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What's Your Jam, What's Your Enneagram?

Updated on February 12, 2020
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Our Stages are unique, Kathy enjoys sharing her latest thoughts and stages through the Hub pages and looks forward to learning about yours.

What's Your Jam

Music Is Life

What’s your Jam? For me music is life! Chance The Rapper, For King and Country, Post Malone, Kelly Clarkson, REBA! It doesn’t matter if its Rap, Christian, Country, Rock, and or, The Classics Disney tunes, we bond with music! A significant blend of genres, true, but I love these and many more. Because, when allowed access to someone’s playlist we take a peek inside their mind. Though tainted, we get a perspective of who they are.

Nothing relates better to the human psyche than the timelessness of music. Each generation is important for its contribution. The notes and words to our favorites spew as if imprinted on a page in our memory. Our senses heighten as we hear them, in the same way; we react to the aroma of fresh-baked bread. Yum!

I bet if we try, we can visualize a physical sense of music as that swish flowing through our veins. The fact is, we react to music! Two examples, one, is a spike in our blood pressure, and two, rising to our feet with elation in response to a musical score. As the emotion intertwines with our essence, consciousness to the melody brings relaxation or a jolt! Either way, we get excited about the crescendos.

How I react to something depends on my exposure to it and my personality. Concerts are a great place to note reactions as they fill with huge diverse audiences. I think they are one of the best places for people watching. I love people watching; bet you do too, even if I won’t get a raise of hands! We learn how people experience life when we watch them and experience their playlists.

Sometimes it’s tricky to mingle. Criticisms are subtle or fierce based on diversity. Ambient tones bounce off each frequency or person for which they connect, and for this reason, reactions to music are personal. Often when I bounce off someone with a different frequency, I think it causes me to grow. Despite differences, connecting with people and genres that differ from me is an amazing process.

Our love of music starts early even before birth. Mommies and daddies are sharing their playlists with the little ones within the womb. Have you ever attended an elementary school concert? I have and let me tell you the pre-show practice of a part can be painful on the ears! It takes love not to criticize while allowing the potential to flourish. But talents vary in performing, with significant strengths and weaknesses in each of us, yet, when fused together music rises from the ashes.

Doesn't our part matter? Whether we do the solo or perform in the chorus? Both are vital, right? But, the ego can impede ensemble, and no one has success without help?

Playlists, I guess we can consider them as a collector of emotions we used to figure out life. Music is an honored guest through our expressions, disappointments, grieving, and as we heal. But music becomes boring if each note is the same. Nothing could spin out of control on a melodic tangent, chords won’t pounce with emphasis, and it keeps whimsical harmonies from enveloping our souls and wrapping them in warmth? That is blah, not ah! The uniqueness is what makes it special!

What's Your Number?

How Do You Connect?

Music connects at the core of pain. This emotion is as undeniable as joy, but often emotivism is difficult to describe. Feelings root in the ache of past injury and, thus, are an antecedent to anger. Yet love is absolute! Especially when given without expectation of someone experiencing life as you do.

What if we took time to rewind, listening to all the parts of the musical story? Even better, how about we seek to understand its importance? We could then pay it forward using what we learn in the next composition.

Musicality, is a whimsical way of communing, in nature, in groups or alone, we connect with its purpose. We seem to admire even worship the musical genius to a fault. Community forms with unique representations, circumstances, experiences, and growth. This sense of collaboration takes our reflection to a place of not becoming stagnant and bettering our futures.

Personality tests such as The Enneagram, or similar model of the human psyche, are all the rage. The allure to discern the interworking of self and others is attractive. Scary, but attractive! What makes us unique is not only conversational, but it also allows for connection.

There are various models analyzing the human psyche, the Enneagram is one. This model explores nine inter-connective personality types. Then provides the type that suits you the best. While in this model, there is a dominant center; there is also a triad of qualities that represent each type. A talented artist named, Ryan O’Neal, has gone a step further by creating a masterpiece of music describing the Enneagram. Taking it to another level to achieve a better sense of who we are. By understanding other’s differences, weaknesses and strengths we empower our collective purpose.

Our beloved music has always been a recorder of our connections with its pairing in history. It provides relational experience and knowledge to a juncture. The poetic weave in our tapestry throughout time.

Interconnecting is the key ingredient in a relationship. What is at our core matters! Therefore I would say, centering that connectivity is vital to our success. Love should be the core to centering and God is love.

If the focal point of our existence is people, drugs, money, ego, political party, even music, we will never find our center? Without introspection of what designs each creation or experience, our lives become futile. And without grounding to the true purpose of building a community, we become hopeless.

Each recording of a story intertwines with music, allowing for powerful connections. Seeking understanding and relationship through an experience we grow in self-awareness. This self-actualization allows for a stronger foundation. That is we use what we learn, typically not our strong suits.

Delving into the exploration of self-revelation is only helpful if it allows growth. We can then learn to bounce off one another like notes in a composition searching for melody and harmony. We can respect that each note is one that is exquisite in its necessity to the whole.

