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What's wrong with people these days II? IS - the Cult of Religion

Updated on January 14, 2015

When is a religion an excuse?

I've got a ticket to ride, straight to hell...
I've got a ticket to ride, straight to hell...

The Cult of Religion

If there is a statue, someone is likely praying to it.
If there is a statue, someone is likely praying to it.

A religion or an excuse? Is IS a cult or religion?

IS is an excuse, not a religion, a caliphate nor an ideal. IS is a bunch of bullies, of skinny idiots who would never otherwise have sex with real women without having to pay money for it. They're stupid people who listen to other idiots tell them how great it would be if they (the listener!) would just blow themselves up in public places with important faces - like Ottawa's Parliament Hill and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

IS is now recruiting any and all to join their jihad against the non-believers. Pretty awesome that most of the "homegrown terrorists" are just recent converts to Islam... Hmmm.

Here's a hint - if they want you to kill, rape, torment or steal, they're not a religion, they're a cult, or just one smart person and hundreds of thousands of idiots.

So, ISIS, ISIL, IS - or whatever they're calling themselves this week are now on the defensive, and it's about time! This is not a religion, it's a cult, plain and simple! They are a bunch of thieves, rapists, kidnappers and murderers, brain washers and child-lurers, and they are proud of it!

When a "religion's" main edict is to kill anyone who doesn't belong, or at least isn't willing to join, well, you know you're a terrorist when....

Guns and Roses sings about "the cult of religion", and in doing so well defines what IS is, has been, and desires to be. Now that they are on the receiving end of a major offensive by the major Allies of the world, from the USA to Australia, Canada to the UAE, they have no other choice than to seek help from without.

Calling all jihadists. Job openings abound for healthy young men and women. Men must be willing to rape, plunder, kill and die a horrendous death in the name of the Islamic State, or IS. Most CRAZY cults would be envious, Marshall Applewhite of the incredibally stupid Heaven's Gate cult - the ones who believed (not thought, believed!) that if they committed suicide, they would magically be beamed (hello Scotty! We need more power on the transporter!) to an alien space ship that was "hiding behind a comet".

Now, if you can get hundreds of people to believe in this, you missed your calling! You should have been a politician, or at the very least a product representative for a major pharmaceutical company!

What's wrong with people these days?

Going down? Who said "Heaven can wait"?

Thinking of joining IS? There's better alternatives!
Thinking of joining IS? There's better alternatives!

No! Not me...

Don't go making no fatwa (or skinnywah) on me, now - I'm not saying anything against the Prophet Mohammed, PBUH - nor am I saying that religion is wrong (but it is!) - for many people, it's a guide to living well, and there's nothing wrong with that.

So, what's wrong with religion?

Well, they all tell of life after death, of living forever in wondrous beauty with all your loved ones (what if they didn't love you? Would you still be with them in Heaven? And if so, would it be them or your idea of them, and the actual them is in another heaven without you?) - and too many peopple actually believe this! You say that's good?

How many people have refused medical interference (treatment) or killed themselves in order to get to that "better place" quicker? How many young Islamic men and boys have killed themselves because they were taught from birth that it brings a good death, and they will live with 72 virgins in death forever... if they would blow themselves up in order to kill one or 2 people, and injure scores of innocent children and women. This may actually be worse than the priest - altal boy fiascos of, well, all time since Christianity began.

Now - just wondering here - if all you have to do is kill yourself while yelling "Alahu Akhbar!" in order to get 72 virgins for eternity, just where do all of these beautiful female virgins come from? Almost all of the women in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria have been raped by age 12, as are any "infidels" who travel to join IS as wives (and end up dead after being raped many times by really ugly, fat hairy men). And with so many men (sorry, jihadis) dying and expecting 72 virgins, there does seem to be a shortfall.

OR, ha! Joke's on them! Nowhere does it say the virgins will be all female - just that they will get "72 chaste virgins for eternal sexual pleasure:" - it doesn't even say if it's your pleasure, or if you're going to be one of the virgins. Could you imagine being stuck with 72 beautiful, chaste young virgins for eternity? What torture! At least throw in 2 Madonnas and a Miley Cyrus...

If I were to be promised 72 virgins for eternity, I would refuse and ask for 36 promiscuous women! Or at least one over-sexed super model with exhibitionistic tendencies!

Feeling Suicidal?

Hey, you're in luck! There's a club for that...

They say that IS is extremely sexist, but they actually have more clubs for women than you'd ever believe... Clubs made of wood, tin, steel, iron, socks with pennies in them (cheap people!) - like I said, lots of clubs for women.

Even with young, teenaged girls flocking to them to be held as soldiers' wives and playthings they still rape starving old ladies and pre-pubescent children - but they'll just end up dead, because once they've been with one jihadi, the next one to have her will make the first jealous, since she probably broke his cherry.

Here's a hint - if you're feeling suicidal to the point that joining IS actually makes sense - well, maybe you should rent a motel room, fill the tub with ice water - first write a letter stating that you want all of your organs donated to needy patients - just in case there actually is a God and you want brownie points - then slice your wrists - deep, no restraint... it's 100 times better than joining IS, and nobody else has to die - others actually get to live in your death! (thanks to the movie "7 Pounds" for the idea).

What's wrong with radicalized terrorists these days?

The IS Threat

The IS threat is to our (the Western Hemisphere's, as well as Britain's, France's, Germany's and other Allied country's) youth. With unemployment for the youth of this generation at almost depression-era highs, in many places over 20% (that's 1 in 5 youth with no job and few to no prospects!) - it becomes rather easy to get a few of them to come on over to the dark side with promises of money for their family and themselves, all of the best hashish and heroin that they can smoke or inject, and as many girls, women or boys (depending upon their inclinations) that they can rape, and guns with nearly unlimited bullets!

What more could a disenfranchised youth want?

The brain trust in IS may be a bunch of overzealous zing-bats, crazy as the day is short, but they have found a way to actually overtake oil wells and SELL THAT OIL - bringing in millions (MILLIONS) of dollars a day for their jihadi enterprise! Uhm - seems to me that if we just stopped buying their oil? And, to stop their kidnapping for ransom enterprises - how about a complete travel ban to the area?

Besides, who actually thought it was a good idea, or even needed, to have over $400 million (AGAIN - MILLION!!!) AMERICAN dollars stored in a bank, in the actual middle of nowheresvillabad, Iraq? Can you say CIA money? It seems the press can't...

Let's roll out another poll...

Would you be a jihadi if you were broke, with no job prospects?

See results

Are you religious? Do you believe in God? If so, which one? And, why?

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