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When I Dream...

Updated on October 6, 2009

Why Do We Dream?

I pay attention to my dreams. For me, I believe my dreams process my fears, help me with struggles, and are sometimes spiritual in nature or even prophetic.

I'm no expert, but can only write about this based on my own experiences and observations.

When I lived in "tornado alley", I often had dreams of a tornado rushing through and once the damage was done I would find my three young children dead. This dream kept reoccurring until I prayed to ask God to take away my fears. I then had one more tornado dream, except that I found all my children unharmed. I never dreamt about tornados again.

I've experienced supernatural, spiritual dreams, too. I believe these are more than just dreams; they answer my prayers or warn me about something that is about to happen. One time I prayed to God to show me where my keys were that had been missing for three days. My dream showed me exactly where they were and I found them there the next morning. I once experienced a spiritual "deliverance" of demonic forces in my dream. God also showed me I would be fired from my job of which I had for over seven years. He even showed me why, which had nothing to do with me. Four weeks later, it came to pass. I had peace because I knew God forewarned me.

One time I had a prophetic dream that interrupted my other dreams three times during the night. I was speaking a specific scripture to my sister-in-law. I told her about the dream the following morning. That same morning, something happened in her life, but the scripture from the dream reassured her and gave her the answer she needed. She told me that when we dream a prophetic dream just once, it will come to pass later; twice means it will happen soon; three times means it will happen immediately. In this case, this proved to be true.

There are many books out there about dreams and what they mean. Dreams happen during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep. Do you ever wonder why you often wake up right after having a dream? That's because the REM stage happens just as you fall asleep and just before you wake up. Depending on your sleep cycles, this could happen several times a night. Keep a notebook by your bed (or a recorder) and write as much as you remember about the dream to analyze later, using one of the many dream books out there.

UnlikeĀ mediums, spiritistsĀ and so forth, dream interpretation is actually a spiritual gift written about in the Bible. Joseph had the gift of dream interpretation. Read all about it in Genesis Chapters 37 through 47. This gift, and our faith that God is indeed in control of our dreams, will hopefully shed some light on this subject.


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