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What's wrong with modesty?

Updated on April 15, 2012

The whole concept

of burquas and female social status is alien to Christians who haven't read Paul's discourse on the place of women in church and in public. Any talk of the propriety of the maintenance of gender roles now is a political heresy that gets men and women alike profoundly mad at you. Men don't mind it until they realize that if the middle east's philosophy on morality were practiced with purity, a man who looked at another woman other then their own wife would have as much to fear from loss off life and limb as the women who's purity Islam strenuously tries to protect.

I personally chose a wife who I see as an equal and who I have no problem arguing with so long as neither of us go to bed angry. I don't mind when other men look at her because I have made it a life's art to make her so satisfied that the thought of straying holds no enchantment for her. I admit that I am not immune to the concept of jealousy but I have found that not doing anything to prevent that innate form of paranoia to set in is silly.

Islam takes a more physical and practical approach to things. In the thinking of the Muslim community it is foreign to think of giving women a voice in matters they consider as a man's duty because if a man were doing their duty by their wife then their wife would feel so coddled and loved within their sphere that their women folk would have no cause to worry about such things.

The only part of this tradition that I cant stomach is when the roles of men and women are enforced by the sword so to speak and sometimes quite literally. It also makes me favor such beliefs as the Tia community have on this subject when I note that in Tia-land executions of the law such as the observations made during the epic, "Anna and the King," are made without regard to gender in all cases. I have not observed that the Muslim community always observes the evenhandedness of justice in such cases. I have noticed however that they can cause societal vendetta over it that is recognized by law as a valid form of justice. Does the difference between state executed justice between the genders matter verses private executions between males when one feels like they were wronged by the other? Who can say?

Anyone who considers their religion to be even based on the bible really has no room to condemn such things when the old testament is replete with examples of the lord through Moses declaring that violations of morality are punishable by death. It is amusing that by the time of Christ, the religionists of the time had twisted the original edicts much the way as some poor examples of Islamic executions of justice had. At one point Christ had to point out that he who was without sin in that respect should be charged with carrying out justice. None who stood to condemn the women taken in adultery was willing to face their consciences on the matter, especially when Christ wrote their sins in the dirt.

On the whole, Islam exists and is largely trying to live their religion the best that they know how. In as much as they do so with honesty and justice I really cant fault them for that. They often outshine many in the US who destroy their lives with immorality and lack of chastity. So long as they play fairly what is the harm of a little extra fabric to keep their women safe from the lusts of the undisciplined? Any Man who has a daughter of teenage years would be a liar to say that he didn't wish it were acceptable to do the same.


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    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 6 years ago

      I would like to see men being modest as well. I rather favor times when men wore clean and presentable cloths in public and behaved in ways that were courtly and polite.

    • arb profile image

      arb 7 years ago from oregon

      Easier to dilute with water, the drink which we must drink, easier to swallow, espeacially if you must drink it everyday! Modesty may well deter the lust of men, perhaps more important, it deters his perception that it is her intent to move him there.

    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 7 years ago

      Since I hate to talk to hear myself think I would love to hear some of your observations on that subject. What warping in foundational truths have you observed?

    • royalblkrose profile image

      royalblkrose 7 years ago from florida

      As a Christian, I am quite upset by how many ignore the foundations of Christianity and like to warp the foundational truths it is founded upon...

    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 7 years ago

      The interesting thing about orthodoxy is that most of the beliefs that claim it have to have certain things in common but even if that weren't so, I feel I can appreciate the religion of Islam and their feelings on such things as modesty through the prism of the words of Paul and the strictures of women that are insinuated into various passages in the first five books of Moses. The fact that these strictures in their culture haven't been changed except maybe embellished a bit in all that time is fascinating.

      My ancient soul is gratified by people who keep the words of the Bible in orthodoxy and don't make excuses. All know that they don't claim the privilege of modern prophets to help them know what God wants them to do now so it is just as well that they hold on to what they think God wanted them to do a while back.

      Sometimes I wish the Christians would do that much at times. Their moves towards modernizing religion without any belief in revelation in many cases flies in the face of logic and there by saddens me.

    • royalblkrose profile image

      royalblkrose 7 years ago from florida

      you have a good point... since a large number of people haven't been discipled well. but then again, that all depends on the person...what is considered modest by one is overbearing on another... purity of heart and motive can be judged only by God.

    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 7 years ago

      Most Christians do not have enough respect for orthodoxy or tradition sense they and their priests make up their beliefs as they go rather then tapping the past and understanding that the old laws never really went away they were in fact moved from laws of action to laws of thought which should have a more pure and complete effect on the person.

    • royalblkrose profile image

      royalblkrose 7 years ago from florida

      thank you for your interesting blog... I absolutely love the way people like to point out the old testament law as an example of barbaristic behaviour. I would like to point out that Mosaic law was no respecter of persons! If a man was wrong, he got stoned to death too.

      I can't speak to most Christians as to why they do what they do as trying to gauge the motivations of others is akin to thought patrols on others!

      I can say however, that in Western culture that unfortunately modesty for many is quite subjective, and...not enough parents are teaching their sons how to behave as gentlemen with restraint, courtesy and most especially self control!


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