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When Things in Life Go Wrong

Updated on March 9, 2010

Recently my world became upset by something that shattered my foundation. I felt it rock me to the spirit.

Nothing is worth a day of fighting, pain, anger and disappointment. I have decided to rise above what I considered to be a tragedy and move onward.

I smile and am still smiling my way through the upset and have found it to be an event I can both handle and accept.  Inner peace is the ability to maintain your balance no matter what happens to you.

Truth can only be realized through the experience of life and each life experience is different. What is one person’s truth may not be so for another. The truth is that which brings peace and serenity to your spirit. You and you alone control the beauty, freedom, peace, and serenity of your life.

I have decided to take the path of forgiveness. This means to set aside my pride, ego and self-conceit. It means the wisdom to realize that there is no absolute truth. Webster’s dictionary defines forgiveness as "to cease to feel resentment against another." I choose to forgive.

I decided to look at the truth of this recent event in my life.  The truth that was revealed to me is that my reaction to the upset is what gave it meaning.  My hurt, my pain, my emotional reaction gave life to an event that without the reaction had no truth.

The point is that truth is a circle. It has no beginning and it has no end. The truth is simply as it is perceived. We all are subject to our own interruption of the truth.  We can justify anything in life.

The real question before you say or do anything, is to ask yourself if the intention is good. Self-realization teaches that we are to do that which produces the greatest good. If it will produce harm, it is better left undone.

Through the light of self-realization we come to understand there is no need to remain a prisoner of poverty, jealousy, ignorance, unhealth, victimization or any other imbalance...Inner peace is there within each of us awaiting our arrival and the acceptance that is the true beauty, freedom, peace, and serenity of our lives.


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    • atieno profile image

      atieno 7 years ago

      Your self awareness level has just been improved by what you have shared. Good piece.Always keep it real.