Consequently, it’s time to learn a little more about ourselves, to better understand how we make sense together. Let’s get busy figuring out what makes us flow together.

God is an Awesome Pacer
God is an Awesome Pacer

Who Are You Allowing to Be Your Metronome?

You may be better able to relate to the metronome as it marks time at a selected rate. Imagine it giving the speck of your musical presentation of life a regular tick. A metronome provides pacing, as we often get ahead of ourselves or slow down falling behind.

Moreover, while we move along, keeping our own tempo, the metronome is there alongside to keep us in sync. The guide is there to keep time moving in rhythm and it remains constant as we fluctuate. If we play with no concentration or attention to the pace of a piece, it can become disjointed and or erratic. While some ambient pieces reflect chaos, that does not mean they can’t re-orchestrate. But all pieces of a story have a purpose.

Accordingly, the ways a person responds or reflects a musical interpretation may be foreign to you or perhaps not, but when you recognize it, allow for creative differences and arranging by the Conductor. It is best to let them create! Be reverent in their process and purposeful act. Grant time for the orchestration to complete with a delicate hand guiding.

I assure you God does not need our help in completing work in someone else. He would rather focus on the metronome of His wisdom in our own production. Rather, we can love others, as they need. Understanding that people emote based on their own layering of disappointment and successes. Fear of rejection mixed with past hurt provides the mortar to build one more brick. This is the battle of making walls that close us off and separate. Music connects; let’s build notes, not bricks.

Check Out the Music in Psalms

Nevertheless, there’s the adage of if it feels good to do it and if it hurts stop! Though we try, we can mess up! We give our best to those nearest and we practice our most significant healing with those we trust. Often they are the same grouping, but not always, it depends on where people are in their process of growth and healing.

When someone is processing life events, they slip hiding little truths about their pain, often stuffing their inner battle. They need complete healing and yet, life separates them from the faith and belief that it’s possible. I suppose the way we receive those sharing their truth with us depends on where we are in our healing phase.

Ordinarily, if we spent a little more time focusing on God our consistent metronome, we can stay in time. We can learn to run ahead and fall behind and be still long enough to get back in sync.

Conversely, music connects with emotion with a favorite song bringing a memory or a new song that we hope will make a memory. We hear the ministry of music and stand in awe of the litany of powerful music scores forever imprinted in our brains. We can often recite a song from rote while perhaps not even understanding the depth of its meaning.

While this article is about musicality and its strong connection to our humanness. The Book of Psalms is another collection of writings that embodies every human mood and or emotion in relation to faith. What if you were to take some time with the Book of Psalms seeking to understand the emotivism depicted in their ageless representation of timeless truths, not specific to any religious grouping or era? Psalms speak to the depth of our emotions and give us an honest view of God. They may be the incentive for your next musical performance. Better yet, they may provide peace and understanding of self. This type of music and introspection allows us to become the true presence of which we are designed to be, a child of God.

Psalm 95

“Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord;
let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.
Let us come before him with thanksgiving
and extol him with music and song.”

Psalm 95

Psalm 95

“Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord;

let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.

Let us come before him with thanksgiving

and extol him with music and song.”

What's Your Number, Why Not Investigate?

ATLAS: Enneagram - Sleeping At Last

"ATLAS: Enneagram Test Song Check it out and learn a little more about your JAM!"

ATLAS: Enneagram - Sleeping at Last

Music connects us without even trying. We respond instinctively based on our interests or exposure. The Atlas Albums - Sleeping at Last - is from the musical project of Ryan O'Neal a singer-songwriter and instrumentalist. He has spent years composing and researching the Enneagram Model and orchestrating this enticing work of art. You can check out the Sleeping At Last Podcasts to learn more about how these songs were made and The Enneagram.

We have much to learn about ourselves and why not learn about one another as we do just that! By understanding how we are different we realize the need for our unique qualities in making life work together.

I will be looking for Y'all at the next concert, and yes I will be people watching!

© 2019 Kathy Henderson


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    • The Stages Of ME profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Henderson 

      2 months ago from Pa

      Hello Eric & John,

      Thanks for stopping in a reading up on the latest from my hub. Enneagram is newer to me too. I have the lovely opportunity of spending time with my Millennial children and this has been a recent topic of conversation. Very interesting how it ties into a better understanding of others and how we bounce off one another. My favorite is the musical interpretation by ATLAS: Enneagram, Sleeping At Last songs, One through Nine. My son shared them with me and they are amazing, very on point, enlightening and relaxing to listen to for more understanding of self and connecting with others. Then I love spending time in Psalms and the ministry of music, another beautiful way to better connect with self and others. Music is surely a connector for all, I also love a multitude of genre's old and new. Thank you again for stopping in!

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      2 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I will be back. A bit much to chew in one session. I do not know enneagram.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      2 months ago from Queensland Australia

      I like a little bit of every musical genre both old and new, Kathy. This was all very interesting. I had never heard of the word “enneagram” before though so thank you for enlightening me.


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