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Your name : how does it affect your life?

Updated on February 28, 2011

What's in a Name?

Have you encountered someone who just hates his/her name? Well, I have. They just hate how their parents could have thought of some ugly names to call them with. But, wait. These names, however ugly sounding sometimes, may have a heavenly meaning to it.

I have learned from the Bible that names are suppose to portray the character of the person. Its in a way, prophetic, I think.

It will interest you to know how names reveal the character of a person.

One such example is Simon ( Peter ). Simon means someone who is easily swayed, but Jesus thought otherwise, that's why he changed Simon's name to Peter meaning "rock." Then there's Abram, whom God changed to "Abraham" meaning father of all nations. Then, there's Sarai to Sarah meaning "noble wife."

Jesus is a perfect example of what names mean. Jesus (Yeshua) means "Saviour." In Isaiah 9:6 it was prophesied that a child will be born unto us, and He shall be called "Immanuel" God with us.

The minute I learned about how names affect one's character, I scurried to look after mine... (though I wish that I was named "Belle" ( beautiful or most beautiful woman) instead of Cel / Celle. ( LOL)

I must thank whoever ( mom or dad?) thought of calling me "Celia" It means celestial or heavenly! I mean, that's not really bad compared to my coveted "Belle."

My husband's name is "Angel" (self explanatory) though it actually means a "messenger." I am not surprised a bit because Angel, my husband is a pastor/evangelist - and he is happy to be a messenger of the gospel of Christ.

Learning this, we have named our three daughters as carefully as possible. Our first-born daughter is Mary Faith (now 22), the second daughter we named Sarah Joy (21 soon) and the third was named Justine Love, just turned 18. This principle must be true because these girls act as their names suggests.

It can't be overlooked that the child's name is the first thing people are going to know about them and based on that, people will already form expectations and pre-conceived thoughts about what to expect from a person with that name. Of course the child's personality will be the determining factors in other people's perceptions of them but it can't be ignored that a name will suggest unconscious expectations.

The bible is a good source for soon-to-be-born babies. You can study the lives of these people, and name your babies after these mighty men and women of God.

For those that knew about this for the first time, I challenge you to discover the attributes that make up your name and live by it. Who knows what this can do to your life?

So now that you know, its time you bring yourself to the person that God and parents intended you to be!


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