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What's Your Spiritual Role?

Updated on September 22, 2011


As I delve deeper into self-awareness I choose to reflect on the role it is that I was prepared to perform at the time of incarnation into this 3D experience. I have asked for guidance and assistance in understanding these ideas. We are each part of a bigger plan. As I like to tell my daughter, “We are all leaves on the Tree of Life”.

In knowing the expansiveness of the Universe(s) one can safely assume that there are any numbers of existences that we can originate from. So take these words to heart and see if they resonate with you. If not, then I hope I can at least offer something to you that that can further you somehow.

Before incarnation our soul groups gather and plan for the journey. I see it as many, many pillars of lightcoming together for a combined purpose. We are these beautiful pillars of light. Once we transcend the 3D and move into the 5D we have no need for physical form. Formless perfection is where we all originate from. These souls will gather and sort into three core groups.

To the first group is given an abundance of Wisdom and Patience. These are to be our Teachers. They come to experience the emotions and events that will shape their journeys to be the teachers who will guide us to find the truths and infinite wisdom within us. They will show us, through their own works and lessons, the ways in which we can ascend our physical restrictions and set our souls free. They will show us our connectivity to the “I AM” and see the beautiful unity that is that connection. They will show us how to fly!

To the second group is given an abundance of Compassion and Diligence. These are to be our Healers. They come to experience the rites of passage that will influence their journeys to be the healers who will show us the techniques to the abilities that lie dormant in all of us. They will teach us how to break the bonds of physicality and clear out the lower vibrational energies that have caused blockages in our light centers. In clearing out these thought patterns and self-destructive habits we can then heal our bodies/minds/spirits and get our energies flowing through our chakras leaving us restored, rejuvenated and resilient.

To the third group is given an abundance of Temperance and Fortitude. These are to be our Warriors. They come to undergo inner transformation through the harsh trials and tribulations of a 3D reality. Through temperance they learn control by being in a constant state of mindfulness. By utilizing Fortitude they overcome defeat by simultaneously conquering the many faces of fear and overcoming adversity. They will fight the good fight with restraint between self-interest versus public-interest, and against the rights and needs of others that may not be able to stand for themselves. They understand the importance of the Unity concept and fight to defend, and stand beside, those who exist in Love and Oneness.

On a core level, primarily, we are made up of a combination of all three roles. In experiencing a 3D reality everyone will experience emotional events. We will all engage in clearing out our pasts and finding clarity. Through trial and error we learn to develop a loving relationship with our Ego and begin the practice of response over react. It is through our individual expression that we find the role that resonates the most.

The awakening process involves remembering and connecting with this role. We are here to remember what we are. I associate with Pierre Teilhard de Chardin who said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual being shaving a human experience.” Once we embrace this our hearts are open to receive the divine guidance that is forever available to us. All we need to do is remember.


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    • kynthia2374 profile image

      kynthia2374 6 years ago from Salem, MA

      I have been practicing just existing in the moment. I have been able to really "see" the hidden layers. I have learned to trust my intuition and inner guidance. I've become comfortable with resonance and I've learned to pay attention.

      The beauty of it is that we are all on a separate journey to the same place. How I get there may not be the same way as you. If there is anything that I write here that does not resonate with another then they can leave it and take only what furthers their own evolution.

      All I had hoped to do here is stir creativity and imaginations. And maybe to offer the opportunity for one to associate with it and perhaps learn something about themselves.

      I'm glad it moved you. :)

    • Born2care2001 profile image

      Rev Bruce S Noll HMN 6 years ago from Asheville NC

      Hi Kynthia,

      Your hub did provide me with a feeling of knowing and of warmth. I wonder though, what brought you to this place? How do you know this is true? Is this learned by you, imparted to you or perhaps there is another purpose? Writing about how these roles have affected you sometimes brings forth more emotion, maybe even touches somebody who has experienced exactly what you have but didn't know how to express it. I enjoyed it and am looking for more of how what impacts you can impact others.