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Christians Are the Minority in Most Congregations

Updated on January 21, 2020
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I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

The Tare: Easy to Recognize at Harvest.

If You Think Your "Church" Is Pure, The Enemy Has Already Won.
If You Think Your "Church" Is Pure, The Enemy Has Already Won. | Source

What in the world is a “tare”?

More than likely the term describes darnel; also known as poison darnel, darnel ryegrass or cockle. It is a weed so similar when growing to wheat that is it is referred to as “false wheat”. The major difference appears when the plants are fully grown: the wheat appears brown when ripe, the darnel is blackish purple. Interestingly, the Latin term is lolium temulentum: temulentum is the Latin word for drunk due to “drunken nausea” that comes with eating darnel, which can be deadly. How apropos can the Word be when describing the situation in which we now find our assemblies here in the West.

Have you noticed lately the proliferation on social media of “church” assemblies that are overcome with emotional displays: dancing, laughing, falling, shaking, trances, playing dead and everything else NON-scriptural? They appear to be temulentum: seemingly they have eaten or drunk something that has taken control of their senses. They are the “users”; the question should be, who are the suppliers? This sickness starts at the top of the food chain. When witnessing these abhorred displays, there is always a vaunted leader; well dressed, pompous, glib and in control, conducting but usually never really participating directly in the perverted displays. As Matthew 13:25 states: “But while men slept, His enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, AND went his way.” These leaders are the “pushers” of this wickedness and live high on the hog. On a much more sedate level, a serious situation has now enveloped many a congregation as a “tare” now resides in many pulpits; seminary trained, denominationally motivated and are so smooth, they have even deceived themselves.

Do You Believe God or Not? He is Either Creator or Not God.

The tares cannot get past Genesis 1.
The tares cannot get past Genesis 1. | Source

A Great Article From A Trusted Source.

Yesterday I received my monthly subscription from a trusted creationist organization that I have followed for years; there are so few, you can probably guess who they are. The premise of one the articles was the “clarity” of God’s Word to every believer: in other words, a believer does NOT require another to interpret the Word for them for it is written distinctly to be understood by believers. It goes on to state that the Word was not written to be understood fully by only an elitist few but as the Bereans heard Paul speak, they tested everything against the Word. That is why God gifted the Church with pastoring (shepherding) teachers, to encourage a believer to search the Scriptures, to know them fully for themselves. This is a never-ending process, for both those being taught as well as the teacher must constantly be studying to improve themselves, for no one this side of heaven will ever know it all. As I have stated, I am now in a small home gathering and my learning quotient has skyrocketed because of the hunger of the others’ desire to know the Word. Why do I bring this up?

Several years ago, I belonged to a business men’s fellowship and was asked to mentor a new member; a scientist at a local nuclear plant, who claimed the name of Christ. The first and last topic was Genesis 1. He had a meltdown; basically, called me an idiot for believing in fairy tales, stating that his education and knowledge was far superior to a belief in creation. This was after I had made friends with his family and would be later called to intervene in a very bad personal situation. Truly, not all that glitters is gold. We need to become Bereans in all facets of our faith and test every spirit to see if it is of God. For example: does your assembly espouse creation, that Jesus is God Almighty, salvation is by faith, that you are to live by every Word of God, that we are to esteem others as better than ourselves, et al. When meeting another who claims to be a believer, do you receive them without question and ignore their beliefs which are contrary to sound doctrine. Granted, a new believer or one that has come from a questionable fellowship may have some weird beliefs, but time will tell. Remember patience is a virtue and hard to come by.

A hard question: why is it that the majority of "church" members would never test the preacher against the Word? Simple answer: because they do not know or care what the Word teaches. The tares are alive and well within most congregations and will never be discovered until God sends the reapers (Revelation 14). In the meantime, we must be about knowing with whom do we fellowship; it does make a difference.

How Can One Speak the Truth, When One Avoids the Word.

Knowing facts is not the Truth that sets mankind free - it is the Word alone.
Knowing facts is not the Truth that sets mankind free - it is the Word alone. | Source

Remember – Minions Seek That Which Is Evil.

I am sorry, but I find the Minions to be very comedic and adorable at the same time, even though they seek to be the henchmen for the “baddest” of villains. The tragedy of real life is that man has created a safe haven called churches for those who want to feel good about themselves as they stroll through life on their way to hell. The fall out from this tragedy is that many true believers are caught in the current and find themselves drifting along, never truly growing…until a major life crisis intervenes. IF they are a child of the King, our Lord will see to it that they will grow, often painfully, for He is in charge of one of His own’s growth, NOT you or I. We may be an instrument in another’s growth, but Jesus is more than capable of taking care of His bride. All of this begs the question: how are we to discern whether we are in a healthy environment or not…and…what can we do about it? Caveat: the tares will always be with us; as we strive to mature, they will become more self-evident and a few (vs many) may become a healthy sheep of the fold. A tare will never admit to being considered a “minion” for the devil, but that is what they are. The preaching and teaching is watered down to accommodate them and the doors of the assembly are flung wide open for all to come…and pollute that which is sacred: “..where two or more are gathered…”. Did you notice that the Word does not say – “where two hundred or more”; the “church” has become fat, dumb and lazy in their stupor.

I have previously written several articles on determining whether one finds themselves in a healthy or questionable situation, but I want to bring out a specific doctrine that I have found lacking in a majority of fellowships I have encountered.

Does your assembly preach and teach the glorified Christ?

Do you ever noticed how many homes, churches and Sunday school rooms have pictures of Jesus on the wall or in a frame on a mantel or table? First of all, HE did not look like any picture ever produced. He did not have long hair; He was not a Nazarite, He was a Nazarene; His Word states that it is a shame for a man to have long hair and He came to fulfill all righteousness. Also, by age 33, He had a great long beard for it was that which separated the Jews from other nations…no trimming of the beard. I have seen too many bumper stickers stating that their boss is a carpenter. First of all, He WAS a carpenter and He is not their boss…He is God Almighty. We have become flippant in our address of the Savior and the Father; I have heard the term Big Daddy or the Big Guy and this is coming from a supposed pulpit. Who on this side of heaven to you serve?

John, the apostle, I would easily equate as being a great deal holier than you or I could ever claim in this life. What was his reaction when he met the glorified King of Kings in Revelation 1? He collapsed as if dead from the terror of being in the presence of the pure holiness of our Lord. Why you may ask? John KNEW he was a sinner by nature and that he had NO right to be alive, let alone standing in the presence of Jesus. It was by the command of Jesus – “ not afraid...” that he was able to stand. An interesting point of Revelation is that John never spoke to Jesus…he just listened! He spoke with angels but kept his mouth closed in presence of God. If Jesus should walk into one of our assemblies in His glorified state, EVERY believer would imitate John: the mouth would be sealed shut and it would take the command of our Lord to be able to look up. Oh, by the way, EVERY tare within its midst would be dead permanently. The question you and I must deal with is this: does every teaching, every song and every prayer exalt the glorified Christ along with each and every person’s God given duty to understand WHO we serve? Sadly, you will not hear this from many pulpits ever and rarely from others. The fear of God, which is the beginning of wisdom, is a “politically” incorrect doctrine to the masses. One does not have to think too hard to wonder why wisdom is such a rare commodity within our congregations. What must we do in these troubling times? The only admonition I can recommend is that which the Word gives you and I, and this is “…to come out from among them…”. This I have done and I have not regretted it one iota.

May God bless the reader.


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