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When Evil rise on earth, it brings God once again in human garb automatically!

Updated on April 17, 2015

Action and Reaction!

The effects of ‘silence’ in everyday life, has to be practiced by spiritual aspirants. Of course, ‘silence’ is equally good for house holders also. Many a time we might have felt that we should not have said certain things, which provoke others on our face. A dignified silence at those times might have contributed to peace and harmony. Many people argue that we should assert our stand and must not remain a mute person during criticisms and fault finding!

On the other hand, if we start arguing our case, the situation will become unbearable. Better keep quiet than ending up in other’s mouth. If there is no retaliation, how long a person will shout at us or find fault with us? Here I am reminded of a beautiful story in the life of Buddha who is really peace incarnate.

Many villagers honored Buddha. They often invited him to their villages to hear his beautiful teachings about life. Once, Buddha was on his way to a village. On the way, some hooligans who hate Buddha to the core confronted him with angry tirade. Buddha calmly sat down on a rock and listened to their accusations. He never replied even once. After an hour of shouting, his enemies got tired and kept quiet. One of them was curious to know how Buddha kept his calmness in spite of wild provocations. Buddha replied, “Friends! I am on my way to the next village where I was invited by the people over there. Since you resent my ways and teachings, I halted here to save you. Yes, if any of the villagers on the way came to know about your shouting, they would have dealt blows after blows on all of you. To save you from the calamity, I stayed put and listened to your shouting!

In the next moment, those people fell at his feet and craved for his pardon. They saw how virtuous Buddha was. One more point I heard from Sathya Saibaba is very simple yet very profound. He told a gathering, “A registered post is sent to your name, if you don’t want to accept the same, the Postal department will send it back to the sender. Likewise, if you do not listen to others accusations, it will go back to them. If you are really wrong and the other man points out the mistake, accept it humbly. There is nothing wrong, in accepting our faults. People like those who are egoless. I don’t mean that we should accept wrong accusations. But say mildly that you have not done that mistake.

It is our big Ego which retaliates whenever we are at the receiving end. Ego will fight tooth and nail with anybody. But the after effects are really sore. Why get excited when someone shouts in the air. Remaining indifferent is really an art. Jesus and Buddha practiced this until their end. They never got worked up on any issue, even if it life threatening. Those who have read the story of Jesus and how he remained silent during the entire trial based on false accusations, we will wonder. Jesus surely knew that ‘death’ is awaiting him. Yet he never opened his mouth. He underwent severe tortured at the hands of perpetrators and crucifixion as decreed in the court of King. Though the King washed off his hands since he found no fault with Jesus, the high priests persisted and hoodwinked the people around to let free another criminal in place of Jesus!

Jesus suffered for the sins of humanity. But the Father in heaven saw that justice is met to the perpetrators of the heinous crime. Whoever harms a holy soul cannot go scot free! This is not the first time in history. In Hindu mythology, there are several episodes of demon kings who obtained unimaginable boons from the gods with their severe austerity and penance. Later they used the very boons to torture good and peace loving people, sages and saints. How long will God tolerate those harms done to pious people? At an appropriate juncture, based on the prayers of all the people, God sends one of his representatives to destroy the evil. Likewise Ravana and other demons were killed in battle by Rama! Sri Krishna killed the demon king Kamsa after waiting for many years when Kamsa’s atrocities grew to intolerable levels.

The world now is facing once again very critical situation. At this juncture, God alone can set right the things prevailing here and herald a peaceful harmonious era!

Jesus carrying Cross!


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