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What's Your Sign? Well, You Have Many...

Updated on June 3, 2011

A Variety Of Signs

When looking up your astrological birth chart you will come across a variety of different signs. This may be confusing, especially if you find that the traits displayed contradict each other wildly. This is not because your personality is (necessarily!) all over the place, but because each sign links to a different aspect of your personality. Although you're sure to already know how to answer the question 'what's your sign?' you're only answering a little about who you are as a person and factors that influence you both personally and generationally!

It is your sun sign that you will most likely be very familiar with. It is also known as your star sign – the one that is the basis for most horoscopes.  But there's so much more to know...

Sun Signs

Your sun sign is the one that you will most likely be very familiar with.  It is also known as your star sign – the one that is the basis for most horoscopes, so when you go to read your astrological predictions they will nearly always be based on your sun sign.

Rising Signs

Your rising sign is the sign that is rising over the horizon at the time of your birth.  This changes approximately every two hours, which is why it is important to know your exact time of birth before calculating your birth chart to ensure accuracy.  This means that if you are a twin you may have a different rising sign to your sibling.  Your rising sign is how you come across as a first impression.  If this varies from your sun sign then this means that you will come across differently to people in the first instance than you will after some time.


Moon Signs

You may relate heavily to your moon sign and find this to be more accurate than your sun sign.  This is because your moon sign relates to your emotional personality, whereas your sun sign is more about your individuality.  This means that whilst your moon sign traits may not be obvious to others you will understand how it is applicable to you.

Mercury Signs

Mercury signs show how you communicate and make decisions, so your deduction and analytical skills will be linked to your Mercury sign.  The ways in which you learn are also dictated by Mercury.

Venus Signs

Your Venus sign is about your romantic needs and how you tend to express yourself in relationships.  Therefore, the your Venus sign will give you some insight into who it is that you are attracted to and what exactly attracts you about them.  You will also be able to find links between money, social values and possessions and your Venus sign.

Mars Signs

Your Mars sign will show you what makes you tick and what gets you passionate.  Whether this passion be anger or sexual desire, your Mars sign will display what it is that gets you riled up.

Jupiter Signs

Jupiter signs show your tolerance and generosity, as well as your luck and good fortune.  How you get to know new people is strongly related to your Jupiter sign, since it governs how you take them on, as well as how you absorb new cultures or ideas.


Saturn Signs

Your Saturn sign is all about the struggles in life that you will come across.  The challenges that present themselves to you in life are all related to your Saturn sign, which you may share with people of similar age around you, since it remains in each sign for two years.

Uranus Signs

Uranus signs show your freedom and your originality, which means that it can show you areas in which you are unpredictable.  The interesting thing about Uranus is that when it reaches the opposite point in the chart you will be forced to think and worry about your future.  This generally happens around the age of forty, linking it to the concept of the ‘mid-life crisis’.

Pluto Signs

Your Pluto sign is connected to transformation, and due to the fact that Pluto remains in each sign for a large number of years you may find links between Pluto signs and changes in society or politics.

Neptune Signs

Neptune signs are closely related to compassion and sympathy, and since Neptune stays in each sign for approximately fourteen years this is another sign that presents itself more in a generational sense than an individual one.

Plenty More To Learn!

Each planetary sign has many different things that it governs, but these are some of the strongest features of each.  Knowledge of the aspects of your life that each sign controls makes reading your birth chart and understanding astrology much, much easier!



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    • profile image

      Julia Hingley 6 years ago

      Some really interesting insights here. Must check out my Uranus and Venus signs!!