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When God Beautifies

Updated on February 19, 2012


✰❤* Whenever you think God has forgotten you, please remember that it is not possible. God never forgets His own, however He works to His own timetable.

Remember Joseph in the Bible, after interpreting the Butlers dream, he begged the Butler to mention him to Pharaoh, but the Butler forgot and Joseph had to spend 2 more years in prison. (It was not God’s time). I always remember this verse “God was with Joseph and showed him mercy in the prison.” Gen 39:21

There was a particular day that Joseph was summoned to the King (Pharaoh) to interprete a dream. The King was so impressed and in the space of 24 hours, Joseph had moved from living in a Prison to living in a Palace. He was made a ruler in Egypt. Gen 41.

At God’s time.


•*¨*•✩✬ “He makes everything beautiful in His time.”

Ecclesiastes 3:11

When your time comes, everything will work beautifully for you. A man could see a lady today, destined to be his wife and not take any notice. They might even be in contact for years, but when the time comes, she will have an unusual glow and there will be a force pulling him to her which never used to be there. Before you know it, wedding bells are ringing.

When your time comes, you will glow and all attention will be focused on you. People will start to see your hidden beauty and your potential. Your life will radiate so much blessing. Many will see you and be amazed.........but at God's own Time.

✰♡*• Your time will surely come.



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