelleonly3 profile image

      MD Jackson MSIOP 6 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you both. I think when we learn truths about life they should be shared. God Bless you back!!!

    • ubanichijioke profile image

      Alexander Thandi Ubani 6 years ago from Lagos

      Great awesome hub. I believe that when you show determination, back it up by action & work towards it. Success is assured when we hope in the right way. God bless you

    • MicheleLynn profile image

      MicheleLynn 6 years ago from Wilmington , NC

      very lovely. voting up and interesting!