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What's Your Aura

Updated on July 28, 2015

Human Aura

Human Aura is common to all humans unless you deem yourself otherwise.

Aura, as dictated in an online dictionary, is synonymous to ambiance, atmosphere, air, quality and so much more. However, Human Aura for that matter is said to be a luminous substance extending outwards our physical form. Yet, even with that said, it is not seen by many. Others may have the talent for an extra mile sight but for the average person, it may take a very fine and expensive instrument to detect these. In an average healthy person, these specific auras could take from 4-5 feet around the body and lesser on the unhealthier ones.

As science is concerned, it is a form of electromagnetic field and serves as a visual measure of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states. And everything that happens to us is seen through the colors of our aura. Yes, color frequencies where each color has its own meaning and gives input to a lot of unarticulated information about your being.

The shades of Human Aura

The colors specified below are not all the colors visible on an aura but rather a fraction of all the plausible ones.

1.) Red – this color can be set into two points of view: positive and negative. In a positive view, it can mean a healthy individuality while in a negative view it can mean aggression or nervousness

2.) Orange – in a positive light, orange can mean vitality or creative while in a negative light it can mean stress

3.) Yellow – this color can mean optimism or intelligence in an individual

4.) Green – this color is without a doubt often associated with nature thus when it comes to reading aura this can mean growth or change in a person

5.) Violet –this color is magical and often depicts imagination.

6.) Silver- this color may mean a spiritual stirring

7.) Gold- an individual engulfed with this aura depicts a divine enlightenment, an inner peace of some sort

8.) Black- this color is commonly associated with negative energy thus this can mean unreleased problems and/or possible health issues

9.) White- the color can indicate new energy of an individual and purity

10.) Brown- this color can also mean negative energy and can depict close-mindedness

11.) Rainbow- this mix of colors can denote a healer in the midst of people

Layers upon Layers

Some think that aura is just this magnetic field surrounding our body and with its different colors. However, it is unbeknownst to many that aura can also be subjected in layers. The Human Aura is composed of seven layers and has its own corresponding characteristics.

1.) Etheric – the layer that is closest to your body and it can be as far as an inch or 2. This layer can depict potential diseases of an individual.

2.) Emotional – this layer is about 1 to 3 inches away from around the individual’s body and as the name implies it is vastly concern with emotions. The color of this aura will show how a person is feeling, may it be negative or positive.

3.) Mental – as the name implies, the color aura shown in this layer is related to a person’ thoughts and other mental activity. This particular aura can extend from the physical body in about 3 to 8 inches.

4.) Astral – this layer is seen 12 inches away from a person’s body. This layer depicts our feelings towards others. Although this layer is closely related to the Emotional layer, it differs in a sense that it is on a higher caliber of care and love.

5.) Manifestation – this layer depicts how you manifest with the physical world. It comes off like a blueprint of what you do. This is about 18 inches away from the body.

6.) Celestial – this particular layer depicts on how you perceive things. Basically, this aura depicts a higher consciousness and it is about 24 inches away from a person’s body.

7.) I Am – this layer can be seen as far as 3 feet away from the physical body and it is the layer that seemingly merges you with the rest of your emotions and makes you yourself.


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How to See an Aura: Learn to See the Human Aura in 5 minutes



